WZNG-AM 1360 
Winter Haven

Original Call Letters: WINT

Originally Licensed: Nov 1958

Original City of License: Winter Haven

Original Frequency: 1360

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power:  5,000 Watts/2,500 Watts

Original Location:

Original Format: Oldies

Network Affiliation(s):

Mutual Broadcasting System
Mutual Black Network 1
ABC Contemporary Network


1958-Angelo Fazzari & Bruce Parker
1964-Winter Haven Broadcasting 
1966-WINT, Inc. 
1967-Suwannee Broadcasting
1972-Vantage Broadcasting 
1983-Newman Media 
1987-Seehafer Broadcasting
1990-George Allen & Steve Samet 
1993-GB Enterprises Communications  ($250,000)
1998-Frankie J. Grover
2006-Martin Santos
2007-G. B. Enterprises Communications, Corp.
2007-La Poderosa, LLC.  (LMA)
2011-G. B. Enterprises Communications, Corp. 
2011-Florida Spanish Communications Corp. ($1,000)
2012-Media Services Group (George Reed-Receiver)
2013-Martin Santos
2014-Catco Communications, LLC

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WINT-1958-Variety/Top 40
WYXY-1983-Adult Contemporary
WHNR-1990-Adult Standards  
WHNR-1995-Urban Contemporary "Power 1360"   "The Soul of Central Florida"
WHNR-2006-Regional Mexican  "1360 La Poderosa"      
WHNR-2010-Regional Mexican  
WHNR-2012-Regional Mexican "La Ley 1360"
WHNR-2014-Country  (Simulcast of WKFL-AM 1170)

Tampa Tribune Mar. 6, 1979

WZNG Asks To Boost Power, Longer Hours 

By RALPH GOLDEN Tribune Staff Writer 
Winter Haven 
Radio station WZNG has applied to the Federal Communications Commission for permission to boost its power and go to a 24-hour program schedule. The federal agency said last week it had received Vantage Broadcasting Co.'s application. " WZNG is on State Road 540 just east of Winter Haven and plays primarily what its owners call "contemporary or soft rock music." Station Manager Diane Buerger said Monday the fact the Federal Communications Commission accepted the station's application is a good sign. She explained that with the acceptance of the application, federal officials have indicated they see no reason not to grant permission pending a complete investigation. Buerger said if the application is approved, WZNG would go to a 24-hour program format with 5,000 watts daytime and 2,500 at night. "It would make us the biggest AM radio station in Polk County," Buerger said. She added the station would also begin aiming its programming and news coverage more toward Cypress Gardens than Winter Haven. "We will be called WZNG Cypress Gardens' instead of WZNG Winter Haven," she said. She said WGTO, located in Cypress Gardens would still be the strongest daytime station, but WZNG would have more power at night. Vantage Broadcasting is also looking at two pieces of property on which to build two new radio towers if the FCC approves the application. "The programming will remain basically the same," Buerger said, "but we will be adding about $100,000 more in equipment and probably increase our staff." She said the station is going to gear more toward the Cypress Gardens community than Winter Haven because she and her husband, ' David Buerger, who is the station's general' manager, believe that area has been neglected. Buerger said the station has a team of at-; torneys in Washington, D.C. handling the application. It takes between three and six months for the FCC to give formal approval,' Buerger said, and if it comes "we will be on the air 24 hours sometime before Christmas."- If the station's application is approved, its. radio signals will be broadcast more directly; toward Tampa than Orlando. Buerger said; this is not meant to mean WZNG is going tcr compete with radio stations in the Tampa Bay" area, but it will make the station more competitive with radio stations in Lakeland.

Names In WZNG History

David C. Buerger-1973-President/General Manager-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
Don Husted-1973-Commercial Manager-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
Bob Ryan-1973-Program Director/1980-Program Director/Music Director-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
John Zearl-1973-Chief Engineer-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
Bruce Parker-1974-Commercial Manager-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
Skip Jason-1974-Music Director-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
John Zeart-1974-Chief Engineer)
Diane Buerger-1975-Station Manager/1980-Commercial Manager-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
Skip Jason-1975-Music Director-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
Charlie Rock-1975-Music Director-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
Lon Moore (Steve Nikazy)-1975-1977-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.

Gary Van Allen (Gary Warne)-1975-1979-Afternoons/Music Director-Vantage Broadcasting
Bruce Parker-1975-Sales Manager-Vantage Broadcasting
Ann Fields-1977-News Director-Vantage Broadcasting
Scott Michaels-1976-Public Service Director-Vantage Broadcasting
Paul Garber-1976-Chief Engineer-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
Chuck Walker-1977-Music Director-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
Gerald Brush-1977-Chief Engineer-Vantage Broadcasting
Steve Nichols-1978-News Director-Vantage Broadcasting
Terry Carson-1979-Public Service Director-Vantage Broadcasting
John Williams-1979-Promotions Manager/Sports Director-Vantage Broadcasting
Eric Boulanger-1979-News Director-Vantage Broadcasting
Rodger Roth-1979-Chief Engineer-Vantage Broadcasting

Dan Hogan-1980-Sales/Fill-In Talk Show Host-Vantage Broadcasting 

Dan_Hogan_WZNG_Card.jpg (9972 bytes) click for full sized view

David Buerger-1981-President/General Manager-Vantage Broadcasting Co.
Bob Segler-1981-News Director-Vantage Broadcasting Co.
Roy Riley-1981-News Director-Vantage Broadcasting Co.
Paula Deignan-1982-Public Service Director-Vantage Broadcasting Co.
Bob Segler-1982-News Director-Vantage Broadcasting Co.
Diane Weese-1982-News Director-Vantage Broadcasting Co. 
Bob Thomas-1982-Chief Engineer-Vantage Broadcasting Co.
Phil Weese-1983-Sales Manager-Newman Media 
Dean Edwards-1983-News Director-Newman Media  
Nancy Cattarius-1983-Sales-Newman Media
George Prescott Auburndale High School sports play-by-play

Alan Spector-Weekends-Vantage Broadcasting     Biography

Nancy Lauderdale

Bill Sigler

Rosie Harker

Lori Edwards

Lawrence Behr-Engineer

Tom Anthony
Rick Beckett

Dave Wright (David Lee Wright) 
In Memory

Bill McKee-Sales Director/Host of "Youth Ministries" talk show

1. The Mutual Black Network or MBN was founded by the Mutual Broadcasting System in 1972, this was the first national full-service radio network aimed at African Americans. It broadcast an hourly 5 minute newscast at 50 minutes past the hour. It also aired sports and feature programs, and for one year beginning in the spring of 1974, a 15-minute daily soap opera called Sounds Of The City

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