WPUL-AM  1130

Original Call Letters: WPUL 

Originally Licensed: Sep 1969  

Original City of License: Bartow 

Original Frequency: 1130 

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan: "We Please U Longer"

Original Power: 1,000 watts, sunrise to sunset

Original Location: 

Original Format: MOR

Network Affiliation(s):

Mutual Broadcasting System
United Press International


1972-Trans Florida Radio, Inc.   (7-24-72)

1978-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Company  (6-30-78)
1980-Thornburg Communications

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WPUL-1969-MOR  "We Please You Longer"  "WPUL-The Station with Pull"  
WPUL-1978-Country Western

WPUL History
The station was located on Hwy 17 north of downtown Bartow.  

Names in WPUL History
Lloyd .A. Scott Sr.-1969-President-Trans Florida Radio, Inc.
Lloyd Scott, Jr.-1969-General Manager-Trans Florida Radio, Inc.
Joseph Trivette-1969-Commercial Manager-Trans Florida Radio, Inc.
Margaret C. Scott-1969-Program Director-Trans Florida Radio, Inc.
Gene Mullins-1969-News Director-Trans Florida Radio, Inc.
A. N. Campbell-1969-Chief Engineer-Trans Florida Radio, Inc.
Robert D. Morris-1972-Presient-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Company
LeRoy Bradley-1972-General Manager/Commercial Manager/Promotions Manager/News Director-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Company
Don Goolsby-1972-Program Director-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Company
George E. Turner IV-1972-Chief Engineer-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Company
L. A. Scott Sr.-1974-President-Trans- Florida Radio, Inc.
Lloyd A. Scott Jr.-1974-General Manager-Trans- Florida Radio, Inc.
David Hill-1976-President-Trans-Florida Radio, Inc.
Larry Love-1976-News Director/Host of "The Trading Post"-Trans Florida Radio, Inc./1979-News Direrctor-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Company
Buck Williams-1976-Chief Engineer-Trans-Florida Radio, Inc.
Tommy Walker-1977-Program Director/Music Director/Mornings-Trans-Florida Radio, Inc.
Don Golsby-1977-Program Director/Music Director-Trans-Florida Radio, Inc.
John Locke-1978-President-Trans-Florida Radio, Inc.
Eugene McMahon-1978-President-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Company
Robert D. Morris-

Bill Andrews-1978-1980-Program Director/Host of "The Trading Post"-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Company   Biography

Ken Stepien-1978-
Program Director/News Director-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Company                                                                
Mike McCord-1978-Music Director-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Company                                                                                                                     
Reba Zoeliner-Commercial Manager/1979-General Manager/Commercial Manager-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Company
Dave Hill-1978-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Company
Larry Lee Love-1979-Program Director/News Director/Promotions Manager-Mid-Florida Broadcasting
Roy Beymer-1978-Chief Engineer-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Company
Richard Todd-1979-Sales-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Company
Choppy Hodes-1979-Sales-Mid-Florida Broadcasting Company
Randy Marsh-1981-President-Mid-Florida Broadcasting
Jerry Brush-1981-Chief Engineer-Mid-Florida Broadcasting
Tom Anthony-1984-Program Director-Thornburg Communications
Heywood Henson-1986-General Manager-Thornburg Communications

Dave Whitaker-1986-Traffic Reporter "The Skyhawk"-Thornburg Communications                                                                        

Larry Steele-2000-2014-Station Manager/Sports Director
Jack Hacker-President/General Manager-Thornburg Communications
Terry Kinney
Jerry Abdo
Charles Cherry
Lloyd A Scott, Jr.-General Manager
Leroy Bradley-General Manager
Sandy Sanders-General Manager
Reba Zoellner-General Manager
Haywood Henson-General Manager
Margaret Scott-Program Director
Joe Trivette-Sales Manager
A.N. Campbell-Chief Engineer
Dee Van Pelt-Sales
Kit Kitchens
B.J. Shores-Mid-days
Ben Silver
Doc Holiday
Joe Penny
Jerry Hughes-Weekends
Jackie Weeks-Receptionist 

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