WLAK-AM 1430
Original Call Letters: WLAK
Originally Licensed: May 15, 1936
Original City of  License: Lakeland
Original Frequency: 1310-Moved to 1430 in 1946
Original Power: 1,000 watts
Origin of Call Letters: Location; LAKeland
Original Location: 1412 East Lime St.
Original FormatMOR

Network Affiliation(s):

Associated Press
United Press International
Mutual Broadcasting System


1936-Lake Region Broadcasting Co.
1941-Bradley R. Eidmann ($13,000)
1942-Lakeland Broadcasting Corp.  ($23,000)
1958-Florida Central Broadcasting Co. ($300,000)
1963-Sentinel Broadcasting Co.
1971-Hugh Holder Enterprises
1978-Bob Kelly
1983-Root Communications
1996-Hall Communications

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WLAK-1936-Variety on 1310
WLAK-1946-MOR  (Moved to 1430)
WQPD-1971-Top 40
WLKF-1983-Adult Contemporary
WLKF-1996-News Talk Information

WLAK History
WLAK first broadcast from the New Florida Hotel in 1936. WLAK was the first station to provide a remote broadcast in Polk County. The station owners in the early days continually lost money.  In 1939, the Tampa Tribune purchased stock in the company, but the station was still in financial straits. In April of 1941, the station was sold to Bradley Eidmann for $13,000. In 1942, S.O. Ward purchased the station from Eidmann for $23,000. By 1942, WLAK had moved its offices and studios from the New Florida Hotel to the shores of Lake Bonny.  On February 15, 1954, the FCC approved a power increase to 5,000 watts daytime and 1,000 watts nighttime. in 1963, they sold it to Roland B. Potter's Sentinel Broadcasting. In 1971, the call letters WLAK were replaced by the new owners. 

WLAK Personalities
Maxine Tyner-1950-Program Director-Lakeland Broadcasting Corp.
Charlotte Humphreys-1951-Program Director-Lakeland Broadcasting Corp.
Earl Rahrer-1951-Sports Director/1952-News Director-Lakeland Broadcasting Corp./1958-News Director/"Musical Matinee"-M-F-12:30-2PM-Florida Central Broadcasting Co.
Jean Parrish-1951-Women's Director-Lakeland Broadcasting Corp.
Mary Whistle-1952-Program Director-Lakeland Broadcasting Corp.
Rick McFarland-1952-Sports Director-Lakeland Broadcasting Corp.
Garland Burt-1954-News Director/1954-Program Director-Lakeland Broadcasting Corp./1958-Assistant Manager/Program  Director/1962-Program Director-Florida Central Broadcasting Co.
George Hayward-1958-News Director-Florida Central Broadcasting Co.
Jo Terrelle-1958-Farm Director-Florida Central Broadcasting Co.
Barbara Young-1959-Women's Director-Florida Central Broadcasting Co.
Ed Cain-1963-News Director-Sentinel Broadcasting Co.
Jack Morgan-1967-Program Director-Sentinel Broadcasting Co.
Bill Grammer-1967-News Director-Sentinel Broadcasting Co.
Warren Wooden, Jr.-1971-News Director-Sentinel Broadcasting Co.
Dave Ralston-1973-Program Director-Hugh Holder Enterprises
"Uncle" Jim Grohman-"The Clockwacher"-5AM-9AM-Mon-Sat-Florida Central Broadcasting Co.
Robert 'Bob' Porter-Host of "Uncle Bob and the Funnies"
Buddy Lee (Harold Wallace Lee aka Bob Collins)
John Parrish-"Hi Fi Club"-10:05PM-M-F-"Keyed to the High School and College group" -Florida Central Broadcasting Co.

Other Names In WLAK History
J.E.P. Marchant-1936-President-Lake Region Broadcasting Co.
Bert Arnold-1936-Station Manager-Lake Region Broadcasting Co.
D.M. Brown-1936-Sales Manager-Lake Region Broadcasting Co.
James H. Jones-1936-Commercial Manager-Lake Region Broadcasting Co.
Gordon Fletcher-1936-Program Director-Lake Region Broadcasting Co.
Elvan B. Wilson-1936-Music Director-Lake Region Broadcasting Co.
Powell Hunter-1936-Chief Engineer-Lake Region Broadcasting Co.
S. O. Ward-1942-President/General Manager/Program Manager-Lakeland Broadcasting Corp.
Bill Reeves-1948-Assistant Manager/Program Director/Promotion Manager-Lakeland Broadcasting Corp.
Powell Adams-1948-Commercial Manager-Lakeland Broadcasting Corp./1959-Commercial Manager-Florida Central Broadcasting Co.
Bill Lee-1948-Chief Engineer/1950-Chief Engineer/Promotions Manager-Florida Central Broadcasting Co./1952-Assistant Manager/Chief Engineer-Lakeland Broadcasting Corp. 
Frank Nesbitt-1958-President/1959-Co-owner/1962-President-Florida Central Broadcasting Co.
Howard Cann, Jr.-1958-Vice President/Treasurer/1959-Co-owner/1962-Vice president/Treasurer-Florida Central Broadcasting Co.
Doris Potter-1963-President/1971-President/Program Director-Sentinel Broadcasting Co.
Roland Potter-1963-General Manager/1971-General Manager/Commercial Manager-Sentinel Broadcasting Co.
Frank Kurtz-1963-Operations Manager/Commercial Manager-Sentinel Broadcasting Co.
John Spears-1963-Program Director-Sentinel Broadcasting Co.
Ovie Loman-1963-Chief Engineer-Sentinel Broadcasting Co.
Gene Pflazer-1967-Chief Engineer-Sentinel Broadcasting Co.
Danny Shaver-1969-Station Manager/Commercial Manager-Sentinel Broadcasting Co.
Gene Pfaiser-1969-Chief Engineer-Sentinel Broadcasting Co.

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