WBHQ-FM 92.7
Beverly Beach

Original Call Letters: WKUE 

Originally Licensed: 1978 

Original City of License: Green Cove Springs 

Original Frequency: 93.3

Origin of Call Letters:  

Original Power: 2,600 watts 

Original Location: Nyquist Circle, Green Cove Springs

Translator: 2013-W292DE-FM 106.3-Palm Coast

Original Format: Variety Hits 

Network Affiliation(s): CBS


1978-Jacor Broadcasting of Florida, Inc.
1979-Radio Corporation of the South
1982-Grady R. Kearsey, Receiver
1982-Willis and Sons, Inc
1989-Picus Broadcasting Corporation, Inc.
1991-UNC Media of Jacksonville (Acquired with WZAZ-AM Jacksonville)
2001-Jacor Communications, Inc.
2001-Citicasters, Inc. (Clear Channel)
2008-Aloha Trust (Clear Channel)
2008-Flagler County Broadcasting, LLC (James E. Martin) ($350,000)
2011-Flagler County Broadcasting, LLC (James E. Martin, Trustee of James E. Martin Rev. Trust)

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WKUE-1978-Progressive/Album Rock  
WZAZ-1989-Urban Contemporary
WJBT-1991-Urban Contemporary  "92.7 The Beat Jamz"
WROO-2008-Gospel  "Hallelujah 92.7" 
WBHQ-2009-Variety Hits "Q92.7"
WBHQ-2010-Variety Hits  "We play everything"

History Of  WBHQ

In November of 2008, Flagler County Broadcasting LLC, agreed to buy WROO-FM 92.7, from the Aloha Trust (Clear Channel)  and would move that station to Flagler County from Green Cove Springs, to take advantage of the growth in the Palm Coast area. The station will complement the company's Flagler County news/talk station, WNZF-AM 1550 and WNZF-FM 106.3 which went on the air in August of 2008. WROO, had been a long-time country music station in Jacksonville. Clear Channel changed its format to gospel music earlier in 2008 after the company moved it from the 93.3 FM spot on the dial to 92.7.
Dan Connors checks in and adds to the history of the 92.7 frequency in Beverly Beach. "(92.7) signed on as WKUE in 1978 and was a progressive/album rock station licensed to Green Cove Springs, FL. It switched calls in 1982 to WSVE FM and became a gospel station under Bishop Willis and then it became WPDQ FM in 1987. The 1987 switch occurred when WPDQ AM 1460 in Jacksonville dropped those calls".

4-10-09 From Josh Wilson "...they are testing right now and simulcasting 101.5 in Jacksonville, but are putting in hints of the new format of Beach 92.7 FM at times.

4-25-09 The station went live April 24, 2009.

Names In WBHQ History

David Ayres-2009-General Manager-Flagler County Broadcasting

Marc Gilliland-2009-Program Director-Flagler County Broadcasting

Ron Charles-2009-Chief Engineer-Flagler County Broadcasting Biography     In Memory

Cindy Turner-2009-Sales-Flagler County Broadcasting

Terry Turner-2009-Sales-Flagler County Broadcasting

Ann Weaver-2009-Sales-Flagler County Broadcasting

Dave O'Dell-2009-Sales-Flagler County Broadcasting

Kirk Keller-2016-Director of Sales/2023-Vice President of Sales & Promotions-Flagler County Broadcasting, LLC

Laura Zee (Laura Zublionis)-2017
-2022-Marketing/Middays-Flagler County Broadcasting

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