WTKS-FM 104.1
Cocoa Beach

Original Call Letters: WRKT

Originally Licensed: May 8, 1962

Original City of  License: Cocoa Beach

Original Frequency: 104.1

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 30,000 watts 

Original Location: 

Original Format: Talk

Network Affiliation(s):


1962-C. Sweet Smith
1968-Bucks County Radio News
1980-Triplett Broadcasting Co. of Florida, Inc. 
1981-Cocoa Beach Broad-Casting Co., (A Division of the WHYN Stations Corp.)
1992-Paxson Communications Corp ($18.6 Million for WWNZ-AM 740, WINZ-AM 940, WZTA-FM 94.9
1993-Press Broadcasting ($5 million-Gannett Broadcasting)
1996-Paxson Broadcasting ($25 million)
1997-Clear Channel Communications, Inc.
2008-Aloha Station Trust, LLC, as Trustee
2009-Clear Channel Communications, Inc.
2014-iHeart Media
2020-IHM Licenses, LLC

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

-1962-Jazz   (Bonneville Automated)
WKPE-1967-Progressive Rock     "Cape Radio" 
WRKT-1977-Top 40   "Rocket 104"
WRKT-1980-Adult Contemporary
WSSP-1981-Country    "Brevard's Stereo Country 104"
WSSP-1985-Beautiful Music  "WSSPer 104" 
WZTU-1992-Hot Adult Contemporary  "U-104.1"
WHVE-1992-Top 40   "One Hundred Four Point One, The Wave" 1
WHVE-1992-Talk-simulcast of WWNZ-AM 740 
WWNZ-1993-Talk  "Real People, Real Radio 104.1"
WTKS-1993-Talk   "Real Radio 104.1"
WTKS-1997-Talk/Modern Rock on weekends "Real Radio 104.1"

WTKS History
From Brian Douglas; 

"...WKIS-FM was on 100.3, not 104.1 (first as WORZ-FM and later as WKIS-FM).  This station was an AM/FM simulcast in mono until the FM became Solid Gold WDIZ:..." When Press Broadcasting bought WVRI, they started simulcasting the News/Talk format of WWNZ (740 AM) on 104 as WWNZ-FM. In 1993, when Press acquired 104.1, they changed the calls to WTKS, and launched "Real Radio". The original lineup included Guy Kemp in the mornings, G. Gordon Liddy (syndicated) middays, and Jim Philips in the afternoons, with '80s/'90s music on the weekends, evolving to alternative.  Howard Stern was picked up for mornings,  Ed Tyll was brought in for middays and Philips remained on afternoons."

More from Rich Kennedy. "...
Other early evening shows included Ms. B and Bill Cross.  10PM-Midnight was the wildly successful "Passion Phones" with Erin Sommers.  Rich Kennedy produced (as "Fluffy The Gay Producer") all of these shows. "Passion Phones" moved to WIOD in Miami and was simulcast unsuccessfully. Russ and Bo moved to middays (replacing Ed Tyll, on his way to Los Angeles) and became the "Monsters of the Midday". Rich continued to produce the Monsters of the Midday until leaving for sister station Magic 107.7 in November of 1999.

Interns serving during this time included Defoe, "E.T.", Pickleboy and ReTodd "Roger That Russ" McClernan. Rich was replaced by Defoe at Christmas 1999. Former Drew Garabo and Ed Tyll producer Daniel Dennis was brought back to Real Radio to produce the Monsters in 2000. 

Walt Sabo was the original consultant. Karen Kjos was station and sales manager. Chris Kampmeier (aka: "T.C. Dooley" from his WBJW days) has been PD/OPS guru since 1998.

Program Directors at Real Radio included: Jay Clark (former PD at WABC, now VP Talk at Sirius) and Harry Valentine (became GM at WIOD, now with Sabo). Creative Services guru Rich Boerner (KSLX Los Angeles Creative Services) convinced management to switch to alternative "Real Music" weekends, which he programmed to great success. Rob Frazier (Production Director KSLX Los Angeles) was one of the most creative production directors ever to hit Orlando.

Melissa Foxx handled morning duties as producer/news for (the syndicated) Howard Stern (show). She also anchored 
"The News Thang" early mornings. Carol Dedman originally handled producing Stern, before becoming assistant PD.

Sep. 2010-Most of its local programming on weekends is being dropped for classic rock. 

WTKS Personalities

Peter Rocchio-1992-1993-Paxson Communications Corp 

Clive Thomas
(Clive Thomas Cuthbertson)-1992-1993-Paxson Communications Corp  Biography

Jim Philips
-1992-2018-Paxson Communications Corp/Press Broadcasting/Clear Channel Communications, Inc.  Biography

Ms. B!
(Leslie Brewington)-1992-1996-Paxson Communications Corp/Press Broadcasting/Clear Channel Communications, Inc.  Biography

Guy Kemp-1993-1993-Mornings-Press Broadcasting Biography
William Robert Milford III (Rob Williams)-1993-Morning News-Press Broadcasting
Ed Tyll-1993-1997-Press Broadcasting/Paxson Communications//Clear Channel Communications, Inc.
2005-Edward Tyll is doing "stand up" throughout New York and New Jersey.
Ed Tyll and Jennie Sue Rhodes of Paxson Communications
Rich Kennedy-1993-1998 ("Fluffy" The Gay Producer)/1998-Producer for The Monsters/Leaves 104.1 to work as overnight jock at sister station  WMGF-FM 107.7-Press Broadcasting
"Flounder'' (Stew Williams)-1993-1994-11AM-3PM-Press Broadcasting

Cerone-(Aug)1993-(Nov)1993-"Passion Phones"-Press Broadcasting

Erin Somers-1993-1996-"Passion Phones"-9PM-Midnight-Press Broadcasting/Paxson Communications
Wanda Roland-1993-"Passion Phones"-Press Broadcasting   
Ed LaComb-1993-Press Broadcasting-Press Broadcasting 

Drew Garabo
-1993-2005-Press Broadcasting/Paxson Communications Corp/Clear Channel Communications, Inc.  
Rick Morgan-1993-Assistant Program Director-''Inside Entertainment''/"Hour of Rage"-Noon-3PM-Press Broadcasting

Bill Cross-1993-1994- "Cross Talk"-7PM-9PM/1994-Mornings-Press Broadcasting
Oddo (Chris Oddo)-1994-2009-Member of the Philips Phile-Press Broadcasting//Paxson Communications Corp/Clear Channel Communications, Inc.
After 15 years Oddo was let go from the "Phile" by Clear Channel

2009-Oddo becomes a co-host on the BS show as well as host of "Odds On You"-Sat 1PM on WYGM-AM 740

Erik Dennison-1994-2010-Music Director/"Sunday Night Vinyl"-Press Broadcasting/Paxson Communications/Clear Channel/2018-Eric returns with "Sunday Night Vinyl"-iHeart Media 

Bledsoe (Ric Russo)-1995-2000-Weekends
-Press Broadcasting/Paxson Communications
MonsterPromo2001.jpg (102511 bytes)
"Monsters"-1995-Russ Rollins, "Dirty" Jim, Bubba "WhoopAss" Wilson, the sexy Savannah, Jeff Howell, Daniel Dennis, Black Bean (Carlos Navarro), Whopper Jr. Biography
Thanks to Rich Kennedy for more on "the Monsters". "...The original name when the show began on "Real Radio" was... "The Russ and Bo Show with Dirty Jim".  The show aired from 7-10pm, replacing Mike Wiley who made a run for the U.S. Senate as the libertarian candidate."

Jim Colbert ("Dirty Jim")-1995-
"The Russ and Bo Show with Dirty Jim"/"Monsters"/2018-"The Jim Colbert Show"-3PM-7PM-Paxson Broadcasting/Clear Channel Communications, Inc./iHeart Media.

Bo Rhodes-1995-1999-is let go after being suspended
-Paxson Broadcasting/Clear Channel Communications, Inc.

Moira-(Lynn Levine)-1996-2018-Member of the Philips Phile-Paxson Broadcasting/Clear Channel Communications, Inc./iHeart Media
1998-E.T., "Brother Man From the Other Land''-is fired after lying about how the Polk County Sheriff's Office detained him along I-4.
1998-"Dafoe" (Thomas Carley) replaces Rich Kennedy as producer. Dafoe moved from Erik Dennison's overnight program back to The Russ and Bo Show with Dirty Jim", where he once worked as an intern.
2002-"The Monsters" were syndicated live on stations in West Palm, Ft. Myers, Sarasota and Augusta, Georgia. The show is now simulcast on XM satellite radio.
2004- "The Monsters" are moved to mornings after Clear Channel removes the Howard Stern Show from 6 of it's stations including WTKS. 

Jack Bradshaw-1998-Member of the "Philips Phile"/2013-Assistant Program Director/2015-Program Director/2018-cast member of "The Jim Colbert Show"-Clear Channel Communications/iHeart Media

Daniel Dennis-1996-2012-Producer-"Ed Tyll Show"/"Drew Garabo Show"/"The Monsters"-Clear Channel/2014-"A Corporate Time With Tom and Dan"-with Tom Vann

Soul Brother Kevin (Caswell)-2001-2014-Clear Channel 

  SBK Explains why he left WTKS 8-18-14
drunky the bear 2.jpg (6714 bytes)
Tom Vann-2004-2013-"The Monsters" add "Drunky the Bear" to the crew-Clear Channel
2014-"A Corporate Time With Tom and Dan"-with Daniel Dennis
2005-"The Sexy Savannah" leaves "The Monsters" and joins "The Shannon Burke Show".  

Melissa Foxx-1997-2006-"The News Thang"-Clear Channel/2017-Syndicated-"Co-host-Connections"-iHeart Media

Tiffany (Martin)-2006-2012-Clear Channel

Carlos Navarro ("Black Bean")-2007  leaves the "Monsters in the Morning" show/2014-Carlos returns to the show-Clear Channel

Whitney Laney-2008-2009
-Intern/On Air-Clear Channel Communications

2009-Bubba "WhoopAss" Wilson was fired in the latest Clear Channel purge-Clear Channel


-1996-1998-Drew Garabo Show Producer/Co-host-Clear Channel

(Patrick Fowler)-2000-2010-Joins the Monsters-Clear Channel  

Jan. 2010 Tuddle was fired by Clear Channel

Jana Banana (Jana Shelfer)-2003-2014-Member of the "Philips Phile"-Clear Channel   

Jim Philips announces Jana Banana is leaving "The Phile" 9-8-14    

Shannon Burke (Eddie Burke)-2004-2009-Shannon takes over the mid-day slot, leaving mornings at WFLF-AM 540-Clear Channel 

Shannon was let go by Clear Channel in 2009, after his arrest for shooting his wife and dog. Biography

Colin Brady-Producer-"Shannon Burke Show"-Clear Channel 
In Memory
El Heffe (Dro Hinojosa)-2005-2006-co-host of "The Hideout"-Clear Channel
J Dubbs-2005-2006-co-host of "The Hideout"-Clear Channel
Buckethead (Jason Bailey)-2008-Nights-2009-2013-Mid-days-Clear Channel
Courtesy MyFox Orlando and WTKS-FM 104.1
 See Buckethead Saves a Life

Shawn Wasson-2010-"The News Junkie"-Clear Channel

Fritz (Jeff Ilgenfritz)-2011-2020-Key Account Coordinator/Co-host-"The News Junkie"-Clear Channel/iHeartMedia

Sabrina Ambra
-2012-Intern/2013-Co-host-"The News Junkie"-Clear Channel/iHeartMedia

Angel (Rivera)-2014-Angel joins "The Monsters"-Clear Channel

Joseph Martens-2014-"Sunday Morning Coming Down"-Sundays-9AM-Noon
-Clear Channel 

Misha Cordova-2015-Intern-"Philips Phile"-
iHeart Media


Pinkman (Josh Pinkman)-2015-Intern/Producer/Call-screener
-"Philips Phile"-iHeart Media

A.D. (Rowntree)-2015
-Syndicated-Mon, Wed, and Thu nights 8PM-9PM-iHeart Media

Al "Blackjack" Spry-2017-Syndicated-"Co-host-Connections"-iHeart Media

Deborah Roberts-2018-News Director/
cast member-"The Jim Colbert Show"-iHeart Media

Rauce Padgett-2018-Cast member-"The Jim Colbert Show"-iHeart Media

Glenda “G-Love” Chauncy-Syndicated-"Co-host-Connections"-iHeart Media
Boudreaux-Clear Channel

Ed Hartley-Host of "Cryin' Lovin' & Leavin'"
-Clear Channel
Robert Segal-Clear Channel

Bailey Quarters (Kathryn Adkins)-Traffic-Clear Channel Biography
Mike Wiley-"Patriot Radio Network"-Clear Channel
Melanie-Clear Channel
Cathy Taylor-News Director-Clear Channel 

Bethann Shaffer-News-Clear Channel
Steadman-Producer of the Shannon Burke Show-Clear Channel
J. Moore-5AM-6AM weekdays-Clear Channel

Kevin Baldinger
-Traffic-Clear Channel



(Michael) Wanzie-Co-host of "Wanzie and Doug's Monday Movie Review" during the Philips Phile-Clear Channel

Doug (Ba'aser)-Co-host of "Wanzie and Doug's Monday Movie Review" during the Philips Phile-Clear Channel

Cabin Boy-Producer-Shannon Burke Show/Co-host of "2 Guys, 1 Sports Show" with Jack Bradshaw-Clear Channel



Michelle Court (Michelle Betancort-Lugo)-Traffic-Clear Channel

Ken Dashow
Matt Doolittle

Other Names In WTKS History
Rich Boerner-Production Director/1993-Interim Program Director-Press Broadcasting
Doug Silver-1993-1994-Program Director-Press Broadcasting
Joe Arnold-1994-Operations Manager-Press Broadcasting
Rob Frazier-1994-Production Director-Press Broadcasting

Carol Dedman-1994-1999-Assistant Program Director/Producer/Copywriter/On-air Commentator-Press Broadcasting/Paxson Broadcasting/Clear Channel Communications, Inc.

Lowell "Bud" Paxson-1996-1997-President-Paxson Broadcasting 
In Memory

Katherine Brown-1999-Program Director-Paxson Broadcasting/Clear Channel Communications, Inc./iHeart Media
Harry Valentine-1996-Program Director-Paxson Broadcasting

Jennifer Armstrong-1996-1999-Promotions Manager-Paxson Broadcasting
Bill Wise-1997-Program Director-Clear Channel Communications, Inc.
Dan Stone-1997-Creative Director-Clear Channel Communications, Inc.

Mark Kanak-1997-General Sales Manager/2012-General Sales Manager-Clear Channel Communications, Inc.

Linda Byrd-2008-
Division President/General Manager-Clear Channel/2015-2022-Division President-iHeart Media

Kim Guthrie-2022-
Division President for iHeartMedia Florida-iHeart Media
Jay Clark--Program Director-Paxson Broadcasting

Chris Kampmeier-Operations Director/Program Director-Clear Channel Communications, Inc.
Karen Kjos-General Manager 
Mark Lass-General Manager  
Sarita Negron-Sales 

Other Programs In WTKS History

G. Gordon Liddy-Jun 1993-Sep 1993-syndicated by Unistar Radio Network

Howard Stern-1994-2004-Syndicated
Joseph Martens

Tom Olsen-"Olsen On Law"

Robert Vincent Sims-"The Garden Rebel"
XFL Football-Marc "the Freak" Lloyd of WQTM-AM 740-play-by-play with Jack Bradshaw of "The Philips Phile" and Dirty Jim as sideline reporters

WTKS To Carry MLS    1-8-15  
Orlando City Soccer has announced their inaugural season games will be carried by WTKS-FM 104.1.

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