WYKE-FM 104.3

Original Call Letters: WABU

Originally Licensed: May 28, 1993

Original City of License: Inglis

Original Frequency: 104.3

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 6,000 Watts

Original Location: 

Original Format: Easy Listening/Beautiful Music

Network Affiliation(s):

Fox News Radio
Liberty Works Radio Network
Premiere Radio Network
Citadel Media
Fox Sports Radio
Yahoo Sports Radio


1996-West Coast Radio, Inc.
1997-WAVQ-FM, Inc.
1998-Seven Rivers Broadcast Ministry, Inc. ($1.2 Million)
2003-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc. ($525,000)
2010-Sherwood and Associates, Inc. (Receiver) 
2010-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc. (Debtor In Possession)
2011-Citrus County Association For Retarded Citizens  
2018-WGUL-FM, Inc. (LMA)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

-1993-Easy Listening/Beautiful Music
WAVQ-1993-Easy Listening/Beautiful Music “The Wave” “Relax 104.3”
WAVQ-1997-Music of Your Life   “The Gull”
WHGN-1998-Christian Teaching and Talk “We Have Good News”
WIFL-2000- Religious/Christian Teaching and Talk
WIFL-2003-Variety (Jack) “WOW 104.3”
WIFL-2005-Contemporary Hits  “WOW 104.3”
WIFL-2006-Adult Contemporary/Talk  “Xtreme Radio”  
WIFL-2008-Adult Standards "Frank 104, Sinatra and More"
WIFL-2009-Adult Standards/Talk "Frank 104, Sinatra and More"
WIFL-2009-Talk  "Frank Talk"
WOGF-2010-Talk  "News Talk and Sports"
WYKE-2011-Sports  "Fox Sports Radio 104.3"
WYKE-2013-Sports   "Key Sports 104.3"  "CBS Sports Radio"
WXZC-2018-Country   "XZC 104.3" 

New Year, New Call Letters    12-31-10
As of December 28th, WOGF-FM 104.3 has changed its call letters to WYKE-FM. Additionally on December 29Th Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc. filed for "Transfer of License" under the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Re-Organization Act, aka Debtor in Possession. 

Sports Out, Country In      4-15-18
Tonight at Midnight,
WYKE-FM104.3 will become WXZC-FM 104.3, "XZC 104.3" and switch formats from sports to country. According to The Citrus County Chronicle "...the station entered into a three-year limited marketing agreement (LMA) and option-to-purchase agreement with WGUL-FM Inc., which will sprinkle in some local weather reports, local event information and community happenings among the vocal stylings of such hot country stars as Florida Georgia Line."

WYKE 104.3 FM has entered into a 3-year Local Marketing Agreement (LMA) and Option to purchase agreement with WGUL-FM, Inc. WGUL started operating the station on April 15, 2018, and air its Naturecoast Country programming offering a mix of country hits, local weather reports, and local event information and community happenings. WGUL is a family owned company and operates four FM radio stations on Florida's Gulf Coast to include WGHR HITS 106; WXCV Citrus 95.3; WXCZ Naturecoast Country 103.3; and WXOF Classic Hits 96.7.

Names in WYKE History

Sabitino Cupelli-2010-President-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc.

Don Imus-2010-Syndicated-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc.  In Memory

Glenn Beck-2010-Syndicated-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc.

Mark Levin-2010-Syndicated-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc.

Mancow-2010-Syndicated-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc.

Laura Ingraham-2010-Syndicated-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc.

Mike Taylor-Mornings-2013-2015-Citrus County Association For Retarded Citizens 

Steve Czaban-2013-Citrus County Association For Retarded Citizens 

Marty Tirrell-2013-Citrus County Association For Retarded Citizens 

Travis Rodgers-2013-Citrus County Association For Retarded Citizens 


John Harris-2013-Citrus County Association For Retarded Citizens 

Geoff Ketchum-2013-Citrus County Association For Retarded Citizens 

Dan Wetzel-2013-Citrus County Association For Retarded Citizens 


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