WMEL-AM 1300 
Cocoa Beach

Original Call Letters: WRKT

Originally Licensed: Jun 1959 

Original City of  License: Cocoa Beach 

Original Frequency: 920

Origin of Call Letters: Calls moved from 920AM 

Original Power: 5,000 watts daytime/1,000 watts nighttime

Original Location: Pluckebaum Road

Original Format: Talk

Network Affiliation(s):


Talk Radio Network
Performance Racing Network


1959-Mel Wheeler
1968-Bucks County Radio News
1977-Bostwick Management

1981-Cocoa Beach Broadcasting (Guy Gannett Broadcasting)

1981-Triplett Broadcasting of Florida

1986-Guy Gannett Publishing Co. 

1988-Champion Broadcasting of Florida ($325,000) 

1993-Rama Communications ($953,000 with WOKB AM 1600)

2008-Twin Towers Broadcasting (LMA)

2014-Trinity Broadcasting ($100 with WLAA-AM 1600, WOKB-AM 1680, WNTF-AM 1580 and WKIQ-AM 1240 

2015-321 Corporation ($150,000)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WRKT-1977-Adult Contemporary
WRKT-1985-Classic Hits
WXXU-1988-Black Gospel (simulcast of WXXO 1600 AM)
WXXU-1995-Travel Information
WXXU-1998-Black Gospel/Urban
WXXU-2002-Traveler Information
WTIR-2003-Traveler Information

WMEL-2008-Talk   "The Talk To Me Station"

History Of WMEL 1300
In December of 2007 WMEL-AM 920 was purchased by Divine Mercy Communications Inc, headed by CEO/Treasurer Norman Benz. John Harper moved the "Talk To Me Station" to a new dial position at WMEL-AM 1300

Storm Takes WMEL Off The Air     3-25-13
The storms that passed through Central Florida yesterday, knocked down a 200 foot tall tower and the winds also took part of the roof off the station at WMEL-AM 1300 in Cocoa. Power surges also ruined the transmitter. 

WMEL 1300 Personalities

Paul Delaney-2003-General Manager/
"We Love Brevard"/2011-"The Paul Delaney Show"-Twin Towers Broadcasting    Biography   

Laura Ingraham-2008-3PM-6PM
-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Neal Boortz-2009-Mon-Fri-
8PM-9PM-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Jim Bohannon-10PM-Midnight-Twin Towers Broadcasting

"Doug Stephan Talk Radio Countdown"-4AM-6AM/"Doug Stephan Good Day Show" - 6AM-9AM-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Duke and the Doctor-2010-Mon-Fri-9AM-11AM-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Clark Howard-2010-Mon-Fri-1PM-3PM/2014-9PM-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Lou Dobbs-2010-Mon-Fri-3PM-5PM/Lou Dobbs Business Reports throughout the trading hours/"Best of Lou Dobbs"-Sat-2PM-5PM-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Rusty Humphries-2010-Mon-Fri-9PM-10PM-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Dr. Joy Browne-2010-Mon-Fri-5PM-7PM-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Kate Delaney-2011-"America Tonight with Kate Delaney"- 1AM-4AM, Mon thru Sat.-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Jerry Doyle-2010-Mon-Fri-6PM-7PM-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Herman Cain-2013-11AM-Noon/8PM-9PM-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Ed Dean-2014-5PM-7PM weekdays-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Vince Young-2015-Program Director/10AM-Noon-weekdays-Twin Towers Broadcasting

John Ziegler-2015-
"The John and Leah Show"-Monday-Midnight-1AM-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Leah Brandon-2015-
"The John and Leah Show"-Monday-Midnight-1AM-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Leslie Marshall-Weekends-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Dr. Ronald Hoffman
-Sun 3AM-5AM/Sat Midnight 1AM-Twin Towers Broadcasting

The Doug Urbanski Show-Mon-Fri-8PM-9PM-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Adam Waltemire-Host of Pop Garden Radio-Sat-8PM-Midnight-Twin Towers Broadcasting
Capt. Jim Ross Fishing Reports-Tues and Thurs/"Catch a Memory Fishing Show"-Sat-8AM-9AM 
Joe Steckler-"Brevard Alzheimer's Hour"-Thurs-9AM-10AM-Twin Towers Broadcasting
Tom Sockaloff-"Good News Naturally"-Sat-7AM-8AM
"The Perfect Wedding Guide"-Sat-9:30AM-10AM
"Safari Todd Animal Talk Show"-Sat-10AM-11AM

Glenn Haege-"Ask The Handyman"-Sat-11AM-Noon
Kim McMillen-"The Dinning Diva Cooking and Restaurant Show"-Sat-Noon-12:30PM 

Donna Anselmo-"Bold Business Talk"-Sat-12:30PM-1PM 
Peter J. Murphy-Co-host-"For Women Only"-Sat-1PM-2PM
Kathy Ogle-Co-host-"For Women Only"-Sat-1PM-2PM
"Sybil Gage Jazz Show"-Sat-7PM-8PM
"Gospel Charles with Music"-Sun-6AM-9AM
Mormon Tabernacle Choir Music and the Spoken Word-Sun-9AM-9AM

Robert Vincent Simms-"The Garden Rebel"-Sun-10AM-11-AM-syndicated
"The World From A Jewish Perspective"-Sun-11AM-Noon
"The Money Pit Home Improvement Show"-Sun-Noon-2PM
"Steve Dale's Pet World"-Sun-2PM-3PM
Jerry Baker-"Retirement Investing"-Sat-11AM-11:30AM
"Twilight Zone For Radio"-Sun-8PM-9PM
"Dr. Science Fantastic Radio Show"-Sun 9PM-Midnight
Stefani Troye-News

Bill Mick

Nancy Kenney-News/"The Nancy Kenney Show"-Sat-5PM-6PM-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Mark Pence-"Man About Town"

Katie Shearer-Co-host with Paul Delaney-"Just Sayin"-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Lillian McDermott-"The Lillian McDermott Radio Show"-MTWF-9AM-10AM, Sat Noon-2PM-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Seeta Begui-"Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends"-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Other Names In WMEL 1300 History
Sabatta Persaud-1993-2014-President-Rama Communications, Inc.

Shanti Persaud-1993-General Manager-Rama Communications, Inc./2014-President-Trinity Broadcasting

John Harper-2008-General Manager-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Vernon Harper-2008-Sales Manager-Twin Towers Broadcasting   In Memory
John Meissner-2008-Operations Manager-Twin Towers Broadcasting

Will Standley-2015-Pricipal Owner-
321 Corporation

Other Programs In WMEL 1300 History
Tampa Bay Rays Baseball-2012
"NASCAR Live" - 7PM-8PM 
Local News hourly on the bottom of each hour
Weather 4 X's an hour 24/7
Local News hourly on the bottom of each hour
Sprint Cup Races
Florida Gators Football   
Orlando Magic Basketball
High School Football, Basketball and Baseball weekly game of the week
Coverage for the past 20 years of every Satellite Rocket Launch
Coverage for the past 20 years of every Shuttle Launch


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