WKPE-FM 104.1
Cocoa Beach


Original Call Letters: WRKT

Originally Licensed: May 8, 1962 

Original City of License: Cocoa Beach  

Original Frequency: 104.1

Origin of Call Letters: Sounds like; KPE=Cape (Cape Canaveral) 

Original Power: 100,000 watts 

Original Location: 

Original Format: Progressive Rock

Network Affiliation(s):


1962-C. Sweet Smith
1968-Bucks County Radio News
1981-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Services, Inc.
1992-Paxson Communications Corp ($18.6 Million with WWNZ-AM 740, WINZ-AM 940, WZTA-FM 94.9 )
1993-Press Broadcasting ($5 million-Gannett Broadcasting)
1996-Paxson Broadcasting ($25 million)
1997-Clear Channel Communications, Inc.
2007-Aloha Station Trust, LLC, as Trustee
2008-Clear Channel Communications, Inc.

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WRKT-1962-Jazz   (Bonneville Automated)
WKPE-1970-Underground Rock    "Dimension 104"  "Cape Radio" 
WRKT-1977-Top 40   "Rocket 104"
WRKT-1980-Adult Contemporary
WRKT-1981-Country    "Brevard's Stereo Country 104"
WSSP-1985-Beautiful Music  "WSSPer 104" 
WZTU-1992-Hot Adult contemporary  "U-104.1"
WHVE-1992-Top 40   "One Hundred Four Point One, The Wave"
WHVE-1992-Talk-simulcast of WWNZ-AM 740 
WWNZ-1993-Talk  "Real Radio"
WTKS-1993-Talk   "Real Radio 104.1"
WTKS-1997-Talk/Modern rock on weekends "Real Radio 104.1"

History of WKPE
From Brian Douglas; "...1
04.1 was a Progressive Rock station from maybe 1967 through 1970(?).  It was called "KPE-FM" and was automated (in stereo).  By 1969, they added a live, local morning show.  I "think" it was originally on 104.3, but moved to 104.1 in some frequency switch in the late 60s."

From Rick Morton:
"...I was on WRKT-AM 1300 from about 1966-1968 when I went to WDVH-AM 980 in Gainesville...In late '68 I came back to RKT to turn the "good music" FM into WKPE with an easy rock format, fashioned after WNEW-FM in NY. We were automated but I did a live evening show for a while. I would actually record the show and let the automation run it. I was on the air the night of the Apollo fire, sadly. I remember the "confidential" call I got from a listener on the cape. I had a sidekick - a pretty girl - named Peppy Playmate - real name Sandy Valles. I inherited the "Peppy" name from the guy I replaced... She wasn't on the air, but answered phones and gave me something to talk about if I was stuck. I brought Bill Marlin and Al Radlein to the station from WARN, a little station in Ft. Pierce. When I was first there, the station was owned by C. Sweet Smith, a real character who would drive to the station in his Porsche down Pluckebaum road like a bat out of hell. He went in the canal more than once. Later, the station was bought by Chris Young, a young guy from Bucks County, PA.  His station manager, I don't remember the name, used to walk around with an actual crown and make people call him King. Seriously. You could buy a spot for about a dollar in those days. We used to pray for some national or regional spot who might pay as much as $3. Imagine. No wonder there were so many trade outs. I did a show on weekends from the Tiger's Den which was put on by the (city) recreation department and was a popular place on Saturday nights. They had local Florida bands, the favorite of which were the Tropics from Tampa..."

From Marc Tyll;
After WKPE dropped its AOR format, the calls went back to WRKT-FM and the format became Top 40 as "Rocket 104".

Names In WKPE History

C. Sweet Smith-1962-1968-Original Owner

Chris Young-1968-President-Bucks County Radio News

Rick Morton-1970-Bucks County Radio News

Lee Arnold-1970-Bucks County Radio News

Peppy Playmate (Sandy Valles)-Bucks County Radio News 

Bill Baker

Bill Marlin

Al Radlein


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