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In an email from Bud, he tells about his radio career. "I worked in CF (Central Florida) radio from the end of 1975 through 1985 with a resume that is both amazing and embarrassing. I've had more jobs in to years of radio than Lou Holtz has had in 50 years of college football coaching, and that's saying something. Started at WKIS(-AM 740) in 1975 as a sportscaster and talk show host.  The news department there when I was hired included some folks who've gone on to bigger and better things; Jim Phillips, Alan Spector, Dan Tressler (PhD psychologist), and Linda Coleman.  Worked there through mid 1977 when I was fired during a station reorganization.  Did some temporary DJ work at WHLY-FM 106.7  for a few months until I was offered a job in mid-1977 helping to put WLOQ-FM 103.1 onto the air.  Had the title of Operations Manager.  Worked with Russ Wheeler, Byron Holden, Richard Andrews and several transient part timers.  Left there in 1978 to work at WDBO(-AM 580) as a talk show host.  Got fired for "sounding too much like Gene Burns" in early 1979.  Moved to St. Louis for a year (365 days, actually) where I did sports talk a KSD-AM opposite a kid named Bob Costas at KMOX.  Actually took some share away from him!  My claim to fame.  Left to return to WKIS as evening talk show host in March, 1980.  Stayed two years until being replaced for the second time by Harry Cup (he replaced me at WDBO in '79).  Did some television work at WOFL-TV 35 from 1981-1983 as a news commentator and daily public affairs program host. Left when Meredith Broadcasting bought the station and put syndicated programming on in the time slot.  Got hired for a third and final time by WKIS as operations manager in 1984, working with Clive Thomas, Gene Burns and Harry Cup, plus a news director named Jim Phillips.  Got fired there for the third time in 1985, after two consecutive up ratings books.  Go figure! Got out of radio in 1985 ... didn't want to get fired any more ... and have been in public relations ever since." Bud is President of MPB Communications, Inc. in Maitland.


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