WXKL-FM 97.5
Winter Haven

Original Call Letters: WINT 

Originally Licensed: Feb. 7, 1963  

Original City of License: Winter Haven 

Original Frequency: 97.5

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 12,000 watts

Original Location: 100 Cypress Gardens Blvd., Winter Haven

Original Format: Variety/Country

Network Affiliation(s):


1963-Angelo Fazzari and Bruce Parker
1965-Bruce Parker
1970-Recreation Broadcasting Of Central Florida  
1973-Joe Garagiola ($225,000)
1976-Leonard Marks and Herbert Stewart
1981-Hall Communications

History of Call Letters and Formats:

WINT-1963-(Sister station of WINT-AM 1360)
WHFL-1970-Adult Contemporary  
WPCV-1973-Country    "Polk County’s Voice"

WXKL History
WXKL began as WINT-FM 97.5 which was put on the air in 1963 by Angelo Fazzari and Bruce Parker as the sister station to their WINT-AM 1360. In 1965 Bruce Parker bought out Angelo Fazzari, who's health was failing, and became sole owner. Parker changed the FM calls to WXKL-FM and switched the music to a variety format ands then country. WXKL was the first stereo station in Polk County. Parker sold the station in 1969 to Recreation Broadcasting of  Michigan. WXKL came to an end in 1970 when Recreation Broadcasting began losing money on the venture.

WXKL Personalities

Larry "Vee" Flegle
-1968-Bruce Parker Ownership Biography

Frank Berry

Bill Gaskins

Other Names In WXKL History

Angelo Fazzari-1963-Co-owner

Bruce Parker-1963-Co-owner/1965-Sole owner

Jim Greenfield-General Manager

Spencer Danes-General Manager

Randy Jeffery-General Manager

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