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Tracy Dillon is enough of a woman to be relatable to the female audience and yet, if you try to take the remote control away from her during a Detroit Red Wings hockey game she is capable of punching you in the nose. Tracy has the uncanny ability of being the person that everyone loves to be around, add in a quick whit and the ability to always follow along (even without a script) and you have the quintessential side kick. Tracy Dillon was not always working in radio, but has always been around radio and had a passion for it. When she decided to make the move, she was always offered new challenges. Working mostly in Michigan, Tracy had the opportunity to work just about every day-part imaginable in a wide variety of formats, develop herself as a “Production Goddess” and learn the music and how imperative it is to the success of a radio station. When developing a morning show for WHOG-FM 95.7, Daytona Beach, in 1997 the choice for side-kick was a simple one. Through the hundreds of tapes and resumes, there was only one perfect fit. Tracy Dillon accepted the position and made the move to Daytona Beach. The listeners responded and Tracy was a success at “The Hog”. After three years in Daytona, Tracy was offered a position at a station in Illinois and reluctantly accepted. Just a few short months later, the listeners of WHOG responded in an on-line poll and they sent the overwhelming message to “bring Tracy back”. The station gave the listeners what they wanted and Tracy made her return to Daytona Beach and the morning show in October 2001. Tracy enjoys production, special events, remote broadcasts, getting up yearly and most of all “working without a net”. Everyday is an adventure and no two are the same. Her ability to think on her feet make her a valuable asset to the morning show and the radio station.

Frank and Tracy are moved to afternoons on April 21, 2011 with the Go Fish Radio Network moving to mornings. 

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