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Pat is a rarity; a native Floridian. He was born in the state capitol, not the building, but the city, of Tallahassee. He was raised in the West Palm Beach area. He is a product of 12 years Catholic schooling. In 1988 Pat moved to Central Florida to finish college at The University of Central Florida. He graduated with a degree in Radio and Television Communications. Pat was the host of "Midnite Metal" at the college station WUCF-FM 89.9. His first paying radio gig was at  WHTQ-FM 96.5 when it was known as "Q-96", pulling overnights and weekends. Between college and radio jobs he worked for Relativity Records in New York City, Peaches Music and Video and then it was on  to WDIZ-FM 100.3. Pat moved over to WJRR-FM 101.1 and became program director as well as part of the morning show "The Fiasco", with Taco Bob. Pat is married and has a daughter, named Kristin.
1-11-08 Taco Bob and Pat Lynch were let go from WJRR-FM 101.1. The morning show, "The Fiasco" has been disbanded.

Pat Is Back!   5-23-10
Thanks to Rob P. for letting us know that Pat Lynch has returned to WJRR-FM 101.1. He is hosting (his creation) "Hard On Saturday Night"  Sat from 9PM-Midnight.  

12-3-12 Pat Lynch and Taco Bob are returning to mornings at WJRR-FM 101.1 on Monday morning at 5AM.

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