WPUP-AM 1390 

Original Call Letters: WPUP

Originally Licensed: May 31, 1962

Original City of License: Gainesville

Original Frequency: 1390

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 5,000 watts

Original Location: 1021 E. University Ave.

Original Format: Country  Western

Network Affiliation(s):

Keystone Broadcasting
Mutual Broadcasting System


1962-Southern Broadcasting Co. Of Marianna, Inc.
1963-WUWU Radio, Inc.
1963-Southern Broadcasting Co. Of Marianna, Inc.
1971-Olivia Broadcasting
1978-Nabco, Inc.
1981-Kent Gainesville Radio
1983-Sunshine Wireless Broadcasting Company
1987-Gillen Broadcasting Corp. ($1.9 million)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WPUP-1962-Country Western "Mighty 1390"
WUWU-1963-Country "The Woo Woo"
WAKA-1971-Beautiful Music "AM 1390" "The Only One to Turn To"
WAKA-1973-Top 40/Oldies
WAKA-1974-Beautiful Music
WAKA-1978-MOR "14K" "The Only One to Turn To"  
WAKA-1979-CHR/New Wave  "14K"
WAKA-1980-Top 40
WKGR-1981-Adult Contemporary   "Adult Radio AM 14 WKGR"
WMGI-1983-Jazz/Urban Contemporary   "Magic 1390"
WDVH-1986-Country  "Building a Better Country"
WAJD-1987-All News "News Radio 1390"
WAJD-1988-Heavy Metal "Gator Rock 1390" "Rock Radio 1390"
WAJD-1990-CHR "Kiss 105.3" (Simulcast of WYKS-FM 105.3)
WAJD-2001-Children "Radio Disney AM 1390"
WAJD-2011-R&B Oldies (Simulcast of WYKS-FM 105.3)
  WAJD-2013-Progressive Talk    "Your Liberal Talk Station"
WAJD-2014-Licensed/Silent (5/15/14)
WAJD-2015-Talk    "The Peoples Voice" (Returned to the air 6/23/15)
WAJD-2016-Smooth Jazz      "Gainesville's Smooth Jazz"
WAJD-2019-Urban Contemporary     "99 Jamz"

Names In WPUP History
John Dowdy-1962/1963-President-Southern Broadcasting Co. of Marianna, Inc.
O.R. Buckler-1962-Vice President/General Manager-Southern Broadcasting Co. of Marianna, Inc./1963-Vice President/General Manager-WUWU Radio, Inc.
Gilbert Kelley-1962/1963-Commercial Manager-WUWU Radio, Inc./Southern Broadcasting Co. of Marianna, Inc.
Frank Kennedy-1962/1963-Progrtam Director--WUWU Radio, Inc./Southern Broadcasting Co. of Marianna, Inc.
Frank Johnson-1962-Promotions Manager--WUWU Radio, Inc./Southern Broadcasting Co. of Marianna, Inc.
Ira Brown-1962-News Director--WUWU Radio, Inc./Southern Broadcasting Co. of Marianna, Inc.
Edward Slimak-1962/1963-Chief Engineer--WUWU Radio, Inc./Southern Broadcasting Co. of Marianna, Inc.
Leon E. Mims-1963-President-WUWU Radio, Inc.
Sammy Lindsey-1963-Commercial Manager-WUWU Radio, Inc.
Randy Webster-1963-Program Director-WUWU Radio, Inc.
Sylvester Scotti-1963-Promotions Manager-Leon Mims Ownership
Ray Davis, Jr.-1963-News Director-WUWU Radio, Inc.
John Morrison-1963-Chiefd Engineer-WUWU Radio, Inc.

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