WOCL-FM 105.9

Original Call Letters: WOOO 

Originally Licensed: Jul 10, 1967 

Original City of License: Deland 

Original Frequency: 105.9

Origin of Call Letters:   

Original Power: 100,000 watts

Original Location: 

Original Format: Oldies

Network Affiliation(s):


1967-Shom Broadcasters, Inc.
1975-WELE Radio, Inc
1976-Joe Gratz  In Memory
1981-Elyria-Lorain Broadcasting
1986-American Media, Inc. ($7.5 million)
1997-Chancellor Media 
2000-Infinity Radio (Viacom-CBS)
2006-Chancellor Media (CBS Radio)

History Of Call Letters and Formats:


WDLF-1981-40's, 50's, 60's music "The Sounds of Your Life"
WELE-1976-Country  "The Big Wheel"
WMGG-1986-Adult Contemporary
WOCL-1986-Oldies  "Class 105.9"
WOCL-1988-50's to 70's Oldies  "Cool 105.9"  "Good Time Oldies"
WOCL-1999-Jammin' Oldies   "Power 105.9"
WOCL-2000-Alternative   "O-Rock 105-9"
WOCL-2008-Classic Hits "Sunny 105.9"

WOCL Personalities

Bill Gable-1986-1994-Morning Drive/Program Director launched "Class 105.9" along with Frank Reed-American Media, Inc. In Memory

Frank Reed-1986-Frank worked with Bill Gable launching  WOCL-American Media, Inc. Biography

Bobby Knight-1986-Music Director/Middays-American Media, Inc.

Allan Brady-1986-1987-American Media, Inc.  Biography 

Elvis Gorbechev (Jack Dyer)-1988-1999-His character marked the station's debut on Feb. 14, 1988, when he (as Elvis) locked himself into the station's control room to play 36 hours of Presley hits. It was a stunt that instantly defined the station's new identity and launched a second career for Dyer, who was a customer service representative for Delta Air Lines-American Media, Inc. /Chancellor Media.

Ray Michaels-1988-1999-Afternoons/6PM-11PM-American Media, Inc./Chancellor Media

Bob "Bopper" O'Brien (Leszczak)-1989-1992-Evenings/Mornings/Music Directo
r-American Media, Inc./1993-1993-Bob left after 3 months on the air-American Media, Inc.

"Lawman" Johnny Law (Keith Wright)-1989-2002-Sun-7PM-Midnight/Nights-American Media, Inc.

Annie Sommers
(Mari Ann Sollom)-1991-1992-American Media, Inc.  In Memory

John Summers-1993-1995-American Media, Inc.

Brian Morgan-1993-10AM-3PM/''Lunchtime at the Oldies''-American Media, Inc. 

Zach the Boy Producer (Zach Waldman)-1993-1996-Scooter and Company morning show producer/weekends and fill ins-American Media, Inc.

Brian McGarry-1998-1999-Evenings-Chancellor Media

Steve Kelly-1999-Program Director

Johnny Angel (Dean Chapman)

Roy Adams   

Kathy Aparo

Banana Joe Montione-Mornings

John Barrett  Biography

Frank Lasko-News Director    In Memory

Scott ''Scooter'' Sherwood-Mornings/Afternoons/Program Director/Music Director 

Alan Spector-Morning Show Producer    

Mike Roberts

Allan Konstan

Andrea Lively-Traffic

Tom Blair-Traffic
Ed Geiger-One of the "Traffic Twins"
Dean Chapman-One of the "Traffic Twins"

Carrie Ann (Kathryn Adkins)  

Gary Van Allen (Gary Warne)
Al Gardner
Chary Southmayd

Rich Stevens

Other Names in WOCL History

George Toulas-General Manager

Bill Fries-1989-1999-Program Director 

Dan Wachs-1996-General Manager-American Media, Inc.

David Isreal-Program Director 

Mike Sprysenski-Chief Engineer
Garry Eaves-General Manager
Eileen Quail-Promotions Director


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