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I was 16 years old and a junior at Boone High School in Orlando when I got my first job in radio. It was Sunday mornings at WABR (AM) 1440. I played religious gospel records from 6AM until 9AM and then played country music until noon. Bob Andrews was the engineer and later took on the program directors job as well. Let's be honest, I never would have got the job if it weren't for my brother-in-law Pete Forgione. I am sure you have heard of him, he was the first Peter Jay (on WHOO-AM 990). Dick Wilson, another DJ and him were in the Air Force together and was a friend of the family. They both got their start at WHOO 990. Pete retired a few years ago from his last job at a station in Palm Springs and now lives near his son and grand kids near Pittsburgh. Well, I did this gig for about two years from 1966 to 1968 at WABR and was offered a job at WORJ-AM 1270WORJ-FM 107.7. I worked there from 1968-1970. The AM station was at the #1 North Orange building on the 4th floor overlooking Orange Avenue. It was at the N/E corner of Orange and Central. I did the 10 to 2 shift as a simulcast. It was middle of the road music. At 6pm and on weekends the FM  went off on it's own and was album music, we called it underground rock. I later went on to work at the FM station full time until around 1970. The reason the FM station went full time is because we took our transmitter readings via a micro wave. Well, the FCC came around one day and told us they were inaccurate. The management, at first, put a person out at the site in Winter Garden to read the meters every 30 minutes, but after a while, the decision was made to just let the FM go full time and that is when I made the shift to the FM. It was a very small building out in Winter Garden and the tower was right next to the building. If fact the tower was so close it caused sound problems and our engineer, Brantley Slaughter, had to coat the inside of the control room with copper mesh wire. From WORJ  I went on to work at WHOO-AM 990 in 1970 and then my last job was at  WKIS-AM 740 1974-1975. I left there when I finished college at UCF (University of Central Florida) which was FTU (Florida Technological University) at the time. Jim Philips was a part time newsman at the time and Gene Burns was the program director. I went on to work for the government and am now retired but I made most of my $$$ buying and selling Montana land. I enjoyed my time in radio and am proud that I was a part of Orlando's radio history, especially being at WORJ FM when it was first launched and was lucky to be one of it's first DJ's.

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