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For 40 years, Elmer White worked diligently for the American Farm Bureau, rising from day laborer to national sales manager, but through it all he harbored a secret love: radio. White wanted more than anything in the world to be a country music disc jockey like those he had hero-worshipped as a boy in Watseka, Ill. He wanted it so much he spent most of his spare time from his Farm Bureau jobs hosting country music shows at radio stations across the Midwest. He even drove 700 miles virtually nonstop one night to be on time for a show he was hosting. In October of 1999, White was recognized as Disc Jockey of the Year by the Country Music Organizations of America. It's the second time in a row he had won the title. And the station he managed, WBAR-AM 1460 AM, in Bartow, won the society's Radio Station of the Year Award - also for the second successive time. 

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