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Traffic reporter-Jim Bishop is a retired (22 year veteran) Orlando Police Department Officer. He is Jim Turner's sidekick on the morning show. Jim joined Jim Turner doing the Crime Line reports on Friday mornings in 1978. In an email from Officer Jim; "... in 1994 they hired me as a full time employee to be on the air with Jim as his side kick and to do traffic. I worked at both OPD (Orlando Police Department) and WDBO for about 4 or 5 months then retired from OPD."  Jim’s wife, Betsy, is a special education teacher.  
Officer Jim Bishop

Officer Jim Bishop Gone From WDBO    10-28-09
After reporting traffic for WDBO-AM 580 for 16 plus years, Officer Jim Bishop has been shown the door. WDBO General Manager Susan Larkin told the Orlando Sentinel's Scott Maxwell: “We wish him well and appreciate everything he’s done for 16 years.” 

Officer Jim Responds   10-29-09
Officer Jim Bishop responded yesterday (10-28-09) in Scot Maxwell's "Taking Names Column" in the Orlando Sentinel:
"Thanks everyone (well, almost everyone) for the very kind comments. I'm glad that I had the chance to become part of so many lives over years and please, if you see me around town somewhere please stop me and say "hi". Thanks for listening and remember....put down the cell phone and drive safely! Posted by: Officer Jim | October 28, 2009 at 05:20 PM
Today (10-29-09) Scott talked to Jim and here is what  he told Scott:

Word that he was losing his job definitely came as a surprise.
"Oh yes," Bishop said. "But I totally understand it. Business is business. My biggest regret is that I didn't have a chance to say goodbye."
So I asked Bishop what he would've said, and he said he never ceased to be amazed -- and touched -- by how friendly and supportive listeners were through the years. They would ask about his children (who are now grown) and say they were always interested in his life. " So I just wanted to say  thanks for letting my family be part of their family.”
Bishop said he actually planned on retiring in a year or so, but station execs surprised him by moving up the date. (Word around the station is they wanted someone who could do more for cheaper.) "Like I said: Business is business," Bishop said. "There’s not a thing bad I can say bad about Cox radio.”
Now that's a class act. And Bishop also reminded folks that he's not going anywhere. You can still find him at the Florida Safety Council -- and, he added, "on the Casselberry golf course.   ©Orlando Sentinel 2009


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