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I worked at WLOQ(-FM 103.1) in 1970.  I remember it was Violet (Sidebottom) who first showed me the operation.  I also remember the day I helped train Louis Satmaria.  Later I worked at WHOO-AM 990 and WHOO-FM 96.5 as Assistant Chief Engineer and after obtaining my B.S. from Florida Technological University  in 1976, I headed off to California.  I  was Chief Engineer for KSTN-AM and FM in Stockton and later Chief Engineer for KUOP-FM at the University of the Pacific also in Stockton.    In 1979, I took a position at National Public Radio in Washington DC.  I worked as an Electronic Engineer specializing in equipment maintenance.  This year is my 25th with NPR.  For the past 20,  I have been employed as a Systems  Technical Center Technician.   I am a Master Control operator for National Public Radio's Public Radio Satellite System.

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