WPLK-AM 800                                                                    

Original Call Letters: WSUZ

Originally Licensed: 1957

Original City of License: Palatka

Original Frequency: 800

Origin of Call Letters: Location; West PaLatKa

Original Power: 1,000 watts daytime 

Original Location: 105 1/2 N. Second St.

Original Format: Adult Standards

Network Affiliation(s):

Jones Radio Networks
Mutual Broadcast System
Associated Press
ABC News
Florida's Radio Network
Dial Radio Network


1957-Raymac, Inc.
1958-Raymond P. McMillan
1962-WSUZ, Inc.
1963-WSUZ, Inc. (George Duck Receiver)
1982-Don Sports Radio Group (WSUZ, Inc.)
1989-Palatka Broadcasting, Inc.
1990-Radio Palatka, Inc. ($180,000) 
1997-Wayne and Barbara Bullock and James and Gail Hester ($250,000)
2010-Natkim Radio, LLC. ($425,000)
2023-Blue Crab Broadcasting LLC 

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WSUZ-1982-Country and Western
WPLK-1990-Adult Standards  
WPLK-2006-Adult Standards  "The Best  Little Station In The Nation"
WPLK-2014-Retro Adult Contemporary  "We Play Everything"    "The Mix 800 AM WPLK"

WPLK History
Thanks to Marc Tyll for this history of  WPLK.
WPLK-AM 800 signed on the air on February 14, 1947 as WWPF (now WIYD) with 1,000 watts daytime only. The original format was MOR. In 1957, WWPF-AM 800 moved to its current dial position of 1260khz with 1,000 watts day and 500 watts night. On May 1, 1957 the 800khz frequency returned to the air under the call letters WSUZ. The WSUZ tower was erected in East Palatka, just across the Saint Johns river at the corner of Highway 100 and old Saint Augustine Road. The original WSUZ format was C&W (known as Country and Western). After a series of station ownership changes, the call letters switched to WPLK (originally the WPLK call letters were assigned to WZOT-AM 1220 Rockmart, Georgia) on July 13Th, 1990, followed by a few MOR format adjustments until the format eventually became "Music of Your Life" which it continues to program throughout Palatka and Putnum County .

12-17-07  Wayne and Barbara Bullock have purchased WPLK-AM 800 from Hall Broadcasting's Ronnie and Suzanne Tumlin. The staffs of both stations have merged at the WPLK studios/office at 1428 St. Johns Ave. WIYD is " Wolf Country" featuring country music from the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s. Mary Makie Connor, Bob Henry and Ashley Jeeter are settling in to their new home.

2010-Radio Palatka Inc. (Wayne Bullock) sells WPLK to Natkim Radio LLC (Charles E. Alford Jr.). The deal included $10,000 in escrow, $190,000 cash at closing and a $225,000 note. Now WPLK becomes a duopoly with WIYD-AM 1260 Palatka.

Sold: WPLK And WIYD    11-4-23
Pending FCC approval, Charles Douglas, a local entrepreneur, will acquire Natkim Radio’s WPLK-AM 800/98.3 FM and WIYD-AM 1260/104.9 FM in Palatka. Radio + Television Business Report is reporting  "A $300,000 purchase price has been agreed to. Terms call for a $100,000 cash payment at closing, at which time a Promissory Note will be executed in the amount of $200,000. It will be amortized over 20 years at an interest rate of 5%. Principal and interest payments are to be made monthly."

Names In WPLK History

Reese Johnson-1988-Music Director-Don Sports Radio Group (WSUZ, Inc.)
Ellen Alsobrook-1988-Chief Engineer-Don Sports Radio Group (WSUZ, Inc.)
Greg Merrick-1989-President/General Manager-Palatka Broadcasting, Inc.

Susan Player
(Radio Red)-1989-Program Director/1990-Office Manager/Traffic Manager/Public Service Director/Morning co-host with "The Rocket"-Radio Palatka, Inc./ Natkim Radio, LLC.

Janice J. Register-1990-President-Radio Palatka, Inc.

Bill Meetze-1990-Program Director-Radio Palatka, Inc.
Byron King-1995-Promotions Manager-Radio Palatka, Inc.
Trista McCamley-1995-Program Director-Radio Palatka, Inc.
Martha Pace-1997-"Martha, Music and More"-Radio Palatka, Inc.

Wayne Bullock-1997-Co-owner/Morning co-host-Radio Palatka, Inc.

BB (Barbara Bullock)-1997-Co-owner/Customer Support/Morning co-host-Radio Palatka, Inc.

James E. Martin-2007-Florida Radio, LLC

Gary S. Smithwick-2007-Florida Radio, LLC

William G. Brown-2007-Florida Radio, LLC

Clifton G. Moor-2007-Florida Radio, LLC

Charles "Skeet" Alford Jr.-2010-President-Natkim Radio, LLC.
Charles Douglas-2023-President-Blue Crab Broadcasting LLC 

"The Rocket"-Morning co-host with Radio Red-Natkim Radio, LLC.

Roger Ramsey-"The Florida Auction Entertainment Show" 3PM-5PM-Mon-Fri-Natkim Radio, LLC.

Dave Wayne (David Proshek)-Production Manager/Public Service Director

Melton Tucker

Gene Deckerhoff

James Martin

Gary Wick 

William Brown

Mary Makie Connor Saucier-Sales Manager/General Manager/Talk Host/Mornings-Hall Communications/Natkim Radio

Clifton Moor

George Deloach-Mornings-Natkim Radio

Patricia Woods

Other Programming In WPLK History

Martha, Music & More

Motor Racing Network

Performance Racing Network

Orlando Magic Basketball

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