Original Call Letters: WEUS

Originally Licensed: Oct. 2002 

Original City of License: Orlovista

Original Frequency: 810

Origin of Call Letters:

Original Power: 10,000 watts daytime/400 watts night time

Original Location: 999 Douglas Ave, Altamonte Springs 

Original Format: Religious 

Network Affiliation(s):

NBC Radio

Talk Radio Network
Weather Channel Radio Network
IRN News Network
Yahoo Sports


2002-Star Development Group Inc.
2008-Communicom Corporation of America (LMA w/purchase option)
2009-Star Over Orlando, Inc.
2012-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc (LMA w/purchase option)
2013-Star Over Orlando, Inc.

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WEUS-2006-Oldies "Big 810 AM"  
WEUS-2008-Religion  "Orlando's Christian Radio"
WEUS-2010-Talk/1960's Oldies/Religion "The Big 810"   "Orlando's Real Talker" 
WEUS-2011-Talk "Real Talk Radio"
WRSO-2012-Sports Talk "Orlando's New Sports Radio Destination"
WRSO-2013-Sports Talk  "810 CBS Sports Orlando"
WRSO-2016-Brazilian  "Brasil Radio"
WRSO-2018-Spanish News Talk   "The First In News"
WRSO-2024-Sports    "Fox Sports Orlando"

WEUS History
The Big 810 WEUS signed on January 21, 2006 and is airing Scott Shannon's True Oldies format which has a variety of music from the 1950's thru the early 1970's. To provide a better signal, they installed four radio towers on a parcel near Princeton Street and Mercy Drive. In addition, they got approval to raise the station's output from 1,000 watts to a daytime power of 100,000 watts, creating a signal that reaches into Brevard, Osceola and Volusia counties. They plan to hire local on-air talent, after slowly establishing a presence with Shannon's patter and music from New York. They leased offices in downtown Orlando in the Lou Pearlman's Transcontinental Building near Church Street with plans to locate there. They have invested "several million dollars" in the best equipment, says Carl Tutera. That includes broadcasting in HD Radio, a new technology that provides comparable quality on AM and FM. Receivers are available, at a much higher price than regular radio. The new equipment, in addition to providing clearer signals, is interactive. It can text-broadcast song titles and artists' information and allows a listener to ask for more information. 

2007-WEUS moves into new studios at  999 Douglas Ave., Altamonte Springs, in the IDC building.

2008-WEUS drops the true oldies format in favor of a religious format

6-08-08 Communicom Corporation of America (Richard Kylberg) takes over WEUS-AM 810 via a Lease Management Agreement-with-purchase option from owner/operator Carl Como Tutera and his son Carmine, of Star Development Group. 

1-10-08-Communicom Corporation of America has ended their LMA with Star Development Group. 

 2-10-10-Star Development Group (Star Over Orlando) takes back the station and begins to re-image the station, calling itself "WEUSA", and playing oldies as well as local talk shows.

Names In WEUS History

Carl Como
Tutera-2002-President/2010-"Morning Oldies" -5AM-6AM- Mon-Fri/ 2011-"Limitless"- Sat -9AM-10AM-Star Development Group Inc.

Carmine Tutera-2002-General Manger-Star Over Orlando, Inc /Star Development Group Inc. 

Richard Kylberg-2008-President-Communicom Corporation of America

Carl Dimaria-2008-Executive Vice President-Communicom Corporation of America

Bobbie DePew-2008-2009-Communicom Corporation of America

George Crossley
-2008-2010-Host of "People Power Hour"-Communicom Corporation of America/Star Development Group Inc.   Biography   In Memory

Jose Miranda-2008-Co-host of "People Power Hour"/Host-"Yo Soy Latino"-Saturday-Noon-1PM-Communicom Corporation of America

John Hamilton-2008-Operations Director/Producer/Co-Host of "People Power Hour"-Communicom Corporation of America/Star Development Group Inc.  

Doug Guetzloe-2008-2010-Communicom Corporation of America/Star Development Group Inc.  
In Memory

Linnda Durré-2009-2010-
Noon-1PM Monday-Friday-Communicom Corporation of America/Star Development Group Inc.

Laura Ingraham
7PM-10PM-Syndicated-Star Development Group Inc.

Jerry Doyle
-2010-3PM-6PM/2011-10PM-1AM-Syndicated-Star Development Group Inc.

Ray Junior-2010-2011-"Momentum Radio"-6AM-9AM-Star Development Group Inc.

Carol Taylor-2010-2011-"Momentum Radio"-6AM-9AM-Star Development Group Inc.

Claire Welch-2010-2011-"Momentum Radio"-6AM-9AM-Star Development Group Inc.

Jennifer Ho-2010-2011-"Momentum Radio"-6AM-9AM-Star Development Group Inc.

Jessie The Fair Tax Babe-2010-2011-"Momentum Radio"-6AM-9AM-Star Development Group Inc.

Paul Moses-2010-"The Paul Moses Show"-9AM-10AM, Monday-Friday-Star Development Group Inc.
Shannon Burke-2010-2011-Noon-3PM-Star Development Group Inc. Biography
Oct 2010-Shannon moves to 3PM-6PM 
Sep 2011-Shannon moved to
Radio IO,  a subscription-based internet radio station based in Tampa for the afternoon drive slot.

Bad Boy Burke Stirs Controversy Again    2-3-11
Shannon Burke, heard weekdays on WEUS-AM 810 from 3PM-6PM, is the center of controversy once again. Billboards are popping up around the Orlando area. On one billboard, Burke is holding a "smoking" microphone which resembles a gun, with the words, "Listen... or else," written above his picture. Some domestic violence advocates have been outspoken about the billboards, saying it's a slap in the face to victims of abuse. Burke served time in jail in 2010 for shooting his wife and dog.    

2010-"Shannon Burke Show" intern/2011-Co-host "Alt.Classics Music Show"-Star Development Group Inc. 

Steve Pizzuti-2010-2011-"The Pulse"-5PM-6PM-Mon-Fri-Star Development Group Inc.

Paul Antonelli-2010-
"Central Florida Real Estate Show"-Sat- 1PM-2PM-Star Development Group Inc.

Ed Tyll-2010-Noon-3PM/2011-2012-10AM-Noon/9AM-Noon-Star Development Group Inc.

Bob Nyles
-2010-Producer-"Ed Tyll Program"-Star Development Group Inc.

Ben Shapiro-2010-"The Ben Shapiro Show"-1PM-4PM-Sunday-Star Development Group Inc.

Alex Jones-2010-"The Alex Jones Show"/2011-Noon-3PM, Mon-Fri-Star Development Group Inc.

Al Spry-2010-"The Spry Show"-10AM-11AM-Sat-Star Development Group Inc.
Ace and the Doc-2010-"It's Game Time with Ace and the Doc"-Star Development Group Inc.
John Kurtz-2010-“People Power Revolution”/2011-"The Free Radicals"-Star Development Group Inc.  

Haydee Ayala-2011-Co-host-"Yo Soy Latino"-Communicom Corporation of America

Don Miller-2011-"The Don Miller Show"-6PM-7PM-Star Development Group Inc.

Bijan Cox-2011 (aka Bijan from L.A.)-2011-"The Don Miller Show"-6PM-7PM-Star Development Group Inc.

Janean Dixon Davis-2011-"The Don Miller Show"-6PM-7PM-Star Development Group Inc.

Mancow Muller-2011-2012-"The Mancow Experience"-6AM-10AM/6AM-9AM-Syndicated-Star Development Group Inc.

Dennis Thomas-2011-"The Boomer's Show"-Saturday-8AM-9AM-Star Development Group Inc.


Valerie Jones-2011-Co-host-"The Mortgage Maven Show"-11AM-Noon-Saturday-Star Development Group Inc.
Geri Cole-2011-Co-host-"The Mortgage Maven Show"-11AM-Noon-Saturday-Star Development Group Inc.

Eric Bolves-2011-"Small Business Success Show"-2PM-3PM-Saturday-Star Development Group Inc.

Suzie Crudo-2011-"Inside Real Estate Today"-3PM-4PM-Saturday-Star Development Group Inc.
John Wild-2011-Co-host-"The Eco Guys"-4PM-5PM-Saturday-Star Development Group Inc.
Collin Green-2011-Co-host-"The Eco Guys"-4PM-5PM-Saturday-Star Development Group Inc.
Todd McClernan-2011-"The Todd Show"-5PM-6PM-Saturday-Star Development Group Inc.

Todd Schnitt-2011-Mon-Fri-3PM-6PM-Star Development Group Inc.

Doc Holliday
-2011-5PM-7PM-Fridays and Mondays/6PM-7PM on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday-Star Development Group Inc.
11-7-11-Doc takes the reins of the mid-day show after Ed Tyll leaves
2012-Doc moves to 9AM-Noon.
2012-Doc moves to 10AM-Noon

Alan Spector
-2011-News-Star Development Group Inc.

Robert Sconzo-2011-"Unfiltered"-Sat 1PM-2PM-Star Development Group Inc.
Nick Neimi-2011-"Unfiltered"-Sat 1PM-2PM-Star Development Group, Inc.

Nick Carioti-2011-2012-"The Nick Carioti Show"-Sat-4PM-5PM-Star Development Group Inc.

Burnie Thompson-2011-"The Burnie Thompson Show"-10AM-11AM-Sunday-Star Development Group Inc.
Pastor Chambers-2011-"The Chambers of Gospel Music Show"-6AM-10AM-Sunday-Star Development Group Inc.

"Meet The Press"-2011-4PM-5PM-Sunday-Star Development Group Inc.
Whit Kincaid-“People Power Revolution”/2011-"The Free Radicals"-Star Development Group Inc.  
"Million Dollar Bill" Keevan-2012-“The Stock Doctor” -Mon-Fri, 9AM -10AM -Star Development Group Inc.

Lee Siler-2012-“The Stock Doctor” -Mon-Fri, 9AM -10AM -Star Development Group Inc.

Steve Czaban-2012-Mornings -Star Development Group Inc.

Skid (Mark Hlavin)-2012-"Doc Show"-
Executive Producer-Star Development Group Inc.

Jared and Ken-"In The House"-Sat-11AM-Noon-Star Development Group Inc.

Dr. Don Colbert-"Dr. Colbert's Health Report"-Sat-Noon-1PM-Star Development Group Inc.

Beverley Bentley-Steele-Traffic-Star Development Group Inc.

Pancho Alphanso-"Tropical Experience"-6PM-Midnight-Saturday-Star Development Group Inc.

Jonathon Simon "The Law and You"-11AM- 12PM-Sunday-Star Development Group Inc.

Berel and Yosel-"Time For Shmoosic"-12PM-1PM-Sunday-Star Development Group Inc.

Dr. Linda Silverman-"Timeout For Wellness"-1PM-2PM-Sundays-Star Development Group Inc.

Tim Vestite-"The Train Wreck Show"-8pm-10pm-Mon-Fri-Star Development Group Inc.
Spanky-"The Train Wreck Show"-8pm-10pm-Mon-Fri-Star Development Group Inc.
Craig-"The Train Wreck Show"-8pm-10pm-Mon-Fri-Star Development Group Inc.






Lou Perlman's Trans Continental building was to house the studios of WEUS  
Photos and logos from True Oldies Channel era

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