WWNZ-740  AM   

Original Call Letters: WORZ

Originally Licensed: Feb 8, 1947 

Original City of License: Orlando 

Original Frequency: 740

Origin of Call Letters: Sounds like; WINS

Original Power: 50,000 watts

Original Location: 

Original Format: News/Talk

Network Affiliation(s):

Fox News


1966-Tom Cassel

1971-Susquehanna Radio

1988-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co.

1994-Paxson Broadcasting of Orlando

1997-Clear Channel Communications

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WKIS-1958-Adult Contemporary
WKIS-1973-Pop/Standard MOR
WKIS-1979-News/Talk  "NewsTalk 74"
WQTM-2001-Sports Talk formerly on 540
WQTM-2007-Mexican Oldies "La Preciosa"  ("The Precious One")
WQTM-2008-Modern Spanish Pop 

WWNZ History
Rich Kennedy tells us; "WKIS became WWNZ (in 1988) and was upgraded from 5kw days, 1kw directional nights to a new facility with 50kw  24 hrs (directional). WWNZ midday host Clive Thomas was followed by afternoon host Jim Philips." By 1993, WWNZ-AM and WWNZ-FM 104.1 were simulcasting the AM programming. Paxson Broadcasting sold the FM to Press Broadcasting.

WWNZ Personalities

Ken Charles
-1988-1991-Program Director/Evenings 7PM-10PM/''Desperate and Dateless''-Friday nights-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co.

Wayne Trout
-1988-1995-News Anchor/News Director/Operations Manager-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co. Biography    In Memory

Clive Thomas
-1988-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co.  Biography

Leslie Brewington-1988-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co.  Biography

Jim Philips-1988-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co.    Biography

Lynne Levine-1986 (Moira of the "Philips Phile" on WTKS-FM 104.1) News anchor and host of “At Your Service” from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Lynn also co-hosted the Morning News on WWNZ-AM 740 with Wayne Trout in 1988.

 Program Director Kaye Barone made Lynn the host of "At Your Service". Lynn had been a "street  reporter".  

Carole Nelson-1988-Noon-2PM-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co. Biography

Jack Nelson-1988-"Dollars and Cents"-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co. In Memory
Mark Roberts-1991-Mornings-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co.

Ed Hartley
-1992-"Cryin' Lovin' & Leavin'"-weekdays from Noon-3PM/Saturdays 3PM-6PM-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co. 
Cathy Taylor-1992-News Anchor/Host of "Perspectives" a call-in program Saturdays from 4PM to 6PM-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co.

Jerry Eden-1992-1992-Host of "Singles Syndrome"-Sundays from 6 to 8PM  Program was dropped after 3 months-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co.
Allan Colmes-1992-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co.
Barry Farber-1992-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co.
Ray Crume-1993-Host "Crume's Sunday Morning Spirituals"-Sundays 6AM to 8AM-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co.

Lee Garen
-1993-1995-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co.  Biography

Sheila Nardone (Sheila Hunter)-1993-News Anchor-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co.
Dave King-1993-News Anchor-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co.
Diane Scribner-1993-News Anchor-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co.

"The Coach" Marc Daniels
-1993-"The Sports Nut"-6PM-10PM-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co.   Biography

Melissa Foxx
(Laurie Turner)-1993-Paxson Broadcasting of Orlando  Biography
Dave Riley-1994-News Anchor-Paxson Broadcasting of Orlando

Peter King-1994-1997-Reporter/News Director-Paxson Broadcasting of Orlando  Biography

Bethann Shaffer-1994-1997-Morning Drive News Anchor “740 WINS Morning News"-Paxson Broadcasting of Orlando/Clear Channel Communications
Photo courtesy of Curtis Partridge
Gary Anstaett-1995-News Anchor/Assignment Editor/Reporter-Paxson Broadcasting of Orlando

Bob Sokoler-1995-Mornings-Paxson Broadcasting of Orlando

Gina Jordan
-1995-Paxson Broadcasting of Orlando Biography

eorge Crossley
-1996-"In Defense of Liberty"-10AM-11AM Tuesdays and Thursdays-Paxson Broadcasting of Orlando    Biography     In Memory
Don Connolly-Anchor/Reporter
Terry LaQuea-Anchor/Reporter/Assignment Editor 
Dave Ross-Assignment Editor/Reporter/Morning co-host with Paul Porter
Joe Crews-Assignment Editor/Reporter

Paul Porter-Morning co-host with Dave Ross and sports. Paul was also the arena voice of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Orlando Magic, Tampa Bay Storm and USF football teams
Thelma Tharpe-Co-host-"Senior Networking" -Sundays-6AM-7AM   In Memory
Bob Barr-Co-host-"Senior Networking" -Sundays-6AM-7AM
Greg Dawson-Orlando Sentinel TV critic

Kevin Baldinger-News/Traffic  Biography

Craig Eicher

Doug Guetzloe
-"The Guetzloe Report"-11AM-Noon-Tuesday and Thursday   In Memory

John Martin Biography
Tommy Mayo

Wayne Trout and Bethann Shaffer 1995
© Orlando Sentinel

Diane Scribner-News Anchor

Dan Tressler-News

Ed Kaplan

Other Names In WWNZ History
Mark Brewer-1988-General Manager-Guy Gannett Broadcasting
Allen Wilkerson-1990-Operations Manager-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Co.

Lowell "Bud" Paxson-1994-1997-CEO-Paxson Broadcasting of Orlando In Memory
Jim Bocock-1994-President-Paxson Broadcasting of Orlando
Jenny Sue Rhoades-1994-General Manager-Paxson Broadcasting of Orlando

Jim Poling
-1994-Operations Director/Program Director-Paxson Broadcasting of Orlando  Biography
David Murray-1994-Chief of Operations/Chief Engineer-Paxson Broadcasting of Orlando
Deonne Dardin-1994-General Sales Manager-Paxson Broadcasting of Orlando
Judi Pearl-1994-Promtions Manager-Paxson Broadcasting of Orlando

Chris Kampmeier-1996-Vice President of Programming-Paxson Communications
John Frost-1996-Vice President of Programming-Paxson Broadcasting
Alan Mason-1996-Senior Vice President of Programming-Paxson Communications
Bill Pasha-Corporate Programming Director-Paxson Broadcasting of Orlando 

Tom Benson-2000-2009-Program Director-Clear Channel Communications

Dean Chapman (Dean O'Neal)-Traffic reporter

Jon Alexander-Producer of "The Philips Phile"  In Memory

Other Programs In WWNZ History
"Let's Talk Access"-Disability issues talk show-Sundays-10AM-11AM
Florida Marlins Baseball
Tampa Bay Devil Rays Baseball
Allan Colmes-Syndicated

Barry Farber-Syndicated

Sally Jessie Raphael-Syndicated

Dr. Joy Browne-Syndicated

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