WBAR-AM 1460 

Original Call Letters: WBAR

Originally Licensed: Sep 28, 1953 

Original City of License: Bartow 

Original Frequency: 1460 

Origin of Call Letters: Location; BARtow

Original Power: 1,000 watts 

Original Location: N. Maple Ave.

Original Format: Block Programming/Variety

Network Affiliation(s):

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1953-WBAR, Inc.
1962-Radio Station WBAR, Inc.
1972-Polk County Broadcasters, Inc.
1977-D-Bar Radio, Inc.
1994-WBAR Broadcasting Co., Inc.
1996-Bartow Broadcasting, Inc. (J.R. Livesay Group)
2004-Florida Broadcasting Media, LLC  ($325,000)

History Of Formats and Call Letters:

WBAR-1953-Block Programming/Variety   "Wee-Bar"   
WBAR-1962-Country Western
WBAR-1995-Classic Country/Bluegrass  "Where the Legends Live On"
WRMX-2004-Classic Country
WQXM-2004-Spanish Variety   "La Loca"  "LA X 1460"

Names in WBAR History
W. A. Wynne-1953-President-WBAR, Inc.
John Burgeen-1953-General Manager/Station Manager/Commercial Manager-WBAR, Inc.
Francis Pipes-1953-Program Director-WBAR, Inc.
J. A. Duncan1953-Chief Engineer-WBAR, Inc.
John Burgreen-1953-Commercial Manager--WBAR, Inc.
Ted Leeper-1955-General Manager-WBAR, Inc.
Chuck Dent -1955-Program Director-WBAR, Inc.
Edward St. Clair-1955-Chief Engineer-WBAR, Inc.
Bill Alford-1955-Chief Engineer-WBAR, Inc.
James E. Yarbrough-1962-1994-President-WBAR Radio Station, Inc.
John A. Buning-1962-1994-General Manager/Commercial Manager/Promotions Manager/Program Director/News Director/Chief Engineer-WBAR Radio Station, Inc.
Shirley Carroll-1962-General Manager/Program Director-WBAR Radio Station, Inc.

Gary Allen-1974-1975-Afternoons-Polk County Broadcasters, Inc.
Elmer White-1990-Station Manager-Show Host/2000-General Manager-Bartow Broadcasting Co., Inc. Biography    In Memory
Mike Freeland-1994-WBAR Broadcasting Co., Inc.
Ray Livesey-1994-WBAR Broadcasting Co., Inc.
Jim Livesey-1994-WBAR Broadcasting Co., Inc.
Harvey Gene (Morts)-1994-WBAR Broadcasting Co., Inc./1996-President-Bartow Broadcasting Co., Inc.
H. R. Cook

Bill Davis

Judy "Sunflower" Morts-Orange Blossom Country Music Association 2002 AM Radio Air Personality of the Year
"Aunt Jeanne" Teaff
Barbara Ann "Cherokee Maiden" Blount
Margaret Burgreen
Bill Hancock-General Manager
Ken Shroyer
Sammy Lindsey-Sales
Larry Love
Ginger Lynn Boulware-Sales
Gail O’Doski-General Manager
Lindsey Yates
Eloise Buning
Dick Palmer-Sales
Joe Peters
Tommy Walker-News
Joe Wells-Engineer
Rusty Wells
Tommy Williams
Reba Zoellner-Sales
Craig Meyer

Tom Anthony
Richard Todd
Terry Lombardi-Mornings
Jean Ladd-Station Manager
John Burgreen-General Manager/Sales Manager)
Al Duncan-Chief Engineer
Bob Coe
Edward St. Claire-Chief Engineer
Dick Pipes
Morton C. Cook-Station Manager/Sales Manager
Thomas Osborne-Program Director
Nick Evers-General Manager/Sales Manager
Joe Gale
Robert Shikenjanski-Chief Engineer
Ken Morrison-Sales Manager
John Buning-General Manager/Sales Manager
Roger Carroll
Jim Miles-General Manager/Sales Manager        
Mike Michaels-Program Director
Terry Parker
Larry Hall
Roy Beymer-Chief Engineer
Dick Goleno-Program Director
Frank Berry-Chief Engineer
Tim Banks
Brenda Melech
Ed Cole-Chief Engineer
Terry Lombardi-Mornings

WBAR Awards
1998-Elmer White-Country Music Organizations of America Disc Jockey of the Year
1998-Country Music Organizations of America AM Radio Station of the Year
1999-Elmer White-Country Music Organizations of America Disc Jockey of the Year
2002-Orange Blossom Country Music Association AM Radio Station of the Year
2002-Judy "Sunflower" Morts-AM Radio Air Personality of the Year Orange Blossom Country Music Association

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