WLKF-AM 1430

Original Call Letters: WLAK 
Originally Licensed: May 1936 
Original City of License: Lakeland  
Original Frequency: 1430 
Origin of Call Letters: Location; LaKeland Florida  
Original Power: 250 Watts
Translator: W244BJ-FM 96.7-Frostproof  2014
Original Location: Shore Acres, East Lime St. 
Original Format: Block Programming

Network Affiliation(s):

Westwood One
Premiere Radio Networks


1936-Lake Region Broadcasting Co.
1941-Bradley R. Eidmann ($13,000)
1942-Lakeland Broadcasting Corp.  ($23,000)
1958-Florida Central Broadcasting Co. ($300,000)
1963-Sentinel Broadcasting Co.
1971-Hugh Holder Enterprises
1978-Bob Kelly
1983-Root Communications
1996-Hall Communications ($550,000)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WLAK-1936-Variety on 1310
WLAK-1946-MOR  (Moved to 1430)
WQPD-1971-Top 40
WLKF-1983-Adult Contemporary
WLKF-1996-News Talk Information
WLKF History
From the WLKF website
The station got its start on May 15, 1936 with a different name (WLAK) and a different frequency (1310). Over the years, it has passed under various ownerships, moved across the dial (1340 then 1430), and changed its call letters (WQPD then WLKF). It probably wouldn’t be too hard to figure out that our call letters stand for, but for the record; W (first letter designated for stations east of the Mississippi River by the FCC), LK (abbreviation for Lakeland), and F (for Florida). A great place to read about the complete history of WLKF is on a website named Radio Years, created by Jim Maloy here.

More WLKF History (1980s)
In 1983 the call letters changed when Root Communications of Daytona Beach bought WQPD and changed the calls to WLKF. After a a short time programming an Adult Contemporary format, the on air talent were released and the format was switched to an automated News/Talk format. The 1980’s saw the offices and studios temporarily relocated to the Todd McKay Building in downtown Lakeland while the former WLAK building on East Lime Street underwent renovations. When the work was completed, WLKF and WVFM-FM 94.1, moved back in. Since 1996, Hall Communications has owned WLKF.

WLKF Personalities

Tom Anthony
-1983-News Director-Root Communications Biography

Lynne Breidenbach-1993-"Talk Back"-Hall Communications  In Memory
Bob Crews-2002-Program Director-Hall Communications

Andrea Oliver-2002-News Director/Public Affairs Director-Hall Communications

Erica Smith-2006-Erica joined "Mayhem in the AM"-Hall Communications

Seth Mela-2008-Host/Executive Producer-"Mayhem in the AM"-Hall Communications

Dale Sellers-2008-Co-Host/ Producer-"Mayhem in the AM"-Hall Communications 

ric Metaxas-2015-10PM-Midnight-(syndicated by Salem Communications Corp)-Hall Communications 

Brian Bruchey-
Co-host of "Mayhem in the AM with Brian Bruchey & Mark Stevens"/Program Director-Hall Communications

Mark Stevens-
Co-host of "Mayhem in the AM with Brian Bruchey & Mark Stevens"-Hall Communications

Ronnie Ocean
-host of "The O-Zone Sports Show"-Hall Communications                    

Larry Cox

Doris Moore Bailey-"Update"-Sun-5PM-6PM-Hall Communications
David Kaylor, Brent Geohagan & Mark McMann-"The Kaylor Law Hour"-Mon-5PM-6PM-Hall Communications

Loura & “The Coach”-"REAL Success Radio"-Tues-5PM-6PM-Hall Communications

Laura J. Hawley-"Dollars and Sense"-Wed-5PM-6PM-Hall Communications

Other Names in WLKF History
J.E.P. Marchant-1936-President-Lake Region Broadcasting Co.
Bert Arnold-1936-Station Manager-Lake Region Broadcasting Co.
D.M. Brown-1936-Sales Manager-Lake Region Broadcasting Co.
James H. Jones-1936-Commercial Manager-Lake Region Broadcasting Co.
Gordon Fletcher-1936-Program Director-Lake Region Broadcasting Co.
Elvan B. Wilson-1936-Musical Director-Lake Region Broadcasting Co.
Powell Hunter-1936-Chief Engineer-Lake Region Broadcasting Co.
Tom Rusk-1986-Regional Sales Manager-Root Communications
Bonnie Rowbotham-2002-Chairman-Hall Communications
Arthur Rowbotham-2002-President-Hall Communications
Bill Baldwin, Sr.-2002-Vice President-Hall Communications
Steve Howard-2002-Station Manager-Hall Communications
Nancy Cattarius-2002-General Sales Manager/General Manager-Hall Communications
Tunie Moss-2002-Promotions Director-Hall Communications

Dick Bennick
-(Dr. Paul Bearer)-Sales-Hall Communications
In Memory

Jessica Brown-Promotion Director-Hall Communications

American Idol star Dianna DeGarmo, the runner-up of the third season (2004)
with Mark and Brian

courtesy of Brian Bruchey


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