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Dennis fills us in on some of the earlier days of WLOQ. "...I spent 1972 thru 1977 at WLOQ(-FM 103.1) Winter Park. When I began it was a 3,000 watt beautiful music station with studios in the Langford Hotel playing only instrumental music. In the mid 70s WLOQ started including some blocks of classical music, but this eventually went by the wayside and we took on a somewhat middle of the road format up until adding in few vocal selections. The station also included a weekly jazz show with Alan Rock. Of course, Herb Gross bought the station in mid 1977 in a big deal that had Rounsaville owning WBJW(-FM 105.1) and WLOF(-AM 950) resulting in WBJW-AM 1440 and WLOQ becoming independent stations.  Initially the station continued with the MOR format, but started some live announcing, the station had been "closed mike" prior to that.  However,  over the next few years the station started heading towards the present "Smooth Jazz" that it is well known for today.  During 1973 and 74 I also worked part time at WLCO(-AM 1240), Eustis.  After WLOQ I exited broadcasting to became a fire-rescue-911 dispatcher for over 30 years. (Still on the radio, just no ratings to worry about.)"  "...The WLOQ studio and transmitter were located at the Langford Hotel until August of 1977 when the station moved to an office complex on Comstock Avenue in downtown Winter Park, across from City Hall.  The transmitter remained at the Langford for some time,  but eventually was moved to the Johnson Communications tower on Minnesota, off 17-92, then to Lee Rd and Anderson St. before the increase in power and change of location near Pine Hills Rd and Old Winter Garden Rd.  Dennis Snyder's Home page:

Dennis Stevens (Snyder)
WLOQ-FM 103.1
Aug 17, 1977

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