WKQK-AM 1300
Cocoa Beach

Original Call Letters: WRKT

Originally Licensed: Jun 1959
Original City of License:  Cocoa Beach
Original Frequency: 1300
Origin of Call Letters: 
Original Power: 5,000 watts daytime/1,000 watts nighttime
Translator: 2021-W283DJ 104.5 FM
Original Location: Pluckebaum Road
Original Format: News/Music

Network Affiliation(s):


1959-Mel Wheeler 
1968-Bucks County Radio News
1977-Bostwick Management
1981-Cocoa Beach Broadcasting (Guy Gannett Broadcasting Services, Inc)
1981-Triplett Broadcasting of Florida
1986-Guy Gannett Publishing Co.
1988-Champion Broadcasting of Florida ($325,000) 
1993-Rama Communications (Purchased with WOKB AM 1600)
2008-Twin Towers Broadcasting (LMA)
2015-321 Corporation ($150,00)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:


WRKT-1968-Top 40
WRKT-1977-Adult Contemporary
WRKT-1980-Adult Contemporary (simulcast with WRKT-FM 104.1)
WRKT-1985-Classic Hits
WXXU-1988-Black Gospel (simulcast of WXXO 1600 AM)
WXXU-1995-Travel Information
WXXU-1998-Black Gospel/Urban
WXXU-2002-Traveler Information
WTIR-2003-Traveler Information  
WKQK-2022-Licensed/Silent (1-15-22)
WKQK-2022-Information    "Space Coast Information Radio"     

WKQK History
New Owner Closes On WMEL    1-23-16
321 Corporation has closed on the sale of Rama Communications, Inc. WMEL-AM 1300. The station will now be known as WKQK-AM 1300.The contract says $20,000 of the purchase price will be paid directly to the FCC to cover Rama’s outstanding debt to the agency.

In January 2016, 321 Corporation acquired Radio Station WKQK in Brevard County. The station is now "Radio 1300 - All Local - All the Time". It is broadcasting all-local (Brevard County) news all day from 5AM-7PM as "News Radio 1300", and all-local music all night from 7PM-5AM as "Music Radio 1300". The station streams 24/7 in full fidelity stereo at www.Radio1300.com. WKQK was originally licensed to serve the Cocoa Beach area and the Space Center in 1959 as WRKT, "Rocket Radio." At that time, it could only broadcast during the daytime and only with a power of  500 watts. In the 1960s, it was granted permission by the FCC to upgrade its power so that it could become a regional radio station and provide service to all of Brevard County. It was also granted permission to broadcast 24/7.

WKQK-AM 1300 Returns To Full Power     6-19-23
After damage from Hurricane Irma the station's west tower came down. WKQK-AM 1300  has found a new tower site and has returned to full power.

Names In WKQK History

Will Standley-2015-President/Program Director-321 Corporation 

Susan-2016-321 Corporation

Francis DeMuro-2018-Co-host-"Brevard At Large" -7AM-Sundays-321 Corporation

Christopher DeMuro-2018-Producer/Co-host-"Brevard At Large"-7AM-Sundays-321 Corporation
Ken Green-"Sunday Morning Show"-6AM-7AM-321 Corporation 
Angelia Green-"Sunday Morning Show"-6AM-7AM-321 Corporation 

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1330_WKQK_AM_Irma_damage_4.jpg (112515 bytes)
                               Damage done by hurricane Irma 2017


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