WIXC-AM 1060   

Original Call Letters: WRMF

Originally Licensed: Nov. 20, 1957 

Original City of License: Titusville 

Original Frequency: 1060 

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 10,000w daytime/5,000w nighttime (directional) 

Original Location: 

Original Format: Nostalgia

Network Affiliation(s):

ABC News


1957-Melbourne On The Air, Inc. 
1958-WRMF, Inc.
1978-Radio Brevard
1979-Brevard Broadcasting Co. (Regional Broadcasting Co.) 
1984-Ogden Broadcasting
1986-Frazer Broadcasting Corp.
1989-Sage Broadcasting (WAMT-AM /WSCF-FM 98.3 in Titusville for $3 million)
1989-Angel Bocanegra
1992-Radio Brevard, Inc ($265,000)
1996-Spinney Broadcasting Corp.
2000-Genesis Communications I ($650,000)
2008-Whiskey River Broadcasting (LMA)
2008-Genesis Communications I  
2015-Broadcast House, LLC (LMA)
2016-Genesis Communications
2008-Whiskey River Broadcasting (LMA)
2008-Genesis Communications I  

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WRMF-1957-Soft Adult Contemporary  "The Nifty 1050" (on 1050)
WRMF-1973-Moved to 1060

WRMF-1973-Adult Contemporary
WRMF-1979-Full Service/Oldies
WIXC-2000-Big Bands
WIXC-2001-Nostalgia  "Wixie 1060" 
WIXC-2002-Sports Talk "ESPN 1060" 
WIXC-2008-Classic Country "Wixie 1060"
WIXC-2008-Adult Standards  "Wixie 1060"
WIXC-2008-Talk "Brevard's Big Talker"
WIXC-2012-News   "AM 1060 News Information"
WIXC-(WMEL)-2015-Talk/Sports  "The Talk To Me Station"
WIXC-2016-News   "NewsTalk Florida"

History of WIXC "Classic Country"
On Aug. 1, 2008, WIXC switched from its previous SportsTalk format to Classic Country. The country format would last just until Nov. 14, 2008. The next temporary format would be adult standards, known as "Real American Music"  

Names In WIXC "
Classic Country" History
Ted Turner-2008-Owner/Partner-
Moving the station from sports to Classic Country-Whiskey River Broadcasting
Jim Burke-2008-Owner/Partner-Whiskey River Broadcasting

Greg Sherlock-2008-Afternoons- Whiskey River Broadcasting

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