Haines City 

Original Call Letters: WHAN
Originally Licensed: Sep 9, 1960                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Original City of  License: Haines City                                                                                                                                                                                                   logo courtesy of Alan Brady
Original Frequency: 930
Origin of Call Letters: Sounds like; Foxy  
Original Power: 500 watts daytime
Original Location: 110 Scenic Highway 
Original Format: Oldies
Network Affiliation(s): RKO Radio Network                                                                                                                


1960-Haines City Broadcasters, Inc.   
1969-Radio Central, Inc. 
1974-Ed and Betty Shadburne
1978-WFXI, Inc.
1979-David King & Robert Yesbek
1984-Law Communications
1986-Landmark Baptist Church

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WHAN-1968-Country Western
WHAN-1969-Town and Country 
WFXI-1978-MOR  "Foxy 93"
WFXI-1979-Oldies   "Solid Gold Radio  "Golden 93"
WLVF-1986-Religious  "We're Landmark's Voice of Faith"
WLVF-2010-Licensed but silent
WLVF-2011-License and Call Sign Deleted
Some History Of WFXI

From Bill Golden;
The owners: Dave King and Robert Yesbek from Baltimore/Washington DC area.
It was purchased from the Shadburnes, and King & Yesbek took over in early 1979. The call letters were changed from WHAN to WFXI ("Foxy 93"). Format: Foxi 93 was primarily known as an Oldies station (hits of the 50's, 60's and 70's) but we also maintained a small playlist of current Top 40 and AC hits, usually 15-20 songs played once or twice an hour.  On Sundays there were some specialty shows featuring gospel, jazz and even a Polka Hour.

WFXI Personalities

Bill Golden-1979-1981-David King & Robert Yesbek
David King-1979-Co-owner/GM/Program Director/Music Director-David King & Robert Yesbek

Allan Brady
-1981-1984-Station Manager-David King & Robert Yesbek    Biography

Mike Law-1984-Station Manager-Law Communications

Larry Lee-"Frank & Larry in the Morning"

Frank Lange-"Frank & Larry in the Morning"

"The Captain" John Francis (Golly)

Guy Thomas

Ron Meyer                                                                      

Gerald Parent-News                                                                                    

"The Goose Man"

John Francis

Dave King
Tom Anthony
Linda Baad
Pete Meyers

Sal Tee
Bryce Layman
Bob Roberts
Johnny Angel (Mike Daniels)

Frank Lane

Other Names in WFXI History

Allen Baldwin-1978-President-WFXI, Inc.

Robert (Bob) Yesbek-1979-Co-owner

Other Programs in WFXI History

Wolfman Jack-syndicated-"Graffiti Gold"


Courtesy of Allan Brady

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