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Bob was born in Sanford, Florida  and the family moved from Sanford to Minneapolis. The family returned to Orlando in 1937.  Bob was a popular Disc jockey at WLOF-AM 950 joining the staff in 1957.  Bob was on the air weekdays from 3PM until 6PM. In 1966 Bob became Sales Manager at WKIS-AM 740. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Keith took his radio show to television with the Channel 9 Bandstand.  ''He was part of the glory days- the rock 'n' roll days,'' said Bud Brewer, who worked with Keith at WLOQ-FM 103.1 in the late 1970s.  In 1974, Keith was elected city commissioner for District 3 in the city of Orlando in a non- partisan election.  He campaigned on a promise of independence from then Mayor Carl Langford, and friends said he worked hard to stick to it. Keith lost a re-election bid in 1978 and ran an unsuccessful race for the Orange County Commission in 1982. Bob retired from politics and became a real estate agent.  He once again was in the public eye in 1986,  as a central figure in the trial of restaurateur Champ Williams,  on charges of bribing public officials.  Keith said that when he was on the city council he had favored Williams on an important vote.  Keith was in Williams' office, he said, when Williams told him he appreciated his help and stuck a roll of cash in the commissioner's pocket.  Keith said he returned the money, told Williams he was insulted and left.  However, state prosecutors also charged that Williams made illegal campaign contributions to Keith and other politicians by passing on his money through others.  Keith said he didn't know that the money came from Williams, and no charges were filed against him.  The state's charges against Williams were later thrown out for lack of evidence.  Bob Keith, the Orlando radio and television personality, died Monday October 22,1987 after a seven-year battle with cancer.  He was 59.   In Memory

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