WZNG-AM 1360 
Winter Haven

Original Call Letters: WINT

Originally Licensed: Nov 1958

Original City of License: Winter Haven

Original Frequency: 1360

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power:  5,000 Watts/2,500 Watts

Original Location:

Original Format: Oldies

Network Affiliation(s):

Mutual Broadcasting System
Mutual Black Network 1
ABC Contemporary Network


1958-Angelo Fazzari & Bruce Parker
1964-Winter Haven Broadcasting 
1966-WINT, Inc. 
1967-Suwannee Broadcasting
1972-Vantage Broadcasting 
1983-Newman Media 
1987-Seehafer Broadcasting
1990-George Allen & Steve Samet 
1993-GB Enterprises Communications  ($250,000)
1998-Frankie J. Grover
2006-Martin Santos
2007-G. B. Enterprises Communications, Corp.
2007-La Poderosa, LLC.  (LMA)
2011-G. B. Enterprises Communications, Corp. 
2011-Florida Spanish Communications Corp. ($1,000)
2012-Media Services Group (George Reed-Receiver)
2013-Martin Santos
2014-Catco Communications, LLC

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WINT-1958-Variety/Top 40
WYXY-1983-Adult Contemporary
WHNR-1990-Adult Standards  
WHNR-1995-Urban Contemporary "Power 1360"   "The Soul of Central Florida"
WHNR-2006-Regional Mexican  "1360 La Poderosa"      
WHNR-2010-Regional Mexican  
WHNR-2012-Regional Mexican "La Ley 1360"
WHNR-2014-Country  (Simulcast of WKFL-AM 1170)

Names In WZNG History

David C. Buerger-1973-President/General Manager-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
Don Husted-1973-Commercial Manager-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
Bob Ryan-1973-Program Director/1980-Program Director/Music Director-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
John Zearl-1973-Chief Engineer-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
Bruce Parker-1974-Commercial Manager-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
Skip Jason-1974-Music Director-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
John Zeart-1974-Chief Engineer)
Diane Buerger-1975-Station Manager/1980-Commercial Manager-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
Skip Jason-1975-Music Director-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
Charlie Rock-1975-Music Director-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
Lon Moore (Steve Nikazy)-1975-1977-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.

Gary Van Allen (Gary Warne)-1975-1979-Afternoons/Music Director-Vantage Broadcasting
Bruce Parker-1975-Sales Manager-Vantage Broadcasting
Ann Fields-1977-News Director-Vantage Broadcasting
Scott Michaels-1976-Public Service Director-Vantage Broadcasting
Paul Garber-1976-Chief Engineer-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
Chuck Walker-1977-Music Director-Vantage Broadcasting, Inc.
Gerald Brush-1977-Chief Engineer-Vantage Broadcasting
Steve Nichols-1978-News Director-Vantage Broadcasting
Terry Carson-1979-Public Service Director-Vantage Broadcasting
John Williams-1979-Promotions Manager/Sports Director-Vantage Broadcasting
Eric Boulanger-1979-News Director-Vantage Broadcasting
Rodger Roth-1979-Chief Engineer-Vantage Broadcasting

Dan Hogan-1980-Sales/Fill-In Talk Show Host-Vantage Broadcasting 

Dan_Hogan_WZNG_Card.jpg (9972 bytes) click for full sized view

David Buerger-1981-President/General Manager-Vantage Broadcasting Co.
Bob Segler-1981-News Director-Vantage Broadcasting Co.
Roy Riley-1981-News Director-Vantage Broadcasting Co.
Paula Deignan-1982-Public Service Director-Vantage Broadcasting Co.
Bob Segler-1982-News Director-Vantage Broadcasting Co.
Diane Weese-1982-News Director-Vantage Broadcasting Co. 
Bob Thomas-1982-Chief Engineer-Vantage Broadcasting Co.
Phil Weese-1983-Sales Manager-Newman Media 
Dean Edwards-1983-News Director-Newman Media  
Nancy Cattarius-1983-Sales-Newman Media
George Prescott Auburndale High School sports play-by-play

Alan Spector-Weekends-Vantage Broadcasting     Biography

Nancy Lauderdale

Bill Sigler

Rosie Harker

Lori Edwards

Lawrence Behr-Engineer

Tom Anthony
Rick Beckett

1. The Mutual Black Network or MBN was founded by the Mutual Broadcasting System in 1972, this was the first national full-service radio network aimed at African Americans. It broadcast an hourly 5 minute newscast at 50 minutes past the hour. It also aired sports and feature programs, and for one year beginning in the spring of 1974, a 15-minute daily soap opera called Sounds Of The City

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