WWLD-AM 1190                                                                               
Pine Castle-Sky Lake

Original Call Letters: WHHL 

Originally Licensed: Jan 28, 1977

Original City of License: Pine Castle/Sky Lake 

Original Frequency: 1190 

Origin of Call Letters: Slogan; "Radio WorLD" 

Original Power: 5,000 watts

Original Location:

Original Format: Traveler Information

Network Affiliation(s):

The Satellite Music Network


1976-Hyman and Harriet Lake (Holders of Construction Permit) 
1977-Borgen & Murphy
1982-Suntime Radio ($385,000) 
1985-Comco, Inc. ($425,000)
1987-Alleluia Broadcasting Corp. 
1993-Daystar Ministries ($350,000)
2000-Genesis Communications

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WHHL-1978-Oldies  "Golden 1190"
WREM-1982-Adult Standards "Music of Your Life"
WWLD-1985-Tourist Information "Radio World"  
WWLD-1986-Adult Standards (The Satellite Music Network Stardust Format)
WIXL-2000-Business News/Talk 
WAMT-2009-Spanish Language Sports  "ESPN Deportes Radio"

WWLD History
WWLD would become the world's first radio station targeted strictly to visitors. The station purchased by Comco, Inc. was formed in April of 1984 by 24 local investors, most of whom were part owners of WFTV-Channel 9. The TV station was sold in July of 1984 to SFN Cos. for $125 million in cash.  Comco, was headed by Walter Windsor, who had been general manager of Channel 9 for 16 years.  The plan was to include area attractions and services regardless of whether they advertise on the station.  The format was a mix of information with music ranging from rock to country to big band and jazz. News and sports will concentrate more on national events than local, in an effort to cater to out-of-towners from all over the country. WWLD will continue with the ABC Direction Network for its national and international news.  

March 31, 1986-WWLD-AM marked its format shift from visitor information to "adult standards" with a "Star Dust" marathon. There are dozens of recorded versions of the Hoagie Carmichael/Mitchell Parish classic, said owner Walter Windsor. Windsor noted he found 64 renditions in his personal record library alone. So from 6:30am to 6:30pm, the song ''Star Dust'' will be heard repeatedly on 1190 AM signaling WWLD's step into the musical past. The station expects to tap into the satellite feed of the national Stardust service from ABC Radio for its new format of music from the late 1920s through the early 1950s.

Names In WWLD History 

Walter Windsor-1985-President-Comco, Inc. In Memory
Pete Myers-1985-"Polka with Polka Pete Myers"-Sun-11AM-Comco, Inc.

Erika Engstrom
-1986-Comco, Inc. Biography

Helen Peikin
-1998-advocate of senior citizen issues-two-minute vignettes, three times daily, five days a week
  In Memory
Sandy Bernard-Program Director-Comco, Inc.

John Martin
Vicki (Venturini) Massino
Dena Whitebirch-Sales

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