Lee Garen  Biography

photo courtesy: CNN Radio Network, Division of Time Warner

Lee began his career at WMMB-AM 1240 in Melbourne.  Lee was also the Mutual Network's "Voice at the Cape" until before the first moon shots. Lee covered the early years of the space industry. Lee reported the January 27, 1967 fire, one of the worst tragedies in the history of space flight, that killed Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee. (They were killed in a fire in the Apollo Command Module during a preflight test at Cape Canaveral). Lee also worked at WGUL in New Port Richey and spent time at WWNZ-AM 740 "News Radio 740" in Orlando from 1993 until 1995, under the ownership of Paxson Communications. Lee was transferred to The South Carolina Radio Network, also owned at that time by Paxson.  Then on to WHLC in Highlands, North Carolina, as operations manager and did the morning show there. Next stop Atlanta. Lee handled the morning show at WGKA having been brought there by General. Manager, Mike Rose. Lee has been a news anchor and editor with the CNNRadio Network in Atlanta at the CNN Center, for the past five years. Lee is married to Linda, a graduate of the University of Kentucky, and has three children.

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