WELE-AM 1380  
Ormond Beach

Original Call Letters: WQXQ 

Originally Licensed: Aug 1, 1957  

Original City of License: South Daytona 

Original Frequency: 1380

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 1,000 watts

Original Location: 

Translator: 2018-W268DG 101.5 FM  109 watts

Original Format: Country 

Network Affiliation(s):

Mutual Broadcasting Service
Westwood One
  CBS Radio
WOR Radio Network
ABC Entertainment

Yahoo Sports Radio


1957-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp.
1963-Volusia County Broadcasting Corp. (New Ownership)
1969-Morris Broadcasting Co.

1972-WELE Radio, Inc.
1977-Hunter Industries
1980-Hunter-Knight Daytona, Inc.
1981-Barnett Bank of Ormond Beach, N.A. (repossession from Hunter-Knight Daytona, Inc.)
1983-Hale Communications
1990-Wings Communications, Inc ($175,000)  
2009-Goliath Radio, LLC. (LMA)
2011-F. Douglas Wilhite (Debtor In Possession)
2012-Lori Patton, Trustee
2014-Bethune Cookman University

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WDAT-1969-Top 40
WDAT-1981-Big Bands/Swing
WDAT-1982-Adult Contemporary/Country Crossover Mix
WDAT-1983-Country  "1380 WDAT" 
WELE-2000-Shopping, Talk, News, Sports  "Daytona's Alternative Talk Station!"
WELE-2010-Talk  "Goliath Radio"   "Big 1380"
WELE-2015-Talk  "The Cat, Community Action Talk Radio"

WELE History
From K.P. Manning; WELE began as WQXQ and then changed to WDAT to stand for 'Daytona' to go against WMFJ the rival Top 40 which was 1,000 day and 250 watts at night. The station broadcast from the Riviera Golf Course on Calle Grande in Ormond Beach which was also the location of their one tower. The call letters were changed to WDAT while at the Riviera and was still an omni-directional day-timer.  WDAT went directional at night only when, in 1973, they went 24 hours, 1,000 watts days omni and 1000 nights directional using four towers at their present location on Nova Road. They remained in that location when they went to 5Kw later. Those towers are still used today with one change. Tower 4 was a self supporter which blew over in half during Hurricane Francis in 2004. WELE kept the tower at the half height and put a light on it. 

From Brian Douglas; "...For some reason, although the station was a day timer, they signed at 4:00 AM.  Original power was 1,000 watts (they were not directional, but went directional with the move to 5kW). The station flipped to Top 40 just before "Bad Moon Rising" hit (1968?).  They had a progressive rock show on in late afternoons by late 1968 and were still a day timer.  The 24 hour thing happened in 1969/70(?)"

2009-Wings Communications (Doug Wilhite) filed paperwork to sell WELE-AM to Goliath Radio, LLC, (Big John) with no specific cash price tied to the sale. Big John will forgive a $35K loan to the station and its owner, and will pick up existing obligations. Kristen Cobb, will be retained as a consultant to the buyer for a period of 60 months at $1,200 per month.

2010 (Aug 1)-Big John owner of Goliath Radio, LLC took over management of WELE-AM 1380. Big also announced local broadcast legend John E. Evans has joined the staff of WELE-AM. John will be doing editorials for Goliath Radio. Also, Doug Wilhite's Wings Communications' travel show is no longer affiliated with WELE. When the final approval of the license transfer comes from the FCC, WELE will change call letters.

WELE License To Be Donated To Bethune-Cookman University    10-22-13
The license of WELE-AM 1380 will be donated to Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach pending FCC approval. Doug Wilhite's Wings Communications will make the donation. 

Bethune-Cookman Taking Over WELE      11-5-13
President Edison Jackson has announced the University will be taking over WELE-AM 1340. Big John's Goliath Radio has been  programming the station while B-CU's  application to obtain its license is awaiting approval by the FCC. The donation consists of the studios, towers and equipment to the University by Wings Communications, the current license holder. Today, Roland Via stated on his program, that changes wouldn't be coming in the near future. 

More On WELE        11-6-13
Bethune Cookman University
applied for the license of
WELE-AM 1340
on Oct. 18. Big John answered a caller's question about the transfer.      

November 7, 2013


Bethune-Cookman University will be the owner and operator of WELE-AM, a commercial station licensed to Ormond Beach and serving all of East Volusia – that is upon the approval of the Federal Communications Commission. B-CU President Edison O. Jackson confirmed in a press release that the university would accept the donation of radio station WELE-AM from its owner Big John, a former Volusia County Councilman. Jackson said B-CU will be able to expand its involvement in the community – something that was first envisioned by founder Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune. 

Towers, equipment donated
Big John is donating the station’s South Nova Road studios, towers and equipment to the university. Goliath Radio has been providing programming for the station. Bethune-Cookman will begin operation of the station upon FCC approval of applications filed recently to transfer the license from Wings Communications, which has held the license since the 1980s. The exact value of Big John’s donation is expected to be near $1 million. “I think we’ve done well with our programming over the last three years in presenting programming that appeals to many segments of the community, but I think Bethune-Cookman and President Jackson can do more and make it a win-win operation for the University and the Community,” Big John said in the statement.

Opportunities for students 
Jackson said the radio station will help the university make the surrounding communities aware of its contributions and opportunities. The radio station also will create jobs in operation and management for graduates and part-time opportunities for students. WELE has provided live coverage of Wildcat football and basketball games at home and on the road along with other sports and informational programming. “We know that broadcast of our football and basketball games are a great tool for reaching our graduates,” B-CU Athletic Director Lynn Thompson said. Jackson said he anticipates a continuation of thought-provoking programming under B-CU administration and plans are in the works for Big John to continue his weekday drive-time program.

Congrats from Cherry
WELE-AM will be the second Black-owned radio station in Volusia County. “Congratulations to Bethune-Cookman University on acquiring WELE-AM,” said Dr. Glenn W. Cherry, a managing member of Psi Communications, LLC, the company that owns WPUL-AM 1590. “It’s always great to have more African-American ownership of media properties, especially since the number has dropped drastically over the last decade. The ownership, staff and management of WPUL-AM is ready to assist B-CU in any way we can to ensure that WELE-AM achieves the university’s goals and objectives.”

WELE Changes Hands        8-14-14    
As of Aug 5, WELE-AM 1380 formally changed ownership. Goliath Radio is now owned by Bethune-Cookman University

"Goliath Radio" To Become "The Cat"        2-4-15
Bethune-Cookman University, the new owner of Holly Hill's WELE-AM 1380, has announced the appointment of Larry Steele as Operations Manager. Larry comes from WTMP-AM 1150 in Tampa. He also spent 7 years as Station Manager and Sports Director at WPUL-AM 1130. The new slogan will become "1380 The Cat"; Community Action Talk Radio.

Changes At WELE     2-13-15
The old saying "a new broom sweeps clean" is apparently true at WELE-AM 1380. Programming changes happening include the end of "Mid-Day Volusia" with Paul Carpenella and "The Via Report" with Roland Via has been cancelled as well as Via's Sat. show which included Gary Libby and "Culture Comes Alive". 

BCU Takes Over 2-27-15 News Journal.jpg (83762 bytes)

2-27-15 The Bethune-Cookman Wild Cat, BCU President E.O. Jackson and Big John unveil the new sign at WELE. Now known as "1380 The Cat".   

photo courtesy of the Daytona Beach News Journal

WELE Personalities

Robert Allyn-1969-Program Director-Morris Broadcasting Co.
William Printz-1969-News Director-Morris Broadcasting Co.
Rick Glasby-1977-Program Director-Hunter-Knight Daytona, Inc.
Bill Wise-1977-Music Director-Hunter-Knight Daytona, Inc.
Emmett Rozier-1977-News Director-Hunter-Knight Daytona, Inc.
Bob King-1978-Program Director-WELE Radio, Inc
Tom Hale-1983-1990-President/General Manager/Mornings-Hale Communications

Doug Wilhite-1990-President/Host of Premier Travel Show/2004-General Manager/Sales Manager/Advertising Vice President /Program Director/News Director/Public Affairs Director-Wings Communications
Roland Via-1990-Program Director/2000-"Talk Back Today"-7AM-10AM/2004-Promotions Director-Wings Communications/2001-"Total Racing with Roland Via and featuring Art Chapman"-Wed-5PM-7PM/2002-"Talk Back Today"-7AM-10AM/2011-M-F- 2PM-3PM/ Sat-7AM-10AM/2012-2015-3PM-4PM/Sat-7AM-10AM-Goliath Radio, LLC/F. Douglas Wilhite (Debtor In Possession)/Lori Patton, Trustee/Bethune-Cookman University

Rick Brady-1991-1994
-Program Director/Operations Director/Morning talk show host/weekly political talk show/sports play-by-play-Wings Communications  Biography

Greg Lake
(Gregg Whatley)-1996-2008-Program Director/Production Director/Traffic/Host of "Radio Free Volusia" -Wings Communications  Biography
Big John-1992-"Big Talk with Big John"-Big's show began as a Saturday show from 8AM-9AM. Big can be heard Mon-Fri from 4:15PM-6:15PM/ Wings Communications/Goliath Radio, LLC./F. Douglas Wilhite (Debtor In Possession)/Lori Patton, Trustee/2015-"Gov Stuff Live"-4PM-6PM-Bethune-Cookman University  
2009-Big John (Goliath Radio, LLC) applies to FCC for transfer of ownership WELE from Doug Wilhite
 Biography    In Memory
Big John Prayer  1-8-10
Christopher "Igor" Baker-1999-2001-Morning show Producer/Co-host-Wings Communications, Inc.

Bobbie Thomas-2000-"Bobbie Thomas Total Talk'' 7AM-9AM/2001-"The Bobbie Thomas Show"-3PM - 4PM(Mon & Wed)-Wings Communications/ 2010-"Movies And More"- Fridays 1PM-Goliath Radio, LLC./F. Douglas Wilhite (Debtor In Possession)/Lori Patton, Trustee/Bethune-Cookman University

Leesa Marie Benz (Mrs. Daytona Beach 1998)-2001-"Alive and Kickin"-5PM-5:30PM/"Taste of the Town" "Glamour and Style"-Wings Communications
G. Gordon Liddy-2002-10AM-Noon-Wings Communications

Natalie Emerson-2003-Host of "Nat Chat" the Talk Show For Kids-Wings Communications
  Natalie is interviewed in 2003 by NPR's Renee Montagne

Michael J. Johnson-Program Director/Sports Director/2004-Operations Director/Operations Manager/Programming Manager-Wings Communications / Goliath Radio, LLC./F. Douglas Wilhite (Debtor In Possession)/Lori Patton, Trustee/ Bethune-Cookman University   
In Memory

Gwen Azama-Edwards-2005-2015"Truth"-Thursdays-6:15PM-Wings Communications/Goliath Radio, LLC
Gary Colombo-2008-2008-"Good Morning Coffee Club"-Wings Communications

Doug Kosarek-2008-2009-"Wake up Daytona"-6AM-10AM-Wings Communications

Angie Smith-2008-Co-host "News Radio One Travel Show"-Wings Communications/2010-"Angie's Travel and Shop Show"-Goliath Radio

John Wilhite-2008-Co-host "News Radio One Travel Show" -Wings Communications/2010-"Angie's Travel and Shopping Show"-Goliath Radio, LLC.

Don Imus-2009-2017-"Imus In The Morning"-Goliath Radio, LLC./Bethune-Cookman University   In Memory

Paul Carpenella-2009-Co-host with Wally Maroon of "Midday Volusia", M-F Noon-1PM-Wings Communications
2010-"Mid-day Volusia" moves to 3PM/2011-2015-M-F Noon-1PM-Goliath Radio, LLC/F. Douglas Wilhite (Debtor In Possession)/Lori Patton, Trustee/Bethune-Cookman University

Wally Maroon ("The Condo King")-2009-2014-Co-host with Paul Carpenella of "Midday Volusia", M-F Noon-1PM-Goliath Radio, LLC/F. Douglas Wilhite (Debtor In Possession)/Lori Patton, Trustee/Bethune-Cookman University

Mark Williams-2009-2010-Producer of "Midday Volusia", M-F Noon-1PM-Goliath Radio, LLC  Biography

Pj Pantaleo-2009-2010-Host of "PJ and Friends"-Tues and Thurs 1PM-2:30PM-Wings Communications/Goliath Radio, LLC.

Matt Gervia-2009-2010-Co-Host of "PJ and Friends"-Tues and Thurs 1PM-2:30PM-Wings Communications/Goliath Radio, LLC. 

John E. Evans-2010-2015-Editorials/Essays-Goliath Radio, LLC/F. Douglas Wilhite (Debtor In Possession)/Lori Patton, Trustee/Bethune-Cookman University     In Memory      

Lee Shavers-"Health Talk"-2010-Wings Communications/Goliath Radio, LLC./F. Douglas Wilhite (Debtor In Possession)/Lori Patton, Trustee/Goliath Radio, LLC/Bethune-Cookman University

Jan Gage-2010-"Ormond Magazine Radio Show"-Goliath Radio, LLC

Shannon McLeish
-2011-2015-"Air Occupy"-Tues-11AM-Goliath Radio, LLC

Liz Myers
-2011-2015-"Air Occupy"-Tues-11AM-Goliath Radio, LLC
Jerry Bolkcom-2011-2015-"Air Occupy"-Tues-11AM-Goliath Radio, LLC

Mark Reed "Mark of the Beach"-2011-Co-host/Regular guest-"Big Talk with Big John"-Goliath Radio, LLC

David Holland-2011-"Retirement Radio"-Friday 2PM-3PM/"Real Money with David Holland" -9AM-10AM weekdays-Goliath Radio, LLC/F. Douglas Wilhite (Debtor In Possession)/Lori Patton, Trustee/Bethune-Cookman University 

Pavlina Osta-2012-"Pavlina's Kidz Place"-6:20PM-7PM Mondays/2012-Sat-11:30AM-Goliath Radio, LLC/F. Douglas Wilhite (Debtor In Possession)/Lori Patton, Trustee/Goliath Radio, LLC/Bethune-Cookman University
Ray Sanchez-2012-"Volusia Watchdog"-Wed-9:30AM-10AM-Goliath Radio, LLC
Phillip D. Coffers-2012-"Volusia Watchdog"-Wed-9:30AM-10AM-Goliath Radio, LLC

Gary Libby-2013-"Culture Comes Alive" Part of the Sat. version of  "The Via Report"/2015-Sat 8AM-9AM-Goliath Radio, LLC/

Hubert Grimes-2015-Co-host-"The Problem Solvers"-2PM-3PM-Bethune-Cookman University

Daisy Grimes-2015-Co-host-"The Problem Solvers"-2PM-3PM-Bethune-Cookman University
Henry Stone-2015-News-Bethune-Cookman University

Clark Howard-2015-7PM-10PM/Noon-3PM/2017-Noon-3PM-Bethune-Cookman University

Herman Cain-2015-10PM-1AM-Bethune-Cookman University

John Grayson-2015-"Overnight America"-1AM-6AM-Bethune-Cookman University

Dr. Ram Nayar-2015-"Your Health Matters"-Mon & Fri-2PM-3PM-Bethune-Cookman University

Russ Parr-2017-"Russ Parr Morning Show"-6AM-10AM-Bethune-Cookman University

Chris Plante-2017-"Chris Plante Show"-10AM-Noon-Bethune-Cookman University

Phil Valentine-2017-7PM-10PM-Bethune-Cookman University

Rev. Jesse Jackson-2017-"Keep Hope Alive"-Sun-8AM-10AM-Bethune-Cookman University

Stephanie Miller-2018-10AM-Noon-Bethune-Cookman University

John "Jay" Wiley-2018-"Law Enforcement Today" -Bethune-Cookman University

Charles W. Cherry II
-2020-“Free Your Mind”-Tue and Thu-Noon-1PM-Bethune-Cookman University

Quanita May-2020-"Moving Forward with Quanita May”-Wed-Noon-1PM-Bethune-Cookman University

Ray Joy-"Ray Joy Show"-Thur-9:30AM-10AM-Goliath Radio, LLC/F. Douglas Wilhite (Debtor In Possession)/Lori Patton, Trustee

Dave Bethune
Al Risen  In Memory

Trisha Weatherford-Premier Travel Show Co-Host-Wings Communications

James McClendon-Host-"Computer World Computer Show"-Wings Communications/-Goliath Radio, LLC./ Bethune -Cookman University

Atticus Black and Friends
-Sat 11AM-Noon-Wings Communications/Goliath Radio, LLC/Bethune-Cookman University
Jim LeGerry-"Citizen Soapbox"-Wings Communications/Goliath Radio, LLC/Bethune-Cookman University

John Barrett
-Music Director-Wings Communications  Biography
Christian Bruey

Jeffery Boyle


Other Names In WELE History 
William Morris-1969-President-Morris Broadcasting Co.
William Hunter-1969-Vice President/General Manager-Morris Broadcasting Co.

Don Skylar-1969-Commercial Manager-Morris Broadcasting Co. 
In Memory
Sidney Fraser-1972-Co-Owner-WELE Radio, Inc.
Sheldon Katz-1972-Co-Owner-WELE Radio, Inc.
Trish Anderson-1976-Program Director-WELE Radio, Inc.   In Memory
Hick Lewis-1977-Commercial Manager-Hunter-Knight Daytona, Inc.
Philip Knight-1977-General Manager-Hunter-Knight Daytona, Inc.
Tim Tillis-1978-Chief Engineer-WELE Radio, Inc
Sherry Wilhite-1990-Assistant to President/2004-Developmental Vice President-Wings Communications

Kristen Wilhite-Cobb-1990-Operations Manager/2004-Marketing Vice President-Wings Communications 
Douglas Wilhite, Jr.-1990-2015-Chief Engineer-Wings Communications   In Memory

Cassie Wilhite Simon-1990-Reservations Manager-Wings Communications

Becky Wilhite-1990-Administrative Assistant-Wings Communications
Michael Matson-2003-2006-Sales Manager/Air Talent-Wings Communications
John Williams in the WELE studio.jpg (220874 bytes)
John Williams-2004-Wings Communications/Goliath Radio, LLC/F. Douglas Wilhite (Debtor In Possession)/Lori Patton, Trustee

"Throughout the years, I have been lucky enough to work with many fine people. I would like to publicly thank. Tim Steward, who was instrumental in my getting hired.  And thanks to Greg Lake.  He is an incredibly patient person and taught me so much."

Mark Tillery
-2009-2009-General Manager-Wings Communications  Biography

KP Manning-2009-2009-Progam Director/Systems Manager-Wings Communications  Biography    In Memory

Larry Steele-2015-Operations Manager-Bethune Cookman University 
Bill Butler-Station Manager-Wings Communications  
Phyllis (Hartman) Brady-Wings Communications In Memory
Tim O'Connor-Production Director-Wings Communications
Bob Barry-Wings Communications

Adele Garvey-Wings Communications
Alex Simon-Wings Communications

Dan Reid-Wings Communications

Kevin Tomaka-Wings Communications
Steven Andersen-Wings Communications
Tim Steward-Wings Communications

Bob Edwards-Wings Communications

William A. Stipsits
-General Manager
In Memory
Debbie Berner-Public Affairs Director-Wings Communications

Other Programs In WELE History
Imus In The Morning-2010-Don Imus-Syndicated-Goliath Radio, LLC.
Randi Rhodes-2010-Syndicated-Goliath Radio, LLC.
Dave Ramsey-2010-Syndicated-Goliath Radio, LLC.
Bethune Cookman University Football-2010-Goliath Radio, LLC.-2010-Goliath Radio, LLC.
USF Football-2010-Goliath Radio, LLC.
Orlando Magic Basketball-2010-Goliath Radio, LLC.
Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey-2010-Goliath Radio, LLC.
Bethune Cookman University Basketball-Goliath Radio, LLC.

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