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Dick Norman (Dick Nutting) came to WKIS-AM 740 in February of 1984 after leaving WCKY-FM, Cleveland, was fired in 1986 by Program Director Kay (Barone) Stelling "...because he wouldn’t pitch to Jim Philips with his “man on the street” opinions on the news of the day".  Norman thought the idea was a bad one and said so. Barone said "...As the Program Director of WKIS, we tried to grow our ratings by taking the station to the streets, since we had no marketing dollars..." Barone placed Philips in the afternoon host chair full time. Newsman Dave Wahl took to the street to gather comments from passersby. Dick moved on to Tampa's WFLA-AM 970 in 1987. Dick died in a traffic accident in Tampa on January, 26th 1989.   In Memory


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