WJBS-AM 1490 

Original Call Letters: WDLF

Originally Licensed: Sep. 10, 1948 

Original City of License: Deland  

Original Frequency: 1490

Origin of Call Letters: Name of Founder of Stetson University-John B. Stetson

Original Power: 250 watts

Original Location: 220 E. Hubbard Ave.

Original Format: Full Service/Block Programming

Network Affiliation(s):

Mutual Broadcasting System
Associated Press
Charles B. Britt Stations
Florida Radio Network


1948-Deland Broadcasting Company 
1951-Stetson University
1959-WJBS, Inc.
1960-WJBS, Inc. (New Ownership)
1962-Radio Deland, Inc.
1967-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group, Inc.
1969-Norfolk Broadcasting Corp., Orlando   ($65,550 Mortgage Foreclosure Sale)
1970-WETO, Inc.
1978-We Two Inc.
1984-Stetson University ($425,000)
1987-Great Lakes Broadcasting Co. ($325,000)
1991-Green Broadcast Group  ($175,000)
2001-Black Crow Broadcasting
2005-J &V Communications  ($370,000)
2012-Diegel Communications, LLC  (LMA)

History Of Formats and Call Letters:

Full Service/Block Programming
WJBS-1949-Full Service/Block Programming
WJBS-1959-Adult Standards
WETO-1970-Comtemporary MOR
WETO-1979-Top 40
WXVQ-1980-Adult Standards
WXVQ-1984-Top 40
WNDA-2001-News/Talk  Simulcast of WNDB-AM 1150, Daytona Beach
WTJV-2006-Mexican Regional
WTJV-2011-Spanish Religious "Renacimiento Radio"
WTJV-2012-Adult Standards  Simulcast of WSBB-AM 1230, Daytona Beach

WJBS Personalities

Robert Wingfield-1949-(A Volusia County judge) Sunday afternoon-half-hour history lesson-Deland Broadcasting Company

Mark Barker-1951-Program Director/News Director-John B. Stetson University

C.L. Menser-1951-General Manager/1954-General Manager/Program Director/1955-General Manager/ Commercial Manager/Program Director-John B. Stetson University

Robert Walton-1951-Commercial Manager/Program Director-John B. Stetson University

Sam Mansfield-1951-Sports Director-John B. Stetson University

Dick Pearce-1951-News Director/Sports Director-John B. Stetson University

James Tillis-1951-Farm News Director-John B. Stetson University

Ona Barfield-1951-Women's Director-John B. Stetson University

Dick Westervelt-1953-Sports Director/Voice of the football Hatters/basketball Hi-Hatters1955-Administrative Assistant/1956-News Director/1956-General Manager/Sports Director/News Director-John B. Stetson University 
In Memory

Georgiana Bushnell-1954-Women's Director-John B. Stetson University

Theodore "Ted" Cassidy-1956-1959-John B. Stetson University
Ed Ripley-1956-Student at Stetson University
Gene Pope-1957-Farm Director-John B. Stetson University
Dave Fulton-1957-News Director-John B. Stetson University
Ed Lotspeich-1957-News Director-John B. Stetson University/1959-News Director-WJBS, Inc.
Charlotte Folsom-1957-Women's Director-John B. Stetson University
Mike Sassard-1958-Program Director-John B. Stetson University
Millie Young-1958-Women's Director-John B. Stetson University
Jerry Girvin-1958-Program Director-WJBS, Inc.
Jean Denham-1958-WJBS, Inc.
Kay Van-1959-Women's Director-WJBS, Inc.
Clinton McElroy-1962-Station Manager/Program Director-Radio Deland, Inc.
Bruce Gilmore-1962-News Director-Radio Deland, Inc./1967-News Director-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group
Wally King-1963-Station Manager-Radio Deland, Inc.
Judith Moore-1967-Program Director-Radio Deland, Inc.
Doug Stambaugh-1969-Program Director-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group

Brent Alberts-1969
-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group Biography    

Other Names In WJBS History

Dr. J. Ollie Edmunds-1951-President-John B. Stetson University

C. L. Menser-1951-General Manager-John B. Stetson University

Loren Mickle-1951-Station Manager/Chief Engineer-John B. Stetson University

M. M. Davis-1951-Commercial Manager-John B. Stetson University

Donald Hall-1953-Chief Engineer-John B. Stetson University
Dr. Clarence Menser-1954-Station Manager-John B. Stetson University 
Bob Walton-1954-Station Manager-John B. Stetson University 
William Hall-1955-Commercial Manager-John B. Stetson University 
John Andre-1955-Chief Engineer-John B. Stetson University
Kathryn Vandervoort-1956-Bookkeeper-John B. Stetson University

Ken Brown-1957-Sales Manager-John B. Stetson University

Lonnie Padron-1957-Chief Engineer-John B. Stetson University

Ray Stevens-1957-General Manager-John B. Stetson University
Allen Hill-1958-General Manager/Commercial Manager-John B. Stetson University
Alan Huckleberry-1958-Assistant Manager/Chief Engineer-John B. Stetson University
Charles Britt-1959-President-WJBS, Inc.
Gil Murray-1959-General Manager/Commercial Manager-WJBS, Inc.
Donald Brieman-1959-Chief Engineer-WJBS, Inc.
Dale Phares-1960-President/General Manager-WJBS, Inc.
Frank Johnson-1960-Chief Engineer-WJBS, Inc.
Charles Stuart-1961-Commercial Manager-WJBS, Inc.
Ralph Hatcher-1962-President/General Manager-Radio Deland, Inc.
Doris Hatcher-1962-Secretary/Treasurer-Radio Deland, Inc.
Raye Sorenson-1962-Chief Engineer-Radio Deland, Inc.
Gary Clarkson-1962-Promotions Manager-Radio Deland, Inc.
David Fritz-1965-Chief Engineer-Radio Deland, Inc.
Bill D. Ross-1967-President-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group, Inc.
John Mattingly-1967-Attorney-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group, Inc.
Donald McMillen-1967-Chief Engineer-Radio Deland, Inc./1967-Chief Engineer-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group, Inc.
Bill Ross-1967-President-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group, Inc.
Robert Carson-1967-Executive Vice President/General Manager-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group, Inc.

Don Ammon-1967-Production Manager-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group, Inc. In Memory

Bill Roberts-1969-Station Manager-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group, Inc.
Lonny Padron

Courtesy of Dr. Larry Flegle

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