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In a wonderful email from Tom he tells us about his career. 
My radio life began back in '66 when my dad took me to visit a friend of his, who was working the night shift at WWOG-(FM 99.9) in Boca Raton and after going thru the door, I immediately knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my professional life.  I pestered the owner, who also happened to be the chief engineer, GM, and custodian, to give me a job doing ANYTHING.  I wound up sweeping floors and emptying garbage cans at cross-town WSBR(-AM 740) for $1 an hour, and eventually worked my way on the air, leaving as news director about two years later!  After a few months in Stuart, FL, I was hired at WJNO(-AM 1290) in West Palm where I had the joy of working with the talented likes of Dave Edwards, Ray Marsh, Pete Kaye (who is STILL there!), Steve Armstrong, Jim Kern and a host of others.  Sheesh, I was barely 18!   After a few years, I went to Miami's WIOD(-AM 610), then left the state for seven years at General Electric's WGY(-AM 810) in Schenectady, NY.  Back to Florida in the 80s at WDBO(-AM 580) in Orlando for several years, then back to the NE.  In Hartford for a few, unsavory years, then, like the nomads we radio people sometimes are, I moved to western Washington state where I worked for over 20 years.  I ended my fifty year career doing morning news for WHO-AM in Des Moines, Iowa and on my 66th birthday, retired.  That's my radio life in a few paragraphs. I have a small voiceover business on the side;  Wonderboy Productions  under my real name, and enjoy restoring old cars to keep me out of the fridge and off the couch!
Find out what Tom's up to, at his site  

Here is Tom in the WDBO-AM 580 studio on Ivanhoe Blvd in 1982
photo courtesy of Dave Edwards

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