WPFL-FM  88.9
Winter Park

Original Call Letters: WPFL 

Originally Licensed: 1972

Original City of License: Winter Park  

Original Frequency: 88.9

Origin of Call Letters: Location: Winter Park FLorida

Original Power: 10 watts

Original Location: 2100 Summerfield Rd. 

Original Format: Variety

Network Affiliation(s):

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WPFL-1982-License Returned

WPFL History
Thanks to Dennis Snyder for this info on WPFL. 
WPFL was located on Summerfield Rd. The studio and transmitter was upstairs on the west end of the 200 building. The transmitter was 10 watts with 16 watts ERP. WPFL was on the air around the mid 1970s. The station used a small McMartin board. They played rock music at least part of the time and the signal could be heard as far away as Lee Rd and Edgewater Drive.

Thanks to Herb Kraft for these memories of WPFL.
"I worked on WPFL during 10th and 11th grade; that was 1976-1977. The frequency was 88.9 which made Channel 6 nervous.
Back then a real license (3rd endorsed) was required and there was always a shortage of bodies. The board was a McMartin 5 pot; and the transmitter a CCA 10 watt exciter. We tried to run from 4pm-10pm but that got harder and harder. We played progressive rock (guffaws) except during lunch when the station might be fired up for Top 10 countdowns.  The equipment was just a bit sparse. We played PSAs on 10 reel to reel decks (!) and had 1 cart. Bill Marx, later of the Orlando Sentinel, and now the Sporting News did basketball play by play --- very well, I might add. WPFL folks with licenses provided lots of the board techs for local stations on weekends (again 3rd endorsed required at the time). This included WTLN, WWFL, WHHL out in Clermont and WLOQ. It was a blast. I left to go to college after 11th grade. I worked briefly at WKIS and WLOF and then worked in Tampa Bay and during law school Tallahassee. I also worked for Y-106 (for Mr. Dooley/Chris Kampmeier one summer when I didn't feel like summering in college.) Y-106 was still on the "Magik format" and I consider that one of the best sounding stations I was ever involved with to this day. I am certainly one of only a few people who ever kept working in radio, although I later practiced law. Broadcasting law, indeed. Later I owned WTKN in the Dothan Alabama market and hosted two syndicated shows. I also LMAed some talk properties in North Florida. I have been working primarily as a consultant licensing computer software, but, I have gone in and done financial and even some programming consulting on a sporadic basis. I am now doing a computer show in the San Francisco/San Jose market on KSCO. It's fun to still be involved in radio (wow--- 31 years later!)

Names In WPFL History
Virgil Miller-Faculty Sponsor-Winter Park High School
Herb Kraft-Winter Park High School
Bill Marx-Winter Park High School

McMartin stereo console similar to what WPFL used.
courtesy of
Dennis Snyder

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