Haines City  

Original Call Letters: WHAN

Originally Licensed: Sep 9,1960                                                                                                                        

Original City of  License: Haines City  

                                                                                                                                            Courtesy of Allan Brady

Original Frequency: 930

Origin of Call Letters: Sounds like; Foxy     

Original Power: 500 watts daytime

Original Location: 110 Scenic Highway 

Original Format: Oldies

Network Affiliation(s):

RKO Radio Network


1960-Haines City Broadcasters, Inc.   
1969-Radio Central, Inc. 
1974-Ed and Betty Shadburne
1978-WFXI, Inc.
1979-David King & Robert Yesbek
1984-Law Communications
1986-Landmark Baptist Church

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WHAN-1968-Country Western
WHAN-1969-Town and Country 
WFXI-1979-Oldies   "Solid Gold Radio  "Golden 93"
WLVF-1986-Religious  "We're Landmark's Voice of Faith"
WLVF-2011-Licensed/Silent (6-7-2011)
WLVF-2012-License Cancelled/Call Sign Deleted (2-1-2012)
Some History Of WFXI

From Bill Golden;
The owners: Dave King and Robert Yesbek from Baltimore/Washington DC area. It was purchased from the Shadburnes, and King & Yesbek took over in early 1979. The call letters were changed from WHAN to WFXI ("Foxy 93"). Format: Foxi 93 was primarily known as an Oldies station (hits of the 50's, 60's and 70's) but we also maintained a small playlist of current Top 40 and AC hits, usually 15-20 songs played once or twice an hour.  On Sundays there were some specialty shows featuring gospel, jazz and even a Polka Hour.

Radio Station Changes To New 'Mellow' Format   Sep 16,1982
By Bob Balgemann Tampa Tribune Staff Writer
"Mellow" is the current word for music at radio station WFXI, which is headed for new ownership pending Federal Communications Commission approval. Rock oldies and country-western are out, said station manager Al Brady. The tunes will be replaced weekdays by the softer oldies made popular by the Everly Brothers, Elvis, the Four Seasons and the Beach Boys, plus hit tunes from the 1940s, he explained. "Oldies are a specialty of mine," he said,, "but we won't be airing the rock oldies." Since Brady said he believes 11 a.m. is a little early for "Jailhouse Rock," it will be replaced by tunes like "Love Me Tender." WFXI, nicknamed "Foxie," has 25,000 selections from the 1940s through the 1970s, Brady said. Station management plans to eliminate country-western offerings, he added, because it feels WGTO, Cypress Gardens, and WPCV, Lakeland, are "doing a fine job in this area." An overhaul of the station by the new co-owner. Mickey Caruso of Hazlet, N.J., who owns a radio station there, also is geared to making it more community-minded, Brady said. An emphasis will be placed on local news, local events and, in the near future, local sports with coverage of Haines City High School athletics. Brady said new programming, in addition to the introduction o( local news, includes: Kiddie Corner, a 10-minute spot weekdays between 8:30 and 9 a.m., that features Sesame Street and Chipmunk music for the younger set. Rock show Saturdays from 7 a.m. to noon featuring Winter Haven High School student Hamp Plowden. Bop Shop show from noon to 5 p.m. Saturdays, again showcasing rock music from the 1950s through 1970s. Expansion of its Sunday religious format, which currently runs from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Brady said the station now operates from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and hopes to begin signing on soon at 6 a.m. The station is looking for people interested in volunteering their time while learning the broadcasting business. Persons wishing to do so should call Brady at 422-6998.

Radio station to remain on the air  April 7, 1983
By Bob Balgemann
Tampa Tribune 

Radio Station WFXI has crossed a self-imposed three-month deadline for survival and manager Al Brady believes it's turning the corner toward, success. '. "FOXI," as it used to be known, came under new ownership last fall with a host of financial problems, Brady explained. The three-month experiment concluded recently and WFXI remains on the air, thanks to support from the community it wants to serve. "I wouldn't be doing all the work I'm doing if I didn't believe in the station and its future," said Brady, who doubles as a morning disc jockey. Change has been a byword at WFXI since last fall. Brady initially wanted to change the music format from golden oldies of the 1950s and 1960s, and billed the station as "Love 93," But telephone calls from listeners convinced the station, at 93 on the AM dial, to return to the oldies. Disc jockeys are the "Golden Good Guys . "People are noticing the station more and I believe the format is one of the reasons," Brady explained. "So many people here grew up with the music of the 1950s and 1960s." He said community involvement is the key at WFXI, which recently opened an auxiliary studio in Winter Haven. "We want to bring back the local radio format," he said. "That means Polk County only. When our revenue picture improves our first priority will be to increase our range so we can reach all parts of the county, including Poinciana and the Mulberry areas." WFXI, with 500 watts of power, now Is on the air daily from 6 a.m. to dusk. Brady and Frank Lang, a newcomer  to Polk from Cicero, III., do a comedy oldies show in the morning, taking requests and generally having a good time. Some of the jokes are more-or-less original, others come out of a mound of books they've assembled. There are serious moments during the broadcast week, though. A public affairs program, emanating from the Winter Haven studio, is aired from 10 to 11 a.m. Tuesdays. It serves, Brady said, as a forum for public officials or "just about anybody," talking on a variety of current topics. Occasionally, the station conducts a drug awareness campaign, he continued. "Unfortunately, some parents ignore their children's use of drugs or they don't recognize the signs," he said. And the Golden Good Guys will take their equipment and records evenings to senior citizen groups, Brady said, play ing the big band sounds free of charge. All it takes to set up a session is a phone call to 422-6998. In the fall, plans call for broadcasting Haines City High School football games live, he continued. During the 1983-84 winter the station hopes to handle basketball games, too. Brady belongs to most civic groups in Haines City to be involved in the community, he said. The musical format changes some weekends, with black soul tunes featured Saturday and Sunday afternoons and the big band sounds Saturday mornings. "We're giving people an alternative to country," Brady said. Lang and Brady likened WFXI to a baby that's about ready to walk. "Don't be surprised," Lang said, "if we're running soon."

WFXI Personalities

Bill Golden-1979-1981-David King & Robert Yesbek
David King-1979-Co-owner/GM/Program Director/Music Director-David King & Robert Yesbek

Allan Brady
-1981-1984-Station Manager-David King & Robert Yesbek    Biography

Mike Law-1984-Station Manager-Law Communications

Larry Lee-"Frank & Larry in the Morning"

Frank Lang-"Frank & Larry in the Morning"

"The Captain" John Francis (Golly)

Guy Thomas

Ron Meyer                                                                      

Gerald Parent-News                                                                                    

"The Goose Man"

John Francis

Dave King
Tom Anthony
Linda Baad
Pete Meyers

Sal Tee
Bryce Layman
Bob Roberts
Johnny Angel (Mike Daniels)

Frank Lane

Other Names in WFXI History

Allen Baldwin-1978-President-WFXI, Inc.

Robert (Bob) Yesbek-1979-Co-owner

Other Programs in WFXI History

Wolfman Jack-syndicated-"Graffiti Gold"



Courtesy of Allan Brady

Orlando Sentinel Aug 17, 1980

Courtesy of Allan Brady

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