WRMF-AM 1050

Original Call Letters: WRMF

Originally Licensed: Nov. 24, 1957

Original City of License: Titusville  

Original Frequency: 1050 

Origin of Call Letters: Owners name; Richard M. Fairbanks

Original Power: 500 watts day time 

Original Location: 

Original Format: Soft Adult Contemporary 

Network Affiliation(s):


1957-Melbourne On The Air, Inc.
1958-WRMF, Inc.
1973-Fairbanks Broadcasting
1977-Advance Communications
1978-Radio Brevard
1979-Brevard Broadcasting Co. (Regional Broadcasting Co.) 
1984-Ogden Broadcasting
1986-Frazer Broadcasting Corp.
1989-Sage Broadcasting (WAMT-AM / WSCF-FM 98.3 in Titusville for $3 million)
1989-Angel Bocanegra
1992-Radio Brevard, Inc ($265,000)
1996-Spinney Broadcasting Corp.
2000-Genesis Communications ($650,000)
2008-Whiskey River Broadcasting (LMA)
2008-Genesis Communications  

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WRMF-1957-Soft Adult Contemporary  "The Nifty 1050"
WRMF-1973-Moved to 1060

WRMF Personalities
Sanford Paul-1957-1959-Program Director-Melbourne On The Air, Inc.
Denver Weaterfield-1957-1962-News Director/Farm News Director-Melbourne On The Air, Inc.
June Black-1957-Women's Director-Melbourne On The Air, Inc./1958-Promotions Director/Women's Director-WRMF, Inc.
Al Smith-1958-1959-Program Director/Sports Director-WRMF, Inc.
John Dightson-1958-1962-News Director-WRMF, Inc.
Bill Palmer-1959-Program Director/Sports Director-WRMF, Inc.
June Black Carter-1959-Women's Director/News Editor/Office Manager-WRMF, Inc./1962-Program Director-WRMF, Inc.
Fred Richards-1962-1963-News Director-WRMF, Inc.
Shirley Elston-1963-1964-News Director-WRMF, Inc.
Jay Glaug-1964-1970-News Director-WRMF, Inc.
Charlie Liles-1967-1970-Program Director-WRMF, Inc./1968-Commercial Manager-WRMF, Inc.   In Memory
Ralph Ricks-1968-1970-Program Director-WRMF, Inc.
Dennis McCann-1968-News Director-WRMF, Inc./1970-Program Manager-WRMF, Inc.
Jim Ladd-1970-Program Director-WRMF, Inc./1972-Music Director-WRMF, Inc.
Brian Holmes-1970-1971-News Director-WRMF, Inc.
Pat Hunteman-1971-1972-News Director-WRMF, Inc.
Allen Kent-1972-News Director-WRMF, Inc.

Jim "Biff" Burns-1976-1980-News Director-Fairbanks Broadcasting   Biography

Other Names In WRMF History
Richard M. Fairbanks-1957-President/Co-owner-Melbourne On The Air, Inc./1958-President-WRMF, Inc.
Rudi Oudshoff-1957-Co-owner/Secretary Treasurer-Melbourne On The Air, Inc.
R. L. "Bob" Bright-1957-General Manager/Commercial Manager-Melbourne On The Air, Inc./1958-General Manager/ Commercial Manager-WRMF, Inc./1959-General Manager/Commercial Manager/News Director-WRMF, Inc/1960-General Manager/Commercial Manager/News Director/Program Director-WRMF, Inc/1962-Secretary Treasurer/General Manager -WRMF, Inc
Tony Fairbanks-1957-1959-Promotions Director-Melbourne On The Air, Inc.
Mike Falk-1957-1958-Chief Engineer-Melbourne On The Air, Inc.
J. P. Gettys-1958-1962-Chief Engineer/Farm News Director-WRMF, Inc/1960-Promotions Manager-WRMF, Inc
Al Murray-1959-1962-Promotions Manager-WRMF, Inc.
J. J. Orlando-1962-1963-Commercial Manager-WRMF, Inc.
Billy Dee-1962-1963-Promotions Manager-WRMF, Inc.
Abram Staggs-1962-1963-Chief Engineer-WRMF, Inc.
Gwendolyn Runge-1962-Traffic Chief-WRMF, Inc.
Chuck Elston-1963-1967-Promotions Manager-WRMF, Inc.
Joe Clarke-1963-1967-Chief Engineer-WRMF, Inc.
Stan Stepp-1967-Promotions Manager-WRMF, Inc.
June Carter-1967-Promotions Manager-WRMF, Inc.
Tim Hughes-1967-1968-Chief Engineer-WRMF, Inc.
Joe O'Donnell-1968-1970-Chief Engineer-WRMF, Inc.
Palmer Boland-1970-Chief Engineer-WRMF, Inc.
Bill Austin-1971-1972-Program Manager-WRMF, Inc.
Billy Stevens-1972-Program Manager-WRMF, Inc.

Fairbanks Broadcasting

Fairbanks Broadcasting was founded in 1948 to purchase WIBC-AM 1070 in Indianapolis. Fairbanks (who was the last surviving grandson of Teddy Roosevelt's vice president, Charles W. Fairbanks) sold most of his properties in the last decade, leaving just WKOX. He died in August of 2000 at the age of 88.

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