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"...I was on the air for WKIS(-AM 740) as Gene Witt in Skywatch 1 from late 1983 through spring 1986. I proposed to my wife over the air live during one of my traffic reports. I was also one of the "traffic twins" on WOCL(-FM 105.9) "Cool 105.9" in the fall of 1985. I was alone in one plane, and another DJ flown by a pilot was in another. We would do the reports together. I'm a Captain at Delta Airlines based in Atlanta. My wife Kathy (who was the pilot for WHOO(-AM 990)'s Sergeant Jim Humphries) is a Captain and pilot instructor for American Airlines based in Miami. My oldest son, Jeff,  is an F16 pilot in the Alabama National Guard and also works for McKinsey Consulting in DC. Jeff graduated from Harvard in 2009. My son Patrick graduated from Yale in 2011 and lives in Paris playing pro football.  

2014-Proud Poppa Gene let me know his son Patrick will attend Harvard Law School this fall after returning from Paris.
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