Original call Letters: WHOO

Originally Licensed: Dec. 5, 1947

Original City of License: Orlando

Original Frequency: 990

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 50,000 Day/14,000 Night

Original Location: 

Original Format: Country

Network Affiliation(s):



1947-Orlando Daily Newspapers, Inc. 

1949-Radio Station WHOO 

1950-Orlando Daily Newspapers 
1951-Edward Lamb

1952-WHOO, Inc
1957-Ted Estabrook Associates ($250,000)

1957-WHOO Radio, Inc. (Horton-Kincaid)
1958-Bluegrass Broadcasting

1978-WHOO Radio, Inc. (Bluegrass Broadcasting)
1987-TK Communications ($13.5 million for WHOO and WHTQ-FM 96.5)
1994-Granum Communications ($11.5 million)
1997-Cox Broadcasting
2001-American Broadcasting Co. ($5 million)
2003-Radio Disney Group (subsidiary of ABC)
2014-Pennsylvania Media Associates, Inc. ($1.3 million) (Salem Communications)

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WHOO-1947-Pop   Broadcasting from the Fort Gatlin Hotel 
WHOO-1968-Country  "Country Gentlemen"
WMMA-1987-Adult Contemporary "Magic 99"
WHTQ-1988-Rock (simulcast of WHTQ 96.5 FM)
WHOO-1988-Big Bands/Adult Standards  (Music Of Your Life)
WHOO-1989-Classic Country
WHOO-1991-Rock (simulcast of WHTQ 96.5 FM)
WHOO-1993-Adult Standards (ABC Radio "Stardust" format)
WDYZ- 2001-Radio Disney-Children  
WDYZ-2015-Silent/Licensed  (Mar 18, 2015)
WDYZ-2015-Spanish Contemporary Christian (Apr 9, 2015)

History of WHOO

WHOO would broadcast from the Hotel Fort Gatlin in 1947

WHOO, first owned by the company that published the Orlando Morning  Sentinel and the Reporter-Star newspapers, went on the air on Dec. 5, 1947.  A gala grand opening event was held along with an "invitation only" reception and dance. Bob Chester's New York Orchestra performed and the "western" band the WHOOT Owls were introduced. In 1951 the newspaper company sold WHOO-AM and WHOO-FM 96.5 to Edward Lamb, a  Toledo attorney and broadcaster.

WHOO Personalities (The Country Years)

Clay Daniels
-1958-1991-Afternoon Drive/Program Director-WHOO radio, Inc. Clay is also a singer, recording for SoundCot in the 1970's.  He, Roy Marler and Jeff Blair put together "The Three Amigos". Clay was the voice for Sonny King's Orange Buick in Orlando.
 In Memory

Cecil West
-1966-News Director-WHOO Radio, Inc.            
Pete Porter (Don Lapp)-1966-1968-M-F-Noon-3pm,Sat-Noon-6pm/Music Director-WHOO Radio, Inc. (Horton-Kincaid)
Johnny Walker-1966-1968-Bluegrass Broadcasting  
John Thacker-1967-Program Director-WHOO Radio, Inc.

Rock Robinson-1967-News Director-WHOO Radio, Inc. 
Biography     In Memory

Mac Allen
-1966-1967-Mornings-WHOO Radio, Inc.   In Memory

Orlando Sentinel  8-161967

Orlando Sentinel  10-7-1967

Jerry Bright-1967-"The Jerry Bright Show"-6AM-AM-WHOO Radio, Inc.

Jim Maloy-1967-WHOO Radio, Inc.

Billy Love-1967-Program Director-WHOO Radio, Inc.

Tom McCloud-1967-Traffic Reporter

Bob Baker-1968-Program Director-WHOO Radio, Inc.

Lynda Lance-1968-In 1968-From Lynda; "I got stranded in Viet Nam entertaining troops &  when I got back (my family lived there) did an interview with Mac Allen) and also did lots of stuff with Clay Daniels. WHOO was exciting and new at the time. Willie Nelson was headliner of the show we did (he wore a turtle neck & sport jacket back then)...oh my!

Lynda Lance and Mac Allen 1968.jpg (71213 bytes)
 Lynda and Mac Allen

990_WHOO_AM_1979_Ad.jpg (85200 bytes)
Orlando Sentinel 1979

John Dolive-1969-1970-News Director-Bluegrass Broadcasting 

Mike Burger-1970-Mid days for nine years, eventually taking over the program directors position in 1978. Mike would join WDBO-AM 580.  Mike left radio for WCPX-TV (now WKMG) in 1988.  He returned to Central Florida from Houston in 1996 to replace retiring newscaster Ben Aycrigg. Mike missed Dallas, Texas so he headed back to take a position as a TV weather reporter.  Biography
Greg Galloway-1970 Biography

Greg Wolas
-Overnights-1973-1979   Biography    In Memory

Bob Nyles-1974-1988  Biography

  Here's Bob, with WHOO GM Bob Johnson in 1966  The same two Bobs at WDBO  in 2003

Dennis Moore-1975-1976-News-Bluegrass Broadcasting

Bucks Braun-1979-1985-6AM-10AM-WHOO Radio, Inc. (Bluegrass Broadcasting)     Biography   In Memory

Steve Kennedy-1979-1988-Overnights/Weekends/1980-Public Service Director/6PM-midnight/Sunday mornings-WHOO Radio, Inc. (Bluegrass Broadcasting)  Biography

Lee Brandel-1980-1981-Overnights/Evenings/Mid-days/Music Director-WHOO Radio, Inc. (Bluegrass Broadcasting)

Tom Robinson-1981-1982- Overnights

June Myers-1983-1985-WHOO Radio, Inc. (Bluegrass Broadcasting)   Biography

Thelma Tharp-1990-"Senior Networking"-Sundays, 8AM-9AM  In Memory

Martel (Martel Taylor)-1992-Co-host-"Caribbean Affair Connection" -Wed/Thu-5PM-8PM/Fri/Sat-4PM-8PM  The Taylors are owners of Caribbean Records on Church Street in Orlando

Lady D-1992-Co-host-"Caribbean Affair Connection" -Wed/Thu-5PM-8PM/Fri/Sat-4PM-8PM 
The Taylors are owners of Caribbean Records on Church Street in Orlando


Willie Clark-1993-''Community Forum''-Granum Communications

FHP Sgt Jim Humphries-Traffic Reporter
In Memory 
   courtesy of Dick Camnitz

Al Dunaway-
6AM-9AM. Al would always have a "second call to coffee". Which was the second hour of his show. 
From Bob Nyles; "...Al is retired and spends his time delivering emergency vehicles around the country..." You might recognize Al as the voice of Southeast Steel commercials.
Al Dunaway

Russ Wheeler

Tom Haley  Biography   
Charlie Champion-Program Director

WHOO 99 staff 1984.JPG (33530 bytes)
Here's the staff of WHOO-AM in 1984
 courtesy of Dave Edwards
click photo for full sized view

"Large" Larry English-2PM-7PM Mon-Sat

Allen Dennis
  (Dennis Glab)
In Memory
Ken White

Tony George
Gary Roberts
Adrian Charles-News Director

Denise Gainer-Reporter/News Director   Biography

For years, WHOO would broadcast live shows from “The Rainbow Ranch” on the weekends, (later "The Joint in the Woods"), in Longwood. 
Location: General Hutchison Parkway, next to Big Tree Park, Longwood

Jack Hayes

Cool Chris (Christopher Hanna)

Bill Clifford (Bill Schwentner)-Weekends
Dave Ralston

Steve Kennedy

Rick Saylor-10AM-2PM-Mon-Sat
Chuck McKay

Ruby Love (JJ McKay)  Biography

Dave Edwards
has been kind enough to supply much information and many of the pictures on this site. "...Around 1984 WHOO-FM changed it's name to "96 Country" to compete with "K-92 FM." The station became "Q-96FM" (AOR) just before Bluegrass Broadcasting sold it. (Here)...is the cover of the WHOO 2nd Annual Reunion Booklet which was held at the central Florida fairgrounds in the fall of 1984..."  


Dick Sollom    In Memory

Bill Michaels

Pete Lazar (Pete Forgione)  Biography    In Memory

Mike Goode-2PM-6PM

Alan Spector-News  Biography

WHOO crew caravan.jpg (183624 bytes)  
Click photo for full sized view
Courtesy of
Dave Edwards 

Andy Wilson-Production Director 

Rick Chamberlin-1967-Born in Kissimmee, Rick got his start in the radio business at the age of 17 by sweeping the floors and taking out the trash at WFIV-AM 1080. One day the Program Director said "Hey kid, how would you like to do Saturday afternoons?" and Rick was thrilled. Rick is now heard on "DIXIE 105.7", WRSF-FM, North Carolina.
In Memory

Chuck Lowe

Bob Grayson-Program Director

Silent Sam the Segue Man-Overnights

Jim Sandridge

Ron Frasier-Mid-days


Jim ''Kingbird'' King

Christie Max

Other Names in WHOO History
Ralph Worster-1966-President-WHOO Radio, Inc.
O. C. Halyard, Jr.-1966-Vice President/General Manager-WHOO Radio, Inc.
Bob Hood-1966-Commercial Manager-WHOO Radio, Inc./1967-Station Manager-WHOO Radio, Inc./1968-Vice President/General Manager-WHOO Radio, Inc.
Bill Martin-1966-Chief Engineer-WHOO Radio, Inc.
Ted Grizzard-1967-President-WHOO Radio, Inc.
Ron Nickell-1967-Vice President/General Manager-WHOO Radio, Inc.  In Memory
H. Hart Hagan, Jr.-1968-President-WHOO Radio, Inc.
C. A. Baker-1968-Chief Engineer-WHOO Radio, Inc.

Bob Johnson-1974-General Manager-Bluegrass Broadcasting
Bill Early-1980-1984-General Sales Manager-Bluegrass Broadcasting

Jim Poling-1981-1983-News Director  Biography
Max Rein-1983-1985-General Manager/Executive Vice President-Bluegrass Broadcasting

Bill Curry
(Michael Dwight Kirkland)-Weekends/Public Service/News-Bluegrass Broadcasting Biography
Frank Tenore-Manager at WHOO and WHTQ-FM 96.5/Regional Vice President-T.K. Communications
Susan Grandgeorge-Station Manager
Janell Carrol-Station Manager
Mary Jo Bledsoe
Bill Stakelin-General Manager
Kathy O'Neill-Traffic Reporter
Nate Webb-Traffic Reporter
Chuck Wilson
Jim Jordan-Vice President/General manager
Dan Jones- Assistant Chief Engineer
Polly Morgan-Sales
Charlie Masden-Sales
Bill Parke-General Manager
Linda Gutierrez-Copywriter

Transmitter.jpg (43634 bytes)

Tower.jpg (60162 bytes)

WHOO TX Bldg.jpg (40031 bytes) studio1.jpg (73835 bytes)

WHOO transmitter, studios and tower facility 

From Chuck Wilson 

Other Programs In WHOO History

The Music Country Network-10 PM to 5 AM nightly

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