WRSO-AM 810                       

Original Call Letters: WEUS

Originally Licensed: Oct. 2002 

Original City of License: Orlovista

Original Frequency: 810

Origin of Call Letters: Company Name: Rivalz Sports Orlando

Original Power: 10,000 watts daytime/400 watts night time


W226BT-FM 93.1
W231CT-FM 94.1

Original Location: 999 Douglas Ave, Altamonte Springs 

Original Format: Sports

Network Affiliation(s):

Yahoo Sports

CBS Sports Radio


2002-Star Development Group Inc.
2008-Communicom Corporation of America (LMA w/purchase option)
2009-Star Over Orlando, Inc.
2012-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc (LMA w/purchase option)
2013-Star Over Orlando, Inc.
2016-Cafifa Media Group  (LMA)

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WEUS-2006-Oldies "Big 810 AM"  
WEUS-2008-Religion  "Orlando's Christian Radio"
WEUS-2010-Talk/1960's Oldies/Religion "The Big 810"   "Orlando's Real Talker" 
WEUS-2011-Talk "Real Talk Radio"
WRSO-2012-Sports Talk "Orlando's New Sports Radio Destination"
WRSO-2013-Sports Talk  "810 CBS Sports Orlando"
WRSO-2016-Brazilian  "Brasil Radio"

WRSO History
5-31-12  WEUS To Become WRSO Sports Radio     
MultiCorp International, Inc./XTend Medical Corporation has announced that they have agreed to acquire WEUS-AM  810. Under the terms of the agreement, MultiCorp/XTend will enter into a Lease Management Agreement, (LMA), and has plans to purchase the station within two years from Star Over Orlando. Rivalz Sports Group, Inc will become WRSO Sports Radio when the company takes over operations on July 30, 2012. The company released the following statement: "It is with great pleasure that the company announces entering into this Lease Management Agreement with Star Over Orlando, Inc. to eventually purchase WEUS 810AM in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Carl Como Tutera and his son, Carmine Tutera, were absolute professionals  in our dealings to acquire the station. Their commitment to detail and constant communication with the company have made this a seamless transaction. As the company looks to acquire additional stations in the future, we will work closely with Carl and Carmine. We will rely on their expertise to identify future stations that fit with the company's plan for growth," stated Mr. Paul D. Lisenby, CEO of MultiCorp/XTend. Mr. Lisenby added,  "The radio station will operate under a newly formed Florida corporation, Rivalz Sports Group, Inc. and will be a wholly owned subsidiary of the company. Our long term plan is to establish WRSO in Orlando by eventually locating the station within a restaurant facility wherein live sports radio will be broadcast as diners enjoy a first class restaurant/media experience. The company is currently searching for a facility that falls under our strict guidelines for adequate space to facilitate the entire operation. This concept will be replicated in other major cities that the company feels will sustain growth and profitability."
Sep. 2013-Star Over Orlando has taken the station back from Rivalz Sports Group, Inc who had been running the station under an LMA.

WRSO Adds Translator      11-12-13
Carl Tutera’s WRSO-AM 810 is adding a 250 watt FM simulcast of his "CBS Sports Radio" on  a newly acquired translator at 93.1 in Orlando. 

A New Month A New Format        3-1-16
Got word from Kenny Gibson, that WRSO-AM 810/93.1FM/94.1FM has flipped from CBS Sports to Portuguese Gospel.  

Boy Is My Face Red       3-7-16
We reported on 3-1 that WRSO-AM 810/93.1FM/94.1FM had flipped to Portuguese Gospel. In fact Tom Taylor is reporting the format is in fact Brazilian. Read the full article here; Tom Taylor Now 

Three Local Stations Request STAs        4-13-17
WRSO-AM 810, owned by Star Over Orlando, Inc. has requested an S(pecial) T(emporary) A(uthority) to operate at reduced power while it repairs lightning damage to its antenna system. 
To read the entire article go here.

Names In WRSO History

Carl Tutera-President-Star Over Orlando, Inc.

Nick Carioti
-2011-2012/2013-2014-"The Nick Carioti Show"-Sun-10AM-11AM-Star Over Orlando, Inc.

Steve Czaban-2012-6AM-10AM-M-F/6AM-7AM-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc
Mark Fererra-2012-2012-10AM-1PM-Cohost-Mon-Fri-"After Further Review "-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc
John Pelkey-2012-2012-10AM-1PM-Cohost-Mon-Fri-"After Further Review "-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc
Brian Wininger-2012-2012-10AM-1PM-Producer-"After Further Review "-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc

Doc Holliday
-2012-2013-"The Doc Show On Sports" Mon-Fri-1PM-4PM/7AM-10AM-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc / 2013-10AM-Noon-Star Over Orlando, Inc. Biography

Million Dollar Bill-2012-Producer-"The Doc Show On Sports"
Ace and the Doc-2012-4PM-5PM-Mon-Fri-"It's Game Time with Ace & the Doc" (syndicated)-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc

Kevin Baldinger
-2012-Co-host-“Sideline Saturdays”-Sat-8AM-10AM/ & Sun 8AM-10AM-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc   Biography

Kevin Lewis-2012-Co-host-“Sideline Saturdays”-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc 

Corey Dickerson-2012-Co-host-“The Sideline”-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc 

Jan Richard-2012-Chief Operating Officer/Program Director-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc

Travis Rodgers-2012-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc

Tim Brando-2012-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc

John Harris-2012-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc

Doug Russell-2012-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc

Craig Shemon-2012-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc
Joel Greenberg-2012-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc
Frayda Morris-2012-"Venus Sports"-Sat.-Noon-1PM-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc
Erik Kohler-2012-"EK Sports"-Sat-11AM-Noon-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc

Glen Dehmer-2012-Co-host-The Motor Mouths" Sun 10AM-11AM-Rivalz Sports Group, Inc
Jack Dyer-2012-Co-host-"The Motor Mouths" -Sun 10AM-11AM--Rivalz Sports Group, Inc
Brian Wininger-2012-Co-host-"The Sports Clique"- Sat-Noon-1PM-2013-7AM-10AM-Star Over Orlando, Inc.
Grayson Gregory-2012-Co-host-"The Sports Clique"- Sat-Noon-1PM-2013-7AM-10AM-Star Over Orlando, Inc.

Tiki Barber-2013-6AM-10AM-Star Over Orlando, Inc.

Brandon Tierney-2013-6AM-10AM-Star Over Orlando, Inc.

Dana Jacobson-2013-6AM-10AM-Star Over Orlando, Inc.

Alex Jones-2013-Sundays from 5-7PM-Star Over Orlando, Inc.
Big Joe-2014-7AM-9AM-Star Over Orlando, Inc.

David Baumann-2014-7AM-9AM-Star Over Orlando, Inc.

Bubba The Love Sponge-2014-2015-"Bubba The Love Sponge Show"-6AM-10AM-Syndicated-Star Over Orlando, Inc.

Shannon Burke-2014-2014-Co-host "Bubba The Love Sponge Show"-6AM-10AM/"Shannon Burke Show" -7PM-Syndicated-Star Over Orlando, Inc.

Skid (Mark Hlavin)-2014-2015-Producer/Imaging/Sales-Star Over Orlando, Inc.



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