WJBS-AM 1490 

Original Call Letters: WDLF

Originally Licensed: Sep. 10, 1948 

Original City of License: Deland  

Original Frequency: 1490

Origin of Call Letters: Name of Founder of Stetson University-John B. Stetson

Original Power: 250 watts

Original Location: 220 E. Hubbard Ave.

Original Format: Full Service/Block Programming

Network Affiliation(s):

Mutual Broadcasting System
Associated Press
Charles B. Britt Stations
Florida Radio Network


1948-Deland Broadcasting Company 
1951-Stetson University
1959-WJBS, Inc.
1960-Four Star Broadcasting Co.
1962-Radio Deland, Inc.
1967-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group, Inc.
1969-Norfolk Broadcasting Corp., Orlando   ($65,550 Mortgage Foreclosure Sale)
1970-WETO, Inc.
1978-We Two Inc.
1984-Stetson University ($425,000)
1987-Great Lakes Broadcasting Co. ($325,000)
1991-Green Broadcast Group  ($175,000)
2001-Black Crow Broadcasting
2005-J &V Communications  ($370,000)

History Of Formats and Call Letters:

WDLF-1948-Full Service/Block Programming
WJBS-1949-Full Service/Block Programming
WJBS-1959-Adult Standards
WETO-1970-Comtemporary MOR
WETO-1978-Top 40
WXVQ-1980-Adult Standards
WXVQ-1984-Top 40
WNDA-2001-News/Talk-simulcast of WNDB-AM 1150, Daytona Beach
WTJV-2005-Mexican Regional
WTJV-2009-Licensed/Silent-9-09-3-10    see Tower Collapse  
WTJV-2010-Mexican Regional  Returns to the air
WTJV-2011-Spanish Contemporary Christian "Renacimiento Radio 1490"
WTJV-2012-Adult Standards Simulcast of WSBB-AM 1230

WJBS History
From the Tampa Times-1950-U. S. OKS SALE OF DELAND RADIO STATION Washington, Jan. 26 (AP). The Communications Commission today authorized Lyle Van Valkenburgh to sell Radio Station WDLF at DeLand, Fla., to John B. Stetson University for $52,500. The University was authorized to change the station call letters to WJBS.  

Radio Station To Be Sold 
Daytona Beach evening News 
May 29, 1962
Deland-Radio station WJBS here will be sold at public auction from the Courthouse steps at noon tomorrow to satisfy a judgment in a mortgage foreclosure suit, the Circuit Court Clerk's office said today. Thomas S. and Dorothea Carr, Ponte Vedra Beach, brought the suit last year against Four Star Broadcasting Co., Jacksonville, the present owner. WJBS was Deand's first radio station. It began operating in the late 1940s under direction of Stetson University, from which it got its call letters. It has changed hands several times since then.

WJBS Personalities

Robert Wingfield-1949-(A Volusia County judge) Sunday afternoon-half-hour history lesson-Deland Broadcasting Company

Mark Barker-1951-Program Director/News Director-John B. Stetson University

C.L. Menser-1951-General Manager/1954-General Manager/Program Director/1955-General Manager/ Commercial Manager/Program Director-John B. Stetson University

Robert Walton-1951-Commercial Manager/Program Director-John B. Stetson University

Sam Mansfield-1951-Sports Director-John B. Stetson University

Dick Pearce-1951-News Director/Sports Director-John B. Stetson University

James Tillis-1951-Farm News Director-John B. Stetson University

Ona Barfield-1951-Women's Director-John B. Stetson University

Dick Westervelt
-1953-Sports Director/Voice of the football Hatters/basketball Hi-Hatters1955-Administrative Assistant/1956-News Director/1956-General Manager/Sports Director/News Director-John B. Stetson University    In Memory

Georgiana Bushnell-1954-Women's Director-John B. Stetson University

Theodore "Ted" Cassidy-1956-1959-John B. Stetson University 
Ted would become "Lurch" on TV's "Addams Family". 
Ed Ripley-1956-Student at Stetson University
Gene Pope-1957-Farm Director-John B. Stetson University
Dave Fulton-1957-News Director-John B. Stetson University
Ed Lotspeich-1957-News Director-John B. Stetson University/1959-News Director-WJBS, Inc.
Charlotte Folsom-1957-Women's Director-John B. Stetson University
Mike Sassard-1958-Program Director-John B. Stetson University
Millie Young-1958-Women's Director-John B. Stetson University
Jerry Girvin-1958-Program Director-WJBS, Inc.
Jean Denham-1958-WJBS, Inc.
Kay Van-1959-Women's Director-WJBS, Inc.
Clinton McElroy-1962-Station Manager/Program Director-Radio Deland, Inc.
Bruce Gilmore-1962-News Director-Radio Deland, Inc./1967-News Director-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group
Wally King-1963-Station Manager-Radio Deland, Inc.
Judith Moore-1967-Program Director-Radio Deland, Inc.
Doug Stambaugh-1969-Program Director-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group

Brent Alberts-1969
-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group

Other Names In WJBS History

Lyle Van Valkenburgh-1950-President-Deland Broadcasting Company 

Dr. J. Ollie Edmunds-1951-President-John B. Stetson University

C. L. Menser-1951-General Manager-John B. Stetson University

Loren Mickle-1951-Station Manager/Chief Engineer-John B. Stetson University

M. M. Davis-1951-Commercial Manager-John B. Stetson University

Dr. Clarence Menser-1953-Station Manager-John B. Stetson University 
Donald Hall-1953-Chief Engineer-John B. Stetson University
Bob Walton-1954-Station Manager-John B. Stetson University 
William Hall-1955-Commercial Manager-John B. Stetson University 
John Andre-1955-Chief Engineer-John B. Stetson University
Kathryn Vandervoort-1956-Bookkeeper-John B. Stetson University

Ken Brown-1957-Sales Manager-John B. Stetson University

Lonnie Padron-1957-Chief Engineer-John B. Stetson University

Ray Stevens-1957-General Manager-John B. Stetson University
Allen Hill-1958-General Manager/Commercial Manager-John B. Stetson University
Alan Huckleberry-1958-Assistant Manager/Chief Engineer-John B. Stetson University
Charles Britt-1959-President-WJBS, Inc.
Gil Murray-1959-General Manager/Commercial Manager-WJBS, Inc.
Donald Brieman-1959-Chief Engineer-WJBS, Inc.
Dale Phares-1960-President/General Manager-WJBS, Inc.
Frank Johnson-1960-Chief Engineer-WJBS, Inc.
Charles Stuart-1961-Commercial Manager-WJBS, Inc.
Ralph Hatcher-1962-President/General Manager-Radio Deland, Inc.
Doris Hatcher-1962-Secretary/Treasurer-Radio Deland, Inc.
Raye Sorenson-1962-Chief Engineer-Radio Deland, Inc.
Gary Clarkson-1962-Promotions Manager-Radio Deland, Inc.
David Fritz-1965-Chief Engineer-Radio Deland, Inc.
Bill D. Ross-1967-President-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group, Inc.
John Mattingly-1967-Attorney-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group, Inc.
Donald McMillen-1967-Chief Engineer-Radio Deland, Inc./1967-Chief Engineer-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group, Inc.
Bill Ross-1967-President-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group, Inc.
Robert Carson-1967-Executive Vice President/General Manager-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group, Inc.

Don Ammon-1967-Production Manager-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group, Inc. In Memory

Bill Roberts-1969-Station Manager-Cosmopolitan Communicators Group, Inc.
Lonny Padron

Courtesy of Dr. Larry Flegle

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