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Buddy was born Robert Edgar Pittman on May 1, 1952 in Waycross, Ga.  The Buddy name came from his brother. ''He'd try to pull me through the bars of my crib,'' Pittman recalled.  ''He'd say, 'I want to play with my little buddy." My parents picked up on it.  I was 'Little Buddy' until I outgrew the 'Little.'  I've been 'Buddy' my whole life.''  He grew up in Manchester, Ga., before moving to Orlando in 1971.  He graduated from the Florida Technological University (which became the University of Central Florida) in 1971.  His father was a foreman for Seaboard Coast Line,  his mother, a homemaker.  Pittman worked summers assisting physical therapists at Warm Springs, Ga., where FDR was treated for polio.  After a year as a premed student at the University of Georgia, he transferred to FTU because his mother and father had moved to Orlando.  Working construction part-time, he got an urge to try his hand at  broadcasting.  He got  a third class  radio license and went around to nine different radio stations before WBJW-AM 1440 hired him in 1971.  He was 19.  At the time the station was automated and had no disc jockeys; so Pittman worked in the technical end.  While still working weekdays at WBJW,  Pittman got a second job as a weekend disc jockey at WLOF-AM 950.  Then in 1972 he found work in the production department at WESH-TV Channel 2.   In 1975 a job broadcasting weekend sports came open at WESH.  ''I got up nerve enough to do an audition tape,'' Pittman said.  ''They liked it well enough to give me a chance.''  Buddy did a sports talk show on WWNZ-AM 740 which lasted three months.  In 1984 Buddy went back to Channel 2 to do weekend sports. Buddy announced his retirement from WESH-TV 2 on August 27, 2006.

4-2011-Buddy has been a blogger/part time reporter on local races for Bright House Sports Network for the past few years. 

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