WOGF-FM 104.3

Original Call Letters: WABU

Originally Licensed: May 28, 1993

Original City of License: Inglis

Original Frequency: 104.3

Origin of Call Letters: Location: We're Ocala Gainesville Florida

Original Power: 6,000 Watts

Original Location: 

Original Format: Easy Listening/Beautiful Music

Network Affiliation(s): 

Fox News Radio
Liberty Works Radio Network
Premiere Radio Network
Citadel Media


1996-West Coast Radio, Inc.
1997-WAVQ-FM, Inc.
1998-Seven Rivers Broadcast Ministry, Inc. ($1.2 Million)
2003-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc. ($500,000)
2010-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc. (Debtor In Possession)
2011-Citrus County Association For Retarded Citizens, Inc ($200,000)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

-1993-Easy Listening/Beautiful Music
WAVQ-1993-Easy Listening/Beautiful Music  “The Wave”    “Relax 104.3”
WAVQ-1997-Music of Your Life   “The Gull”
WHGN-1998-Religious/Christian Teaching and Talk “We Have Good News”
WIFL-2000- Religious/Christian Teaching and Talk
WIFL-2003-Variety (Jack) “WOW 104.3”
WIFL-2005-Contemporary Hits  “WOW 104.3”
WIFL-2006-Adult Contemporary/Talk  “Xtreme Radio”  
WIFL-2008-Adult Standards "Frank 104, Sinatra and More"
WIFL-2009-Adult Standards/Talk "Frank 104, Sinatra and More"
WIFL-2009-Talk  "Frank Talk"
WOGF-2010-Talk  "News Talk and Sports"

WOGF Goes Silent     12-21-10
On Dec 17, thanks to Mark Tyll, we reported WOGF Falls Into Receivership. Today Tom Taylor is reporting after receiver Burt Sherwood of Sherwood and Associates, Inc., took control of WOGF-FM 104.3  he has taken the station silent after the involuntary transfer of control. The FCC is told that “the receiver requires some time to marshal the assets, prepare a main studio and perform other acts required to operate the station.” The tower is owned by Shadavrus Capital Trust. They are owed money, as are other creditors.

New Year, New Call Letters    12-31-10
As of December 28Th, WOGF has changed its call letters to WYKE-FM. Additionally on December 29Th Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc. filed for "Transfer of License" under the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Re-Organization Act, aka Debtor in Possession. 

Some Frank Talk From Sabatino "Sab" Cupelli      4-5-11
The President of Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc. "Sab" Cupelli sets the record straight. From an email to us, he corrects the information on WOGF. 
"...the info on 104.3 FM WOGF is incorrect. It is not in receivership. The FCC dismissed Sherwood's (Sherwood and Associates, Inc.) application twice. Also reversing the call letter change back to WOGF!  I am the licensee and "debtor in possession" A Federal Judge ruled a month ago that the license and transmitter site is still under my control. The Federal Judge also chastised the local attorneys for going beyond the scope of the security agreement. CCARC (Citrus County Association For Retarded Citizens, Inc.)/Sherwood NEVER had the authority to attempt to transfer control of WOGF from me to him. It is off the air because of a dispute over ownership of equipment...NOT the FCC license. However, I just entered into an agreement with CCARC to assign the license to them for $200,000.00 CASH. Other issues can be addressed later. My corporation still reserves the right to other remedies under the law that we are preserving. BURT SHERWOOD NEVER HAD THE RIGHT OR AUTHORITY UNDER THE LAW TO OPERATE WOGF OR ATTEMPT TO TRANSFER ITS LICENSE!

Names in WOGF History

Sabatino Cupelli-2010-President-Florida Radio USA LLC/Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc.

Don Imus-2010-Syndicated  In Memory

Glenn Beck-2010-Syndicated
Mark Levin-2010-Syndicated


Laura Ingraham-2010-Syndicated


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