WHAN-AM 930 
Haines City

Original Call Letters: WHAN

Originally Licensed: Sep 9, 1960

Original City of  License: Haines City

Original Frequency: 930

Origin of Call Letters: Location; HAiNes City

Original Power: 250 Watts Daytime

Original Location: 110 Scenic Highway 

Original Format: Pop

Network Affiliation(s):

USA Radio Network


1960-Haines City Broadcasters, Inc.   
1969-Radio Central, Inc. 
1974-Ed and Betty Shadburne
1978-WFXI, Inc.
1979-David King & Robert Yesbek
1984-Law Communications
1986-Landmark Baptist Church

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WHAN-1968-Country Western
WHAN-1969-Town and Country 
WFXI-1979-Oldies   "Solid Gold Radio  "Golden 93"
WLVF-1986-Religious  "We're Landmark's Voice of Faith"
WLVF-2011-Licensed/Silent (6-7-2011)
WLVF-2012-License Cancelled/Call Sign Deleted (2-1-2012)

WHAN History

WHAN signed on in 1960 from Haines City. The offices and studios were located at the transmitter site which was at 110 Scenic Highway (SR 544). By 1968 Meyer Layman's corporation, WHAN, Inc. purchased the station. Just a year later, in 1969,  Layman sold the station to John H. Everbach and Radio Central Inc. In 1976 Ed and Bettie Shadburne purchased the station changing the format to MOR. how in the mornings. In 1979, David King & Robert Yesbek purchased the station and changed the call letters to WFXI.
 2011-Larry Vee (Flegle) tells us the original towers and transmitter shack have been torn down.

WHAN Personalities
A.V. Aldridge aka “Stickbuddy”-1960 (Also pastor of the First Baptist Church in Davenport)-Haines City Broadcasters, Inc. 
Larry Kilgore-1960-Haines City Broadcasters, Inc. 
Larry Cox-1960-Haines City Broadcasters, Inc. 
Dave Dunson-1960-Haines City Broadcasters, Inc. 
Allen Shaw, Jr-1960-Allen Shaw says, “I was fortunate to have been able to get a job with Dick and Peggy (Cook) while still in Haines City High School in 1960 when they put  WHAN on the air.  I did the afternoon rock and roll show each day until the station signed off at local sunset.”-Haines City Broadcasters, Inc.   
Margaret Pitts-1961-News Director-Haines City Broadcasters, Inc. 
Jud Bowen-1964-1967-Mid-days-Haines City Broadcasters, Inc. 

Larry Vee (Larry Flegle)-1965-1967-Afternoons-Haines City Broadcasters, Inc.   Biography      In Memory                                       
Michael Hatfield-1967-Haines City Broadcasters, Inc. 
Joe Ebben-1968-News Director-WHAN, Inc.
Jerry Wallace-1968-Program Director-WHAN, Inc.
Dave Debolt-1969-Program Director-Radio Central, Inc.  

Tom Anthony-1976-1979-Ed and Betty Shadburne Ownership Biography
Dave Efurd
Dick Dermid
Hubert Dampier
Stacy Howard 

Larry Vee (Larry Flegle) in the studio in 1967 

WHAN towers just before they came down. (October 12, 2010) 
Transmitter building was already gone. Photo courtesy of 
Dr. Larry Flegle

WHAN studios circa 1966      
Photo courtesy of Dr. Larry Flegle

Other Names In WHAN History

Richard Cook-1960-Co-owner/Chief Engineer-Haines City Broadcasters, Inc. 

Peggy Cook-1960-Co-owner/General Manager-Haines City Broadcasters, Inc.

Charles Esposito-1968-Chief Engineer-Haines City Broadcasters, Inc.
Meyer Layman-1968-President/General Manager-WHAN, Inc.
Robert Shoopman-1968-Chief Engineer-WHAN, Inc.

John Everbach-1969-President-Radio Central, Inc.  

Dennis Siewert-1969-General Manager-Radio Central, Inc.  

Sonny George-1969-Program Director, Radio Central, Inc.

Mark Knapp-1969-Chief Engineer, Radio Central, Inc.

Robert Mundy-1970-Chief Engineer, Radio Central, Inc.

Ed Shadburne-1974-Co-owner

Betty Shadburne-1974-Co-owner

Mike Kennedy-1984-President-Law Communications
Dave Day
Paul Hershey-General Manager
Glen Kirkland-Sales Manager

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