Haines City

Original Call Letters: WHAN

Originally Licensed: Sep 9, 1960

Original City of  License: Haines City

Original Frequency: 930 

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan: We're Landmark's Voice of Faith

Original Power: 500 watts daytime 

Original Location: 110 Scenic Highway    

Original Format: Religious                                                       

Network Affiliation(s):



1960-Haines City Broadcasters, Inc.
1969-Radio Central, Inc. 
1974-Ed and Betty Shadburne
1979-David King & Robert Yesbek
1984-The Law Family
1986-Landmark Baptist Church

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WHAN-1968-Country Western
WHAN-1969-Town and Country 
WFXI-1979-Oldies   "Solid Gold Radio  "Golden 93"
WLVF-1986-Religious  "We're Landmark's Voice of Faith"
WLVF-2011-Licensed/Silent (6-7-2011)

WLVF History
The history of  WLVF begins as WHAN-AM 930.  In January of 1971, Pastor Mickey Carter began to broadcast a Bible question and answer time for fifteen minutes each Sunday morning on oldies station WTHN-AM 930.  In 1973 Pastor Carter began broadcasting the morning worship service of the Landmark Baptist Church. In 1997 Landmark Baptist Church purchased the old Polk Hotel (earlier known as the Palm Crest Hotel original home of WGTO-AM 540). 

WLVF went silent on June 7, 2011, due to the loss of the station's transmitter site. The Special Temporary Authority is granted to allow the station to remain silent until August 31, 2011.

February 1, 2012-The WLVF call sign and license has been deleted by the FCC

Names In WLVF History

Jeff Cruse-1989-General Manager/Program Director/Music Director--Landmark Baptist Church
Tom Rusk-1990-Station Manager/Promotions Manager/Program Director-Landmark Baptist Church
Bonnie Baney-1990-1992-Music Director-Landmark Baptist Church
Wendel Coffin-1990-Chief Engineer-Landmark Baptist Church
Cletus Green-1992-1993-Music Director-Landmark Baptist Church
Bruce Johnson-1993-Music Director-Landmark Baptist Church
Michael Blare-1994-Sales Director-Landmark Baptist Church
Randy Daniel-1999-General Manager-Landmark Baptist Church

Kevin Campbell -1999-Promotions Director-Landmark Baptist Church

Steven Carter-1999-Mornings/Program Director-Landmark Baptist Church

Chrysty O'Steen-2003-General Manager-Landmark Baptist Church

Jonathon Marshall-2003-Music Director-Landmark Baptist Church

Matthew Marshall

Jay Lewis-General Manager

Phil Stringer

Travis Lane-Music Director

WLVF (WHAN) towers just before they came down. (October 12, 2010)  Transmitter building was already gone.  

Photo courtesy of Dr. Larry Flegle



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