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Brent began his radio career at the age of 13, when a band teacher from Daytona Beach, Frank Northrup, took an interest in him and taught him how to run the board at WSBB-AM 1230 in 1966. As Brent tells it;  "...One night when the GM was out of town, Frank went to the bowling alley next door to eat and told me to do the talking.  A night I'll never forget. Two years later in 1968 I got my Third Class ticket and got a paying job with Doug Montgomery at WOGO-AM 1550, the other station in New Smyrna Beach ..." Then there were stops at WMFJ-AM 1450 in 1968, with a return trip in 1969.  Brent also was on the air in Deland at WJBS-AM 1490 in 1969. 1971 saw stops at WOGO once again as well as WDAT-AM 1380, where he also served as music director.  Again form Brent; "...Since then I've had the pleasure of working from one coast to the other, and a few places in between.  I started out on air, then in 1979 made the move to management, as a Program Director...".  Today Brent is Director of Operations and PD at WLAV, for Citadel Broadcasting in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
You can read all about Brent's career on his website;

6-10-"Currently and for the past year I am program director for Classic Rock 94.7 WCSX Greater Media Detroit MI."
11-15-2012-Brent has left Greater Media's Classic Rock 94.7 WCSX in Detroit. 

Here's Brent at Deland's WJBS-AM 1490

Other Stations:
WOGO-AM 1550 New Smyrna Beach on and off 1968-1971

WMFJ-AM 1450 Daytona Beach Summer of 1968 and 1969  
WTAL-AM 1450 Tallahassee 1969
WJBS-AM 1490 Deland 1969
WCWR-AM 1490 Dunedin (Tampa Bay) 1970  
WPDQ-AM 600 Jacksonville 1971  
WDAT-AM 1380 Ormond Beach 1971  
WGLF-FM 104.1 Tallahassee 1976  
WTNT-AM 1010 Tallahassee 1976  
WOMA-FM 95 Tallahassee 1976  
WAIV-FM 96.9 Jacksonville 1976-77
WGTR FM 97 Miami 1989-90  

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