WIYD-AM 1260

Original Call Letters: WWPF 

Originally Licensed: February 14, 1947

Original City of License: Palatka 

Original Frequency: 800 

Origin of Call Letters:  

Original Power: 250 Watts Daytime 

Original Location: 105 Ĺ N. Second St.

Original Format: Block Programming

Network Affiliation(s):

Associated Press News
ABC News
Mutual Broadcasting System
Keystone Broadcasting System


1947-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
1957-Hall Communications  

1997-Janice J. Register
1997-Wayne Bullock, Barbara Bullock, James Hester, Gail Hester
1998-Radio Palatka, Inc.  
2007-Florida Radio, LLC
2007-Flagler County Broadcasting, LLC
2007-WPLK, Radio Palatka, Inc.
2010-Natkim Radio  ($300,000)
2023-Blue Crab Broadcasting LLC 

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WWPF-1947-Block Programming (on 800 kc)
WWPF-1975-Top 40 "The Superstars" 
WIYD-1979-Top 40 "The Superstars" 
WIYD-1985-50% Adult Contemporary/50% Country
WIYD-1986-Country  "All Hit Country"
WIYD-2012-Country   "WIYD 1260"

WIYD History
Thanks to Marc Tyll for this history of  WIYD.
Palatkaís first radio station-WIYD-began regular broadcast service shortly after World War II on February 14, 1947 as WWPF (Welcome to Palatka Florida) bringing local radio service to the area that prior to 1947 relied upon radio service from Jacksonville, Gainesville and Orlando.. The original frequency was on 800 kHz, (kilocycles back then), and operated with 1,000 watts daytime only. In 1947, WWPF-AM 1260 programmed a variety of music, news, information and live programming from sunrise to sunset seven days a week. This trend continued for ten years when it was determined night service could be added by changing the  frequency from 800kc to 1260kc. The frequency moved enabled WWPF to begin operating during the nighttime hours with a  full 500 watts in addition to its 1,000 watt daytime signal. On February 14, 1957, ironically the stationís ten year anniversary date, operations on the new 1260 kc frequency began and was also sold to Hall Broadcasting Company, owned and  operated by Eva Hall. That same year radio station WSUZ-AM 800 signed on the air using the former 800kc frequency, programming a C&W (Country Western) format to Palatka and the surrounding Putnum County area. WWPFís operation schedule expanded to 10PM  beginning its broadcast day at 7AM. Soon, the station started signing on the air at 6AM and remaining on air till Midnight  seven nights per week, programming a variety of Middle of the Road music programming along with some local news and talk. The Mutual Broadcasting System (MBS) was soon added as a national news network. In 1973, Hall Broadcasting Company added an FM station, beautiful music WIYD-FM 99.9. In 1975 programming on WWPF shifted to Top 40 with an emphasis placed on bringing hit music to the area while cross-town WSUZ continued to play a variety of country classics and modern country hits. Donald Wolfe was the program director while Brian Douglas (Goodrich) was WWPFís knowledgeable music director. Ronald 4 took over the day to day general management of the station from his mother (who owned WWPF and WIYD-FM), while Mary Makie served as the stationís General Sales Manager. Butch  Prevat was WWPFís morning news anchor and news director covering news from in and around the Saint Johnís area. Many changes came about in mid 1979 when WWPF changed its call letters to WIYD on July 1st (which stood for  Wide coverage). Wolfe left programming and began a sales career, working with Makie daily while Brian Douglas was promoted to Program Director. Top 40 remained a staple on the new WIYD while WIYD-FM switched to Country. Soon  after WIYD-FM was sold to Ronette Communications and became WNFY. Mutual News was dropped, and Douglas  left to join the new Y 100 (WNFY) while morning man George Gibb became the program director. By 1985, the music started shifting away from Top 40 and became a 50/50 music mix consisting of 50% adult contemporary and 50% country music. A year later programming became totally country as it remains today (2007).

9-14-09 Charles "Skeet" Alford bought WIYD from Wayne (The Deacon) and Barbara (BeBe) Bullock. The Bullocks retain ownership of WPLK-AM 800. And, yes, all the gang from both stations, including the Bullocks, Susan Player, Mary Makie Connor and Bob Henry, will still be heard.

2009-ďAll Hit CountryĒ WIYD sells for $300,000. Buyer is Natkim Radio (Charles E. Alford, Jr.), and this will be Natkimís only radio property. WIYD is one of those AMs that went on the air in 1947, after the World War II freeze was lifted. Itís got 400 watts daytime and 135 watts at night. Seller is Radio Palatka, which retains a second AM-adult standards WPLK.

1-4-11 Charles (Skeet) Alford Jr. of Natkim Radio LLC now owns both WPLK and WIYD. Natkim is a combo of the names of Skeet and Dawn's daughters-Natalie and Kimberly. He bought the stations from Barbara and Wayne Bullock of Radio Palatka Inc. 

Sold: WPLK And WIYD    11-4-23
Pending FCC approval, Charles Douglas, a local entrepreneur, will acquire Natkim Radioís WPLK-AM 800/98.3 FM and WIYD-AM 1260/104.9 FM in Palatka.

Names In WIYD History

J. E. Massey-1947-Co-owner-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
L. C. McCall-1947-Co-owner/General Manager/Commercial Manager/Chief Engineer-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Bruce Wilson-1947-Program Director/1948-Program Director/Farm Editor-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Herb Young-1948-Commercial Manager/1951-Promotions Manager-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Roy Wilson-1949-Commercial Manager-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Robert F. James-1950-Publicity Director-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Johnny Gillis-1951-Program Director-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Wally Luce-1951-Promotions Manager-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
George Duck-1952-Farm Editor/1955-News Director-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Chris Hermedes-1952-Sports Director-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Evelyn Longworth-1952-Women's Director-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Eric Bruton-1955-Promotions Manager-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Dick Unger-1955-Sports Director-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Phyllis Ladd-1955-Women's Director-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
Claude F. White-1956-Program Director-Palatka Broadcasting Co.
George W. Hall-1957-President-Hall Communications
Bill Terry-1957-Station Manager-Hall Communications
Herbert Young-1957-Commercial Manager-Hall Communications
James Jobes-1957-Chief Engineer-Hall Communications

Brian Douglas-1975-Program Director/Afternoons-Hall Communications

Big Jim Kelly (James Healy)-1979-1983-Hall Communications
Ron Tumlin-1981-Station Manager-Hall Communications

Charles E. Alford, Jr.-2009-President-Natkim Radio

Mary Makie Connor Saucier-Sales Manager/General Manager/Talk Host/Mornings-Hall Communications/Natkim Radio

George Henry-Hall Communications
Clarence ''Butch'' Prevatt-News-Hall Communications   In Memory

Bob Henry-Mornings-Hall Communications

Ray Jones

George Deloach-Mornings-Natkim Radio

Photos Courtesy of James Healy

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