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Editors note: Until the elusive Taco Bob comes out of hiding, I have found these biographies he had posted on the WJRR website in 1998 and 2005. 

I grew up in Winter Park, where I attended high school and college. My first major in college was gynecology, but I had to bail because there were too many hard classes, much less I couldn't spell my major, and I still can't. I then set my goals on being a weather man. That, too, fell through, because there were way too many classes to take, and plus, people probably wouldn't take my forecasts seriously. I choked down some bongers and a six pack, then visited my guidance counselor to help me see the light. She said, "one word, loser: radio." And here I am.

Management asked me to update my bio back in 1998, I figured I'd better finally get it done. So, I did in 2005. Better 7 years late than never and people say I'm a slacker! Either way here's my bio. I moved to Winter Park, FL. where I attended Kindergarten through 12th grade. Next I moved to California to body board professionally. After living in a VW bus for three months , I ran out of money and moved back in with my parents (until the prime age of 26).  Don't think that I was a complete loser, during that time period I started college and eight years later I graduated with a four year degree (obviously not a  math degree, because that equation didn't equal out with my parents, who paid for college). So I graduated from UCF with a communications degree (Radio/TV). Oh yeah, during college break back in '93 I started interning at some station, maybe you've heard of it; it was called WJRR-FM 101.1. I have been at this very station ever since then, 12 years or so (you do the math, remember according to my parents. I suck at it). I have done every time slot on the station and I am currently part of the morning show "The Fiasco", which Pat Lynch and I started back in 1996. In 2001 we added CJ, our Producer ands our "sports commissioner", The Shot Doctor. We added some hot blonde hooker named Launa, it's pronounced "Lawn-ahhhh". I guess that's where she was conceived. There you have it. The Fiasco is on from 6AM-10AM, unless someone from the FCC is reading this, in that case we are on mid-days. Balls on your forehead! 

1-11-08 Taco Bob and Pat Lynch were let go from WJRR-FM 101.1. The morning show, "The Fiasco" has been disbanded.

12-3-12 Pat Lynch and Taco Bob are returning to mornings at WJRR-FM 101.1 on Monday morning at 5AM.


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