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Walter Windsor came to Orlando in 1969 and worked as general manager and editorial spokesman at WFTV-Channel 9. When the station was sold in 1984, he became head of the new owner's broadcasting division. Windsor also dabbled in radio. The corporation he formed, Comco, Inc. had interests in  two Venice, Florida stations; WAMR-AM 1320 and WRAV-FM 92.1. Stations in Central Florida included WGGG-AM 1230WWLD-AM 1190, WKIQ-AM 1560 as well as WKTK-FM 98.5. In 1987, Windsor along with his partners planned the  Star Television Network, which would air vintage-TV shows such as  Ozzie & Harriet, What's My Line, Route 66, as well as Baretta, Adam 12, The Bionic Woman as well as Honey West and Mr. and Mrs. North. Unfortunately Star could not sign enough affiliates. One of Walter's passions was listening to and collecting Frank Sinatra records. In a 1990 article, Windsor told the Orlando Sentinel; ''I knew him slightly in the early years in radio when he was first getting started.'' ''I was a radio announcer in 1938-39, and Sinatra used to sing on the local radio station in Jersey City. Once or twice a week, several singers came in and sang for car fare. It was when he was first trying to get started, shortly before he latched on with Harry James.'' At the time of the 1,200 commercial recordings Sinatra had made, Windsor lacked only 47. Windsor established a solid reputation for himself in Central Florida theatrical productions, and was a partner and later sole owner of Winter Park's Theatre on Park, which closed in 1983. Windsor retired in 1996.  In Memory


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