Original Call Letters: WLOF 

Originally Licensed: Oct 26, 1940 

Original City of License: Orlando 

Original Frequency: 1230 

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan; We Love Orlando Florida

Original Power: 5,000 Watts 

Original Location: Angebilt Hotel 

Original Format: Block Programming

Network Affiliation(s):

NBC Blue Network
Mutual Broadcasting System

United Press International

Associated Press


1940-Hazelwood Broadcasting

1949-Hazelwood, Inc.

1953-Mid-Florida Radio Corp.  ($215,500)
1964-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp. ($525,000) 
1972-Home Security Broadcasting Company ($2.5 Million)

1977-Rounsaville of Cincinnati, Inc.
1982-Nationwide Communications  (Purchase price for WLOF and WBJW-FM 105.1 $6.5 million)
1983-New City Communications

1991-ABC, Inc. ($5 Million)
1997-Cox Broadcasting
1998-Thomas Harvey Moffit, Sr.
1998-TM2, Inc
2006-Salem Communications

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WLOF-1940-Block Programming On 1230 kHz
WLOF-1947-Moved to 950 kHz-5,000 Watts
WLOF-1972-Top 40
WCOT-1982-Adult Standards 1
WBJW-1984-Simulcast of WBJW FM 105.1
WOMX-1989-Simulcast of WOMX FM 105.1
WZKD-1994-Children  "Radio AAHS" 3
WZKD-1996-Adult Contemporary
WTLN-1998-Religion (simulcast of WTLN-FM) Moved from 1520 AM

History of WLOF

Orlando's second radio station, WDBO-AM 580 being the first, WLOF-AM, began broadcasting at 6:30AM Oct. 26, 1940 with 250 watts of power and radius of 50 miles on 1230 kHz . The studios and offices were located on the mezzanine floor of the Angebilt Hotel. The station was an affiliate of the National Broadcasting Co. (NBC). The station was moved to 950 kHz in 1947 and power was increased to 5,000 Watts.

Orlando Radio Station Sold To Maryland Men

arasota Herald-Tribune Oct 12, 1953
Orlando FIa.-William  J. Sears and Walter Shea, Jacksonville attorneys, today announced sale of radio station WLOF In Orlando to radio interest from Silver Springs, Md. The sale, subject to the approval of the Federal Communications Commission, was to Joseph L, Brechner and John W. Kluge, co­owners of station WGAY in Silver Springs, Md. The announced price was $215,500.
Brechner and Kluge also took over WLOF's application for television rights on Channel 9 in Orlando, They said they will "aggressively continue efforts" to get the TV grant. Brechner, who is president of the Montgomery County (Md.) Press Assn.,  will take over as president of the Orlando station and Kluge will be secretary-treasurer, Donn R. Colee, Sr. will continue as vice president and general manager. The new owners said that no staff changes are contemplated.

Radio station cuts news staff
Jul 22, 1977 Orlando Sentinel
Half of WLOF-AM's news staff was cut Thursday when Atlanta-based Rounsaville Broadcasting formally took control of the Orlando rock music radio station. News director Bill Bauman said he and news reporter Greg Gentleman were told Thursday that they would not be kept on by the new management. Bauman said public affairs director Michelle McBurney, evening disc jockey T. C. Dooley and assistant engineer John Tobin were also let go by the new owners. "THE NEW ownership took over today and reduced the station's news commitment by half," said Bauman. "What they've decided is that news is expendable." Rounsaville officials were unavailable for comment. A meeting between remaining staff members and the new owners is expected today. Rounsaville Broadcasting, which owns WBJW-FM, also a rock station, acquired WLOF from Home Securities Broadcasting after divesting itself of WNBE-AM.

  In 2004 we had a chance to visit the old WLOF studios. See photos here


Rounsaville logos courtesy of Dave Edwards  

A "QSL"  card

__hr_Herse+in+the+LOF+parking+lot..jpg (121724 bytes)
The WLOF hearse
  WLOF license tags over the years

950_WLOF_AM_Production_Room_2.jpg (40185 bytes)   
The WLOF main control room in 1967    
Courtesy of Dennis Snyder

950_WLOF_AM_Studio_1969.jpg (166547 bytes)  
Here is an early 1969 photo of WLOF, new turntables, additional cart machines as top five or so songs were now on tape, remote start switches all rewired, and some other changes to the studio. 
 Courtesy of Dennis Snyder  

95newsa.jpg (104832 bytes)
WLOF News Room
Courtesy of Dennis Snyder

950_WLOF_AM_Production_Room.jpg (98729 bytes)
WLOF Production Room
Courtesy of Dennis Snyder

WLOF Fun 40 8-26-1966.jpg (166445 bytes)
From Steve Kennedy; "...When I was a teenager I used to go to the Pine Hills Music Center in the Pine Hills shopping center and pick all the different ones up, (WLOF Music surveys) and I have had these for almost 35 years!"  



WLOF_Studios.jpg (182322 bytes)
WLOF studios 1972 
courtesy Sean King

WLOF Personalities

Donn R. Colee, Sr.-1950-Air Talent/Commercial Manager/1952- Secretary/Treasurer-Hazelwood Broadcasting/1954-Vice President/ General  Manager-Mid-Florida Radio Corp.

Louise Grant-1951-Office Manager-Hazelwood, Inc.

Bob Keith-1952-Farm News Director-Hazelwood Broadcasting/1957-3PM-6PM-Mon-Sat/1963-Commercial Manager-Mid Florida Radio Biography     In Memory

  Orlando Speedway Spot  courtesy of Dick Camnitz
R. B. Smith-1952-Sports Director-Hazelwood Broadcasting
John Hugh-1953-Program Director-Hazelwood Broadcasting
Louise Grant-1952-Office Manager/Talk Show Host, Bookkeeper/Secretary-Hazelwood Broadcasting (died May 13,  2000 at the age of 99)
Bob Kilgore-1952-Farm News Director-Hazelwood Broadcasting

Ernie Legge
-1953-Program Director-Hazelwood Broadcasting/1954-Program Director /1957-"WLOF Hot Parade" -Noon-3PM/1958- News Director/Program Director / Operations Manager-Mid-Florida Radio Corp. 
Tom Doyle-1954-Sports Director-Mid-Florida Radio Corp./1958-Promotions Director/1960-Publicity Director-Mid Florida Radio Corp.  

Smith-1954-Sports Director/1957-"Sunshine Special"-6AM-Noon-Mid-Florida Radio Corp.

b Brown-1957-"Top 40 Show"-6-10:30PM-Mid-Florida Radio Corp.
Peter Jay(#1)-(Pete Forgione)     Biography    In Memory

Dick Camnitz tells us. "There were around 13 DJs in Orlando that went by the name of Peter Jay. All but one were on WLOF Channel 95. It will be a surprise to most that the first, who's real name was Peter J., was on WHOO-AM 990. When he came over to WLOF he used the same name. I last saw him when I worked with him at WFTV Channel 9 (formerly WLOF-TV just as a historical note). He hosted dialing for dollars for several years. His full name...Peter J. Forgione" 
Terry Wood-1962-1963-Afternoons-Mid-Florida Radio Corp. 
Johnny G (John Gilbert)-1963-Program Director-Mid-Florida Radio

Gary "Dutch" Schaffer
-1963-Promotions Director-Mid-Florida Radio (Gary J. Schaffer) Gary passed away in St. Augustine in 2013.  In Memory

Lee "Baby" Simms
(Gilmore LaMar Simms) -1964-1964-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.-Lee retired from radio in 2005
See more on Lee at RadioYears.com

Donn Colee-1964-1966
-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.

Aldo Vivona-1964-Host of "Teen Tempo"-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.

Johnny Gee 
(Jim Ivey)-1964-196
7-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.   Biography    In Memory

Johnny Gee on WLOF 1966    courtesy of Dick Camnitz 

Sir Arthur Knight (Carroll Gaylord (Gay) Hendricks)-1965-1968-10AM-2PM
-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.

Dick Shane-(Dick Camnitz)1966-1970, 1973-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.
Dick is the moderator and creator of
CFL Broadcast History Discussion   Image result for facebook                              

Nikki Sarner-DC.jpg (71949 bytes)

Nickie Sarner-1966-Commercial Manager-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp  
In Memory

Bill Baer (Dennis Winslow)-1965-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.  Biography

Peter Jay (#6?) (Jerry Phillians)-1967-1968-
Clarke Broadcasting, Corp   In Memory

Gabe Burton-1968-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp

Doug Van Allen (Doug Laby)-1968-1971-(1968)-Midnight-6AM/Afternoon Drive-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.
Terrence McKeever-1970-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.

Bill Barber
-1971-3PM-7PM/Music Director-Home Security Broadcasting   

Sean King-1972-Home Security Broadcasting Company  
Biography   In Memory

       Front+of+1957+Tunesheet.jpg (451102 bytes)     
Top 40 Hits for the Week June 8,1957 courtesy of Dick Camnitz

950_WLOF_Top_40_10-16-1958.jpg (502352 bytes)
Top 40 Hits for the Week 
October 16,1958
courtesy of Greg Galloway

Jerry Live Remote.jpg (40860 bytes)
Peter Jay (#6?) at a remote
(Jerry Phillians)

Mike Lyons-1972-1972-Home Security Broadcasting Company   In Memory

Mike would join WLOF for a short stint in 1972, then back to WORJ-FM 107.7 

Mark Sebastian-1973-1974-From Mark-"...
I (worked at) WLOF in '73 and '74. I left and worked at such stations as Q102 (WKRQ) in Cincinnati, Z100 (WHTZ) in New York City, WLS FM/AM and B-96 in Chicago. I now work for Clear Channel-Tampa doing production and I voice track an Oldies show for Cool 105.7 WLCL-FM in Atlanta.

Blue Christie-1974-Music Director
-Home Security Broadcasting Company 
Gary Collins-1975-1977-Afternoons

"Banana" Joe Montione-1978-Program Director/Afternoons-Rounsaville of Cincinnati, Inc.
Reggie Blackwell-1978-Music Director-Rounsaville of Cincinnati, Inc.

Bobby Sharpe-1979-1982-Rounsaville of Cincinnati, Inc.
Kelly Love-1980-"Dateless and Desperate"-Thurs-6PM-10PM-Rounsaville of Cincinnati, Inc.

Dave Edwards-1981-1982
-Nationwide Communications   Biography  

Steve Kane
1981-1982 Steve brought his show over to
WLOF after being fired from WKIS-AM 740. On his firing Kane said; "When you run a controversial show and say what you think, you always upset some people and it's hard. Steve said he had few guests because he had to act as his own producer" Steve is now on the air in south Florida.

Steve Kane TALK Club
card     courtesy Dave Edwards 

"Hostile Harve" (Bob Jenkins)-1982-Nationwide Communications Bob began as a caller the the Steve Kane Show and substituted for Kane and then took over for Steve Kane who was fired in 1982.

Gary Mitchell-1982-Nationwide Communications

Tom Sawyer

Bob Andrews 
Biography  In Memory

Clyde Sanders-"Clyde on a Cloud"-10PM-Midnight, weeknights playing rhythm and blues. In her book on the
history of Orlando's black community, Geraldine Thompson says Sanders was the "first African American in the city to work as a radio announcer." Sanders also wrote a weekly column called "As Clyde Sees It" in the section dubbed "the Negro Edition" that the Orlando Sentinel produced for a time in the 1950s and early 1960s.


Clyde_on_a_cloud_2.jpg (103164 bytes)

Bill vermillion WLOF.jpg (63809 bytes) 
"Weird Beard” Bill Vermillion-Chief Engineer /1966-
Music Director-Clarke Broadcasting Corp.
In Memory            

Johnny_Gee_Rock_Robinson_Bill_Vermillion.jpg (288786 bytes)
Johnny Gee (WLOF), Rock Robinson (WHOO)
Bill Vermillion (WLOF)

Photos courtesy of  Paul Schiemer

pat_Oday_WLOF_1967.jpg (24155 bytes)

Pat O'Day (Jerry Thompson)-
Pat was the "mind" behind some of the best stories to come out of Orlando radio. One time he caused a traffic jam when he jokingly announced that Lake Eola was filled with chocolate milk. He got chewed out by the school superintendents for telling all high school girls to go to class wearing culottes. And he wrinkled the uptight noses of the Federal Communications Commission's officials when he hired radio jinglers to sing the required Emergency Broadcasting System's test message.

photo courtesy of Dennis Snyder

dennis snyder wlof studios 1969.jpg (62425 bytes)

From Dennis Snyder
"This is 18  year old me while visiting WLOF around January,1969 (the) photo was taken by Bill Vermillion"
courtesy of Dennis Snyder

wlof_studio_exterior_01.jpg (637114 bytes) Studio Entrance courtesy of Tom Hale

Allen Shades

Charlie, the Channel 95 Girl (Sandra Miller)

 Dennis Winslow in the studio in 1965
Dennis was Peter Jay #5

      1969-1970_Fun_40_2.jpg (202812 bytes)  
          Fun 40 Hits January 1970

Sean King WLOF 1972.jpg (698487 bytes) 
Sean King cover 1972
WLOF Hit List 1972.jpg (557255 bytes)

"Fun 40" for the week of June 6, 1972

courtesy of Sean King 

Sean King
tells about his day as a "male model"
"In 1972 I was working for Pat O'Day (he was Jerry Thompson off the air) at WLOF, Orlando, East Central Florida's top rocker at the time. Burt Reynolds had just appeared as a partially nude centerfold for Cosmopolitan Magazine and Pat wanted to do a "take-off" on the idea. So, he asked me if I would be a model for the photo which was to be a double page in a local newspaper known as "The Watcher". He said we'd cover the private parts with 45s or an LP or two. I agreed and the one-month on-air promotion began. The picture was to appear in April. However, two weeks into the promotion, the sale of the station was finalized and the new owners heard the promotion. They ordered it cancelled immediately as they felt it was in bad taste and might affect business (at least one major sponsor had threatened to cancel). Pat called an emergency staff meeting to pick our brains for a solution. After about a half an hour he came up with the answer himself. He asked me if I had any of those nude baby pictures that parents often take of  their infants and I remembered that I did.
We cleared the idea with the new management, informed the wary sponsors, kept the on-air promotion going unchanged and arranged with the newspaper publisher to have the newspaper on the stands April 1st, "April Fool's Day". So, after a month of all the air personalities telling their audiences that I would appear nude in an upcoming edition of "The Watcher", that's exactly what I did. Only the picture was one of me when I was less than a year old. It was a great "April Fool's" joke. The newspaper sold out in hours, the promotion was a tremendous success and the new owners were pleased. Pat O'Day saved the day. 

The caption reads;
"Cosmopolitan's Helen Brown may be culturally refined, but WLOF is on the "ahead" and never on the "behind".   APRIL FOOL -  WLOF
Sean King 12 to 3pm-WLOF  950 KC On your dial"

Sean King talks about his "nude" centerfold on the air in 1974.

Rudy Pylant 

Don Smith-(Bobby Church) (Glen Meadows) 

"The Janitor" (Warren Miller)-6PM-Midnight 

Brandy Alexander-"Dateless and Desperate"-Brandy, (not her real name) is now married, has two children, lives in the West Palm Beach area and has a PH.D. in psychology. Thanks to Dave Edwards for this info.

Barbara Barri-Sean King tells us about Barbara "...she was the first female jock at WLOF, I think it was 1976. She was my one and only "discovery". I found her working as a waitress in a night club and, thought she had a good voice & introduced her into radio at WCKS-AM 860, Cocoa Beach. She went on to be a top country jock in Los Angeles for 15 years and is currently doing voice work in New York" For more on Barbara see www.barbarabarri.com

Bob Bacon-From Ray Slaton; "..."The Morning Mayor" ..., in real life Stan Barrett. I want to say 1963 or 64. He left WLOF and went to WMFJ-AM 1450 to do mornings there."  And this from Dennis Snyder; "...one of the things he used to say was "Breakfast with Bacon" - he worked mornings right about that time, before Pat O'Day.

Debbie Aubrey

Bob Barnes   Biography

Michelle McBurney-Public Affairs Director 

William Barry

David Bartholomew

Luther C. Beasley

Burt Brown

Peggy Camnitz

Al Dunaway
© Al Dunaway

Jim Casey
Phil Conrad

Steve Craig

George Crossley
Biography  In Memory

1968-Boys_with_the_noise-Pete_PorterBill_VermillionJohnny_SuttonPat_ODayDick_Shane..jpg (47354 bytes)
1968-Boys with the noise
Pete Porter, Bill Vermillion, 
Johnny Sutton,
  Pat O'Day &  Dick Shane        
 photo courtesy of Dick Camnitz

Gerald Douglas
Mimi Doyle
Chris Garrett
David Gerard
Johnny Gilbert-From Ray Slaton on the name Johnny G; "...The first one called himself Johnny Gilbert around 1963-64   In Memory

Jim Gantner

Tom Gaut

Jan Giles

Chris Glendon
Ron Fisher
Arnold Kaufman-General Manager

Rick Davis

Tom Clark
(Wayne Trout)
  "The Body Beautiful" 
Biography  In Memory 

WLOF+Sales+Piece+-+Probably+19.jpg (479161 bytes) 
WLOF Sales Piece circa 1970
 courtesy of Dick Camnitz

9wlof.gif (232646 bytes)
WLOF-TV Channel 9
courtesy of Roger Simmons

Tom Haley at the console

Johnny Sutton (front) & Tom Haley

photos courtesy of Tom Haley

Tom Haley

Herb Craft

Robert Hall


Sheila Hill

Sam Idas

photo courtesy of 
Dick Camnitz

Studio 1.jpg (23649 bytes)   
WLOF studio 1960's    
 courtesy of  Larry "Vee" Flegle

Marsh Muke
Ken Katt-Midnight-6AM
Mike Mazur-Weekends
Paul Knepper-Sales
Ed Lazear
Ron Louis
John_Lander_wlof-Dick Camnitz.jpg (43947 bytes)

John Lander
Bill MacCormick

WLOF Pen courtesy of
Dennis Snyder

May Mulligan   

Bob Nadeau -Midnight-6AM

"Cowboy": Chris O’Neal (Chris Wolf)

Buddy Pittman

Tom Roberts-Noon-3PM

Jay Preston WLOF 70's.jpg (35416 bytes)

Jay Preston
photo courtesy of Dick Camnitz

Gates_board.jpg (24172 bytes)
The "old" Gates board at WLOF

 Courtesy of Larry Flegle

Tom West
Pete Porter
John Scott
Teri Deck-Copy Writer
Tom Sherwood-Afternoons

Johnny Sutton 
JT Almon

Roger Stallard-Program Director 

Brother T (Tom Nefeldt)

Bill Taylor
Tim Tindle

Scott Walker-Program Director

Bruce Wayne

JoNell Patterson

Alex Stone
(Alex Louis Grassi, Jr.)   
In Memory

T.C. Dooley (Chris Kampmeier)
Michelle McBurney-Public Affairs Director 
John and Juan
James Sandridge-1968
Larry Blucher
Columbus "Lobby Charlie" Williams-doorman at the old Angebilt Hotel would occasionally go on the air, reading poems he had written. In 1922, Williams was working on a construction crew at the hotel when he fell off a sixth-floor beam. A sand pile cushioned his landing, but he lost an eye. The hotel offered him a job for life. Charlie took them at their word. After the Angebilt opened in 1923, Charlie signed on as doorman and remained there until 1972, when he began losing sight in his other eye. Charlie died at age 92 in 1991. In Memory
Deborah (Shreve) Moore-1975-1978-Sales
Steve Taylor (Steve Wein)-1975-1976-Overnights/Saturday Afternoons

Jonathan Hart aka Todd Demers

Barry Michaels

T. Michael Jordan
(Tom Nefeldt)-6PM-Midnight

Alan Rock
Herb Kraft
Dick Sollom  In Memory
Greg "The Disaster" Masters                 
Alan Dean "Superdude"/(Peter Jay #?) (A.D. Whitehurst)-1970-1974-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.
Don Angelin
Jim Shirah aka Peter Jay (IV)

Dave Riddle
Al Brock aka Larry Brock-Assistant Program Director/PM Drive 
Cowboy Chris O’Neal (Chris Wolf)

Other Names In WLOF History
George Hazelwood-1940-President-Hazelwood Broadcasting/1952-President-Mid Florida Radio Corp.
Victor Buieset-1940-General Manager-Hazelwood Broadcasting
John Van Cronkite-1941-Manager-Hazelwood Broadcasting

Leanore Dippy
-1941-Copywriter/Sales-Hazelwood Broadcasting    In Memory
William Sears-1949-President-Hazelwood Broadcasting
R. Donahue-1949-Program Director-Hazelwood Broadcasting
W. Dodd Daniel-1949/1960-Chief Engineer-Hazelwood Broadcasting/Mid Florida Radio Corp.
Bob Whitney-1949-Hazelwood, Inc.
Walter Shea-1950-Secretary/Treasurer-Hazelwood Broadcasting
Ruth Donahue-1950-Program Director/1951-Women's Director-Hazelwood Broadcasting
J. Allen Brown-1950-General Manager/1952-Sales Manager-Hazelwood Broadcasting
Ruth Bartelt-1950-Sales Manager/Promotions Manager-Hazelwood Broadcasting
J. Allen Brown-1951-Executive Vice President/Commercial Manager/1952-General Manager-Mid Florida Radio Corp.
Pat Kerr-1951-Program Manager-Hazelwood Broadcasting
John Thorwald-1951-Executive Vice President/1953-General Manager-Hazelwood Broadcasting
Freda Hilton-1951-Promotions Director-Hazelwood Broadcasting
John Kluge-Hazelwood Broadcasting
Thomas Donohue-1952-Commercial Manager-Hazelwood Broadcasting/1954-Commercial Manager-Mid-Florida Radio Corp.
Charles Batchelder-1952-Sporting Events Director-Hazelwood Broadcasting

Joseph L. Brechner
/General Manager/1960-General Manager-Mid-Florida Radio Corp.  
In Memory


W. Dodd Daniel, Jr.-1954-Chief Engineer-Mid-Florida Radio Corp.
Lee Hall-1955-Program Manager-Mid-Florida Radio Corp.
Cathy Sorey-1955-Women's Director-Mid-Florida Radio Corp.
Howard S. Kester-1957-Executive Vice President/1958-Vice President/General Manager-Mid-Florida Radio Corp.
Gene Cook-1957-Commercial Manager-Mid-Florida Radio Corp.
Douglas Coombs-1957-Production Director-Mid-Florida Radio Corp.
R. G. St. Clair-1957-Chief Engineer-Mid-Florida Radio Corp.
Ellen Wendt-1957-Women's Director-Mid-Florida Radio Corp.
R.G. St. Clair-1958-Chief Engineer-Mid Florida Radio Corp.
Robert Bartl-1959-Program Director-Mid Florida Radio Corp.
Harris Thomson-1959-President-Mid Florida Radio Corp.
Dutch Holland-1963-Program Manager-Mid Florida Radio Corp.
Raymond Smith-1964-Vice President/Station Manager-Mid Florida Radio Corp.
Robert Clarke-1964-President-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.
John_Rutledge_and_George_Stuart.jpg (31310 bytes)

John Rutledge-
1964-Executive Vice President/General Manager/1971-President-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp. 
Biography   In Memory
Don Welch-1964-General Sales Manager/1967-Vice President/Sales Manager/1971-General Manager-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.
Jerry Thompson (Pat O'Day)-1964-Program Director/Promotions Director/1970-Operations Director/Program Director/1971-Production Manager-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.
Timothy Sawyer-1964-Chief Engineer-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp./1972-Chief Engineer-Home Security Broadcasting
D. Sidebottom Isaacs-1966-1969-Secretary to John Rutledge-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.
Jack Curran-1967-Vice President/General Sales Manager-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.
Marjorie Clark-1970-President-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.
Corey Meyer-1970-Chief Engineer-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.
Carl Glicken-1972-President/General Manager-Home Security Broadcasting Company/1977-General Manager /Commercial Manager-Rounsaville of Cincinnati, Inc.        In Memory
Jerry Frericks-1972-Commercil Manger-Home Security Broadcasting Company 
Luke Beasley-1973-Chief Engineer-Home Security Broadcasting Company 
Robert Rounsaville-1977-President-Rounsaville of Cincinnati, Inc.
Melody (Layburn) Lang-1977-1980-Billing-Rounsaville of Cincinnati, Inc.
Jill Rahill-1978-1980-Copywriter-Rounsaville of Cincinnati, Inc.
Joseph Lang-1979-1981-Chief Engineer-Rounsaville of Cincinnati, Inc.
Warren F. Miller-Music Director
Jerry Ferricks-Sales Manager
M.F. Kershner-General Manager
Pamela Lawrence-Traffic Director
Tom Thacker (One of the many Peter Jays)
Chris Wolf
Allan Brown-Station Manager
Carole Smock-Advertising Manager  In Memory
John Tobin-Assistant Engineer 

...And in the newsroom 

Forrest Clark-1950-1954-News Director-Hazelwood Broadcasting/Mid-Florida Radio Corp.-began at WLOF when the studios were located in the Angebilt Hotel 
Paul Marlowe-1951-News Director-Hazelwood Broadcasting
Paul Marlowe-1951-News Director-Hazelwood Broadcasting

Ben Aycrigg-1955-News Director-Mid-Florida Radio Corp.    
In Memory
Howard McKenney-1959-News Director-Mid-Florida Radio Corp.
Robert Bartl-1959-News Director/1960-Program Director-Mid-Florida Radio Corp.

Tom Siegfried
-1963-News Director-Mid-Florida Radio/1964-Operations Manager-Tom would bill himself as the "Masked Marvel"-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.    
In Memory

Terry Lee (Terrence McIver Ledbetter)-1964
-Clarke Broadcasting, Corp.-In an email from Steve Rutledge;"...Terry (Lee) really was the guy who got the dedicated news operation off the ground at WLOF and set the tone for the rest of us.  He was a real digger and showman too."

Dave Elliot-1972-News Director-Home Security Broadcasting Company 

Steve Rutledge
1974 Newscast

Richard Hunt-1978-News Director-Rounsaville of Cincinnati, Inc.

Allen Moore

Dan Tressler

Bill Bauman-News Director 

Al Gardener-News

Terry Long
David Waterman

Greg Gentleman-News

Peggy Curry

Carl "Buzz" Hallberg

Other Programs On WLOF

Wolfman Jack
-syndicated. But there is a Central Florida Connection. In 1991 Wolfman Jack would open a club in the Old Towne section of Kissimmee. It was originally called "Little Darlin's Rock and Roll Palace" becoming "Wolfman Jack's Rock and Roll Palace"

Its Bernie's Turn (Weekends, Barnard of London mid 60s)

Casey Kasem-
"American Top 40" syndicated   

 Studio entrance 1973

Keds-WLOF surf wagon.jpg (122670 bytes)


          WLOF_Doug_VanAllen.jpg (43288 bytes)  
Courtesy of Dave Edwards

Don Colee WLOF.jpg (54594 bytes)            

                                                          Dick Shane (Camnitz)


oday-haircut.jpg (305241 bytes)          WLOF 9-3-65 back.jpg (345662 bytes)
Pat O'Day gets a haircut  12-10-65     courtesy of Dave Edwards

Ral Donner makes an appearance for WLOF in 1959
photo courtesy of Greg Galloway

Bill Vermillion at the console
Courtesy Larry Vee

950_WLOF_Theme_45.jpg (97088 bytes)
Click photo for full sized view
These photos courtesy of Steve Kennedy

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