WKGR-AM 1390 

Original Call Letters: WPUP

Originally Licensed: 1960  

Original City of License: Gainesville 

Original Frequency: 1390 

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 5,000 watts

Original Location: E. University Avenue 

Original Format: Adult Contemporary 

Network Affiliation(s):


1962-Southern Broadcasting Co. of Marianna, Inc.

1963-WUWU Radio, Inc.

1971-Olivia Broadcasting

1978-Nabco, Inc.

1981-Kent Gainesville Radio

1983-Sunshine Wireless Broadcasting Company

1987-Gillen Broadcasting Corp. ($1.9 million)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WUWU-1963-Country "The Woo Woo"
WAKA-1971-Beautiful Music "AM 1390" "The Only One to Turn To"
WAKA-1973-Top 40/Oldies
WAKA-1974-Beautiful Music
WAKA-1978-MOR "14K" "The Only One to Turn To"  
WAKA-1979-CHR/New Wave  "14K"
WAKA-1980-Top 40
WKGR-1981-Adult Contemporary   "Adult Radio AM 14 WKGR"
WMGI-1983-Jazz/Urban Contemporary   "Magic 1390"
WDVH-1986-Country  "Building a Better Country"
WAJD-1987-All News "News Radio 1390"
WAJD-1988-Heavy Metal "Gator Rock 1390" "Rock Radio 1390"
WAJD-1990-CHR "Kiss 105.3" (Simulcast of WYKS-FM 105.3)
WAJD-2001-Children "Radio Disney AM 1390"
WAJD-2011-R&B Oldies (Simulcast of WYKS-FM 105.3)
  WAJD-2013-Progressive Talk    "Your Liberal Talk Station"
WAJD-2014-Silent/Licensed (5/15/14)

WKGR History
Thanks to Marc Tyll for this history of WKGR.
In 1981, Dame Media sold WAKA to Kent Gainesville Radio, Inc.. Programming on most Gainesville radio stations were going through changes. Heritage Top 40 station WGGG-AM 1230 switched to Adult Contemporary;  WRUF-AM 850 switched to Toby Arnold's "Unforgettable" adult standards and big bands; and Progressive rocker WGVL-FM 105.5 switching to CHR. As a result, "14K" began to lose market share as a Top 40 station. The programming was switched to Adult Contemporary, known as "Adult Radio AM 14, for Today's Adult" under the call letters WKGR (Kent Gainesville Radio). Program director Jeri Banta left WKGR to become Assistant Program Director for cross-town WGGG-AM 1230. Former WPTR-AM 1540 Albany, New York morning personality Joe MacKay was brought in as WKGR's morning personality and Program Director. Two years later, Kent Gainesville Radio sold WKGR to Boca Raton based Sunshine Wireless Broadcasting, which also owned CHR formatted WYKS-FM 105.5 (original frequency) Gainesville. Joe MacKay left to program WGGG-AM 1230 and was replaced with Bill Harmon. The call letters were changed to WMGI-AM 1390.

Names In WKGR History

Jeri Banta-1979-1981

Joe MacKay-1981-1983-Morning personality/Program Director

Bill Harmon-Program Director

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