WFUZ-FM 93.7

Original Call Letters: WMOP 

Originally Licensed: Nov. 7, 1960  

Original City of License: Ocala  

Original Frequency: 93.7

Origin of Call Letters: Named to honor the area's Police Officers 

Original Power: 4,200 watts

Original Location: 

Original Format: Easy Listening

Network Affiliation(s):


1960-WMOP, Inc.
1985-Dix Communications, Inc (Ocala Broadcasting)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WFUZ-1973-Easy Listening "All American Easy Listening"   "All American Radio"
WFUZ-1981-Easy Listening/A/C "All American Easy Listening"   "All American Radio" 
WFUZ-1983-Easy Listening Days/Country Nights "All American Radio"   "Nighttime Country"
WFUZ-1985-Adult Contemporary "WFUZ Lite"
WMMZ-1986-Top 40  "Z-93"
WOGK-1994-Country  "K-Country 93.7 FM"

WFUZ History
WFUZ began as WMOP. Thanks to Marc Tyll for this history of WMOP/WFUZ.
WMOP-FM began broadcasting on November 7, 1960 at 93.7 mHz, with 4,200 watts, co-owned with country giant legend WMOP-AM 900. The format was Pop and remained with that format until 1973 when WMOP-FM increased its power to 100,000 watts and changed its call letters to WFUZ-named to honor the areas police officers. Kirk considers the development of the FM station in this area as one his greatest accomplishments.
At that time, WFUZ became Ocalaís first and only Easy Listening station with special Big Band programming in the afternoons. Miles "Big Daddy" Foland, a long time broadcast legend in Cincinnati, had retired to Ocala years earlier and was the afternoon air talent on WTMC-AM 1290. WFUZ's owner, "Country" Jim Kirk, lured Big Daddy away from WTMC to host the afternoon Big Band show on the new 100,000 watt WFUZ. Programming on WFUZ remained easy listening until 1983 when it was decided to switch the nighttime programming to country to better compete against another FM country station that recently commenced 24-hour operations. However, the daytime on WFUZ remained Easy Listening until 1985. Thatís when Country Jim decided it was time to sell the FM, and a switch was made to full-time Adult Contemporary. The new owners, Dix Communications, constructed a new transmitter plant and studio in 1986. The call letters were changed to WMMZ and it became a cult following CHR known as "Z-93". The New CHR "Z-93" remained a hit until it all came to an end in March of 1994. Thatís when Dix Communications decided to take 93.7 in a different direction. So a new general manager and staff was hired. The call letters were once again changed, this time to WOGK, and the format became a mix of modern and classic country, known as "K-Country, 93FM". 

Names In WFUZ History

James "Country Jim" Kirk
-1963-Owner/Operator-WMOP, Inc.  
In Memory

Al Roberts-1968-1976-WMOP, Inc. 

Miles "Big Daddy" Foland-1975-1985-2PM-6PM-WMOP, Inc.

Wes Unold-1975-1977-Program Director/6AM-10AM-WMOP, Inc.  In Memory

Gil Melindez-1975-1977-"A Touch of Elegance"-Sundays 6PM-1AM-WMOP, Inc.  

Scotty Pacquin-1975-1986-10AM-2PM-WMOP, Inc.

Chuck Deel-1977-1978-Program Director/6AM-10AM-WMOP, Inc.    In Memory

Fred Mullin-1977-1979-6AM-10AM/Program Director-WMOP, Inc.

Barry Baskin-1981-1985-"Night Sounds for Night People"-7PM-1AM-WMOP, Inc. 

Tom "The Double T" Taylor-1983-1985-"Nighttime Country"-WMOP, Inc. 

Gregg Richards-1985-1986-2PM-6PM-Dix Communications, Inc

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